5 Tips to Improve Sales Conversions

5 Tips to Improve Sales Conversions

What is a sales conversion?

A sales conversion is a transaction that involves the exchange of money for goods or services. This is the final step in the buyer journey, and happens at the bottom of the sales funnel, after the prospect has developed enough trust and confidence in the brand that they feel comfortable buying.

The sales conversion will always take place at the bottom of the funnel, but the steps and length of the funnel will vary depending on your particular business and industry. Most B2B funnels tend to be long, and require multiple steps and lead nurturing, due to both the higher cost of the product or service and the complexity of the decision-making process (which may require buy-in from multiple stakeholders). B2C funnels are generally shorter, particularly for e-commerce and lower cost products or services.

Best practices for increasing sales conversions

The single most important factor in determining the success of your sales conversions is earning the trust of your prospective customer. This isn’t accomplished through any single transaction, but through a series of impressions and experiences created throughout the pre- and post-click stages of the journey.

1. Security protocols are table stakes: Anytime you ask your customer to input sensitive payment information, you need to provide the security of the HTTPS protocol. Not only do your savvier internet users know to look for it, but if your customers are using the Google Chrome browser, it will warn the user when they’re on a page that isn’t secure. 

2. Reduce friction wherever you can: On a sales page, customers will look for any opportunity to second guess your brand or the purchase, and even the slightest barrier may cause them to hesitate and abandon the purchase. Make sure the UX is streamlined and intuitive and keep the form as simple as possible.

3. Incorporate retargeting technology for smarter campaigns: There will always be some prospective customers that make it all the way to your sales page and then don’t convert. By using retargeting technology, you can direct different messaging to the subset of prospects that made it to the sales page versus those that didn’t.

4. Follow the conversion with a “thank you” page: This isn’t merely a gracious gesture, though that is important too; your post-conversion “thank-you” page is an opportunity to deliver value immediately with recommended content.

5. Test extensively: A/B, multivariate and user testing are always a good practice, but nowhere more so than on a sales page, since this page is directly tied to revenue, and at this stage of the funnel, only your most qualified leads are passing through. 

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Fahad Muhammad
by Fahad Muhammad

Fahad is a Content Writer at Postclick, specializing in post-click experiences, advertising trends, and personalization. His expertise spans from advertising platforms to industry trends, optimization best practices to marketing psychology. In his spare time, Fahad loves playing “engineer” with his 6 year old—breaking apart and then fixing gadgets.

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