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Exploring Ad Relevancy for the Fintech Industry

Exploring Ad Relevancy for the Fintech Industry

It’s expected that digital ad spend in the United States financial services industry will exceed $18 billion in 2020:

Graph showing digital spending

With significant digital advertising spend that continues to grow, it’s imperative companies in the financial industry and fintech employ ad relevance to maximize their ROAS. Especially since: 

Let’s see how five well-known fintech companies are demonstrating ad relevance through advanced personalization techniques.

5 Examples of ad relevance in the fintech industry

1. Robinhood paid search ad relevant to search query

  • The headline stating “Invest commission-free” and matching bold copy in the description (invest without fees) demonstrate ad relevancy
  • The sign up now extension copy shows query-to-ad message match

2. Hiscox Facebook video ad based on user behavior

  • Recently shopping for business insurance triggered this video retargeting ad for the user
  • Since the user already showed interest in business insurance, this ad is likely to be relevant to them

3. Betterment display ad on relevant website

  • Betterment’s checking account ad is contextually relevant because it’s displayed within a Forbes fintech article

4. Kabbage LinkedIn image ad based on user information

Kabbage small business funding
  • Since LinkedIn allows ad targeting based on profile information and user behavior, this ad is specific to small business owners interested in security funding due to COVID-19
  • Kabbage uses interest targeting to reach small businesses with segmented ads and personalized offers on LinkedIn because that audience is prevalent on the platform

5. Instagram video ad based on relevant events

Goldman Sachs uses relevance
  • Goldman Sachs targets business owners who may be impacted by COVID-19
  • Mentioning sustainability and inclusivity increases relevance because these are two potential pain points business owners face
  • Since Instagram is media based, a video ad makes it relevant to anyone using the platform

Maximizing ROAS is all about ad relevancy

Personalizing the user experience and improving ad relevance should be a primary focus for fintech brands. Whether you specialize in mobile banking, payment services, financial data protection, personal finance, wealth management, etc., increased ad relevancy results in ad campaign improvement — better ad position, higher CTR, lower CPC, and more ROI.

Combine that pre-click relevancy with personalized post-click experiences and fintech brands can maximize ROAS. Contact the Postclick team to get a complimentary conversion analysis to see how we can scale your campaigns efficiently and deliver more advertising conversions .

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Stephanie Mialki
by Stephanie Mialki

Stephanie Mialki is a Content Writer for Postclick. She is a graduate of St. Bonaventure University with a Bachelor’s degree in Journalism and Mass Communication.

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