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About Postclick

We are the global leader in digital advertising conversion. Our team is on a mission to automate advertising conversion by dynamically delivering relevant post-click experiences at a scale previously thought impossible.

What we believe

We are conversion intelligence


average conversion rate

2+ million

post-click experiences

400+ million


3+ billion

unique visitors






Accountability for your ad spend

Billions of data points and millions of conversions later, we've spent a decade helping more than 15,000 companies leverage post-click landing pages to achieve improved return on ad spending.

We aim high, push hard, and innovate quickly. Founder and CEO Tyson Quick and his team created Postclick to help companies maximize conversions and reduce acquisition costs. Each day, Postclick discovers new and more impactful ways to deliver personalization at scale, for every customer you need to reach.

Meet our leadership team

Tyson Quick

Founder & CGO

Mark McKenna

Chief Executive Officer

Brandon Elliott

Chief Technology Officer

Tom Schmitt

Chief Financial Officer

Uldis Leiterts

Chief Design Officer

Cynthia Mason

SVP, Global People

Steve Brancale

SVP, Sales

Imran Syed

SVP, Professional Services

Mila Franco

VP, Product

Marius Laza

VP, Customer Success

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