Pain Points of Ad Tracking & How Postclick Ad Mapping Solves Them

Pain Points of Ad Tracking & How Postclick Ad Mapping Solves Them

Tracking ads and their respective landing pages are difficult to do at scale and nearly impossible to do without making an error. Filling in spreadsheets and copy-pasting between tools is a recipe for mismatched campaigns and poor user experiences. That’s why Postclick technology uses ad mapping

The problem with modern ad tracking methods 

For audience segmentation to be effective, every ad needs its own post-click landing page. This is the first step to relevance and personalization. The task alone is hard enough, but deficiencies in modern tracking methods make it nearly impossible to maintain assets throughout the campaign. 

Manual tracking often happens in spreadsheets, where advertisers list ads and the pages linked to them. But when you’re creating hundreds of ads and landing pages across campaigns, tracking the changes between these ads and pages would take a full-time employee. 

Whenever an ad changes, the landing page needs to reflect those adjustments. Whenever a landing page changes, its referring ad needs to mirror its content. What’s happening instead is this: 

Advertisers fail to maintain relevance between the ad and landing page because they cannot track the numerous adjustments to their campaigns. The result is a poor user experience and lost revenue.

The 3 advertiser pain points that AdMapTM solves

In conversations with advertisers, we often heard the same three problems with ad-to-landing page tracking. That’s why we created AdMap, a solution that makes ad-to-landing page tracking simpler, automated, and easier to visualize. 

Pain point #1: I don’t have the resources to create personalized experiences.

Solution: More than creating one page per advertisement, Postclick technology enables our team to create multiple experiences for the same page. That means each ad has its own landing page, but more importantly, each audience segment has its own personalized post-click experience, which can be served in real-time. 

AdMap ensures we can create and visualize these experiences in an interface that displays each ad, landing page, and unique experiences. Though Google offers an “account map” of your ads across accounts, this technology doesn’t support effective personalization because it doesn’t allow for the end-to-end management of campaigns. 

Pain point #2: I don’t have the tools to manage the relationship between digital ads and landing pages.

Solution: With AdMap, our team can see a brand’s ads, pages, and experiences in one place, making finding and filling gaps in campaigns simple. No more manual tracking and forgetting to update campaigns. AdMap comes with two-way syncing technology. That means whenever an ad is adjusted, our conversion experts are alerted to update the page. This makes mismatched user experiences a thing of the past: 


Pain point #3: I have many ads and don’t know where to begin personalizing my landing pages.

Solution: Fortunately, with AdMap, beginning your journey to personalized experiences is easy. With our import feature, Postclick conversion experts can sync your Google account with our Post-Click Automation platform. After visualizing your ad structure, then auditing your campaigns, we can immediately begin building personalized experiences for each audience segment. 

Get a complimentary conversion analysis 

At Postclick, we would like to offer you a complimentary analysis of your ad campaigns, including competitive insights against your top 5 competitors and the top sites in your industry. Our team will share insights on how we can increase your conversion rates, in addition to a comprehensive competitive analysis.

We will review your campaigns to analyze your post-click health, compare your site against industry and competitive benchmarks, and identify the most effective opportunities to increase your ROAS. Request your analysis here.

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