Exploring Ad Relevance in the DTC Ecommerce Industry (5 Examples)

Exploring Ad Relevance in the DTC Ecommerce Industry (5 Examples)

There may be nothing more important to maximizing digital advertising conversions for direct to consumer brands than providing relevancy. Ad relevance is paramount because it leads to a higher Google Quality Score (and Facebook ad relevance score), and ultimately a lower cost-per-click. 

Studies confirm ad relevance is necessary since consumer demand for personalized content is at an all-time high, with over 70% of consumers expressing frustration when faced with an impersonal user experience.

This is especially true in DTC and ecommerce industries where brands often list multiple product lines and target various audiences–80% of which are more likely to make a purchase when provided a relevant experience. So, providing an applicable offer to the right person on the best channel increases the chance of a conversion.

See how these DTC and ecommerce brands demonstrate relevance in their ad campaigns.

Examples of ad relevance in the DTC ecommerce industry

1. Search ad relevant to the user query

ad relevance Green Chef Google search example
  • The Google ad ranks first on the SERP, showing high keyword relevance
  • Ad headline contains exact search term, letting searchers know the post-click landing page experience will be relevant to their query
  • Search engines are high user intent platforms, and this ad matches the user’s intent well

2. Facebook ad based on user behavior

ad relevance Spanx example on Facebook
  • Retargeting video ad aimed at previous customers who purchased a similar product from Spanx

3. Display ad near related content

electric bike example of relevancy in display ad
  • Contextual ad in a “Cars & Bikes” Forbes article, so readers are likely interested in bikes already, generating a higher CTR
  • The article’s author specifies that he writes about the evolution of modern mobility technologies, such as this electric bike 

4. LinkedIn ad based on user interests

Daily Burn relevancy example on LinkedIn
  • Targets an audience interested in fitness, based on their LinkedIn profile information and activity
  • Ad copy (“start working out at home,” “stay fit even at home”) uses current events and speaks to people who can’t get to the gym due to COVID-19

5. Instagram ad based on user interests

Etsy example of ad relevance on Instagram
  • Uses targeting based on universal occasions (holidays, etc.) since nearly one-third of online shoppers purchase from a social media network
  • Behavioral targeting (based on previous Mother’s Day shopping) is shown in the ad text and overall sentiment

Maximize ROAS by improving ad relevance

Improving ad relevance is vital since it results in overall ad performance improvement–higher Quality Score, better ad position, higher click-through rates, and lower cost-per-click.

Yet, personalized post-click experiences are equally crucial for higher ROAS. Contact the Postclick team for a complimentary conversion analysis to see if our tech-enabled service is right for your brand.

Stephanie Mialki
by Stephanie Mialki

Stephanie Mialki is a Content Writer for Postclick. She is a graduate of St. Bonaventure University with a Bachelor’s degree in Journalism and Mass Communication.

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