The Advantage of the Advertising Conversion CloudTM Framework

The Advantage of the Advertising Conversion Cloud<sup>TM</sup> Framework

Getting audiences from brand awareness to purchase is an arduous effort. The journey to conversion requires a well-timed orchestra of targeting, storytelling, and optimization. The most defining step in any conversion journey is the landing page, where all these elements converge into that final act of conversion. And yet, when we look at the available tools, resources, expertise, and platforms available to marketers, there is an overabundant focus on the pre-click stage.

The past decade saw over $870 billion invested in direct response digital ad clicks, but what happens after the initial click? The landing page is where all your segmentation, audience targeting, ad spend, interest building, and purchase consideration culminate into that final profitable action: the conversion. But most industry expertise and resources seem to focus on the ad click.

Fortunately, a refreshed focus on the conversion side of digital advertising has made waves throughout our industry. Marketers are beginning to understand the impact of conversions on their bottom lines, brand growth, and even customer relationships. But with that revitalized focus has come the need for advanced strategies, expanded campaign efforts, and deeper personalization.

Traditional landing page tools have yet to adapt to this resurgence. Instead, they focus on pre-click strategies providing efficiencies in scale or relevance—but never both. They fail to provide both the scale and granular level of relevance necessary to keep up with satisfying the customer expectations required to convert regularly—at least, until now.

The Advertising Conversion CloudTM is a new advancement in landing page personalization and optimization. It uses AI and machine learning to enhance human intelligence and help marketers develop high-converting post-click experiences at scale. The platform powers a near-infinite number of experiences, constantly learns from every interaction, and identifies and optimizes for the experiences that are most effective in driving conversions.

What makes the Advertising Conversion Cloud so effective at being an all-in-one post-click platform is the unique framework it uses to achieve higher conversion rates. The framework maximizes its use of cutting-edge technology and proven expertise to provide marketers with a continuous system to convert regularly with their target audiences. This framework comprises four vital areas of personalized advertising to help marketers achieve their goals. 

Advertising Conversion Cloud Framework

Scaling your personalization efforts

The overwhelming task of tailoring your ad campaigns to unique audiences has been the barrier that has kept so many marketers from investing in personalization. The Advertising Conversion Cloud alleviates this challenge. 

Landing page creation 

Automate landing page creation at a scale previously thought impossible. 

Our landing page creation engine pulls data from millions of custom landing page experiences and billions of ad clicks to craft conversion-focused pages. Your post-click experiences instantly benefit from cutting-edge design practices targeted to your industry, audience, and goals.

We built the Advertising Conversion Cloud to provide infinite experiences. There’s no limit to page creation on the platform. Marketers can get unique pages fully built out for new audiences and campaigns, or seamlessly automate new variations of their core pages through a proprietary layout recommendation engine. No matter the scale of your pre-click efforts, or audience reach, the Advertising Conversion Cloud enables personalization throughout the entire funnel.

Audience measurement

Our industry-first campaign-to-landing page technology empowers marketers to thoroughly optimize each audience’s unique conversion journey. 

The platform’s dynamic content management hub helps teams visualize campaigns, map each campaign to a precise micro-audience, connect ads to landing pages, and adjust each unique buyer’s journey with ease. 

This way, marketers can ensure a completely aligned narrative from beginning to end of each campaign. Every journey has a maximized opportunity to resonate, connect, and convert with its audience.

The Advertising Conversion Cloud doesn’t stop managing segmentation at the end of the customer journey, though. It also traces each experiment back to a unique audience, providing a comprehensive look into page performance and insights for specific audience segments. Tracking these learnings back to precise audience data makes it easy to apply the appropriate optimizations to corresponding audiences in future efforts.

The advantage

Personalizing every audience segment at such a comprehensive level is paramount to not only enhancing your conversion results, but also empowering the meaning behind them. Being consistent with your personalization will curate a cohesive brand experience that can help your brand-to-customer relationships, no matter what sales channel or buyer’s journey your customer derives from.

On the Advertising Conversion Cloud, this has translated into invaluable results.

Advertising Conversion Cloud Results that are above average conversion rates for all industries. These stats include increases in customer acquisition, increases in Google Ad Quality Score, and increases in lead-to-customer conversions.

An ever-evolving library of insights

We created the Advertising Conversion Cloud with insights gained from billions of data points and millions of conversions. But the platform understands the rapid growth of consumer expectations. Through cutting-edge machine learning, the platform can adapt to earned insights and enhance its optimization capabilities accordingly.

Machine learning 

Just like the innovative minds behind the Advertising Conversion Cloud, the platform is always testing, challenging, and growing its intelligence to further help marketers define what makes conversions happen. 

Landing pages are initially created using expertise from our industry-leading conversion specialists. Once your page experiments are live, machine learning tracks every test and result across the entirety of the platform, spanning multiple industries, consumer bases, and conversion goals. All data is aggregated so customer information is kept private, but the insights are still added to the platform’s intelligence.

The Advertising Conversion Cloud uses the entirety of its insights to help marketers optimize page performance with full confidence. The platform provides robust reporting and clear analysis of your experiment hypothesis every time, meaning you get access to data-backed recommendations for every page variation.

Platform-wide learnings

Join a platform of innovative marketers and never fall behind the conversion curve.

The platform is built on a continuous stream of data spanning various industries and conversion-focused goals. No matter your industry, objective, or audience, the Advertising Conversion Cloud has the learnings you need to keep up with industry benchmarks, rising trends, and consumer experiences.

You benefit from the tests for your specific audiences and those of all businesses using the platform. This technology enables an entire community of marketers to improve their returns based on a continuous stream of real-time conversion data.

The advantage

The platform’s enhanced intelligence is a necessary element to help marketers sustain their optimization capabilities. Too many tools and resources have failed to keep up with our industry’s growth, and, more importantly, the growth of e-commerce shoppers. With the growing library of insights available to you at any given moment, you can focus on planning ahead, instead of worrying about falling behind.

Marketers are already taking advantage of this ability and beating the competition to the jump on multiple fronts.

Advertising Conversion Cloud results that highlight faster time to market landing page creation, the ability to use unique post-click experiences, and faster deployment time.

Seamless testing and near-infinite optimization

Automated experimentation and optimization happens in real-time with minimal human interference or bias.


The Advertising Conversion Cloud™ pairs AI with automation to enable an ever-evolving cycle of exploration.

Using AI and machine learning, the platform assesses which page variation has the highest results for each unique audience. It carries forward the winning variations in each test, continuously adding and testing new changes.

The Advertising Conversion Cloud seamlessly deploys new pages—testing conversion influences such as layout, content placement, copy, headlines, and even images. It allows marketers to focus on testing theories and seeing what resonates with audiences without the slowdowns of page creation and setting up test parameters. This automation enables endless testing. As long as you have a hypothesis to test, the platform can identify a potential optimization.

Dynamic testing

Automated testing is the secret sauce to consistent results across the entire platform. 

The Advertising Conversion Cloud continuously deploys and tests multiple variations of your landing pages to evaluate which narratives, designs, and content drives the highest conversions for each audience segment.

Our proprietary MAB testing algorithm identifies higher-performing pages faster than traditional testing, while steadily pushing increases in conversion performance. The algorithm controls traffic distribution to balance page performance against insight development. When new pages perform poorly, the platform instantly removes them from testing to reduce a loss in conversions and wasted traffic. This technology results in consistent increases to conversion rates while focusing on testing higher-performing variations.

The advantage

Smarter testing means smarter results. For marketers, this translates to the ability to trust in every optimization, leaving no stone unturned. But sometimes, turning those stones can come at costs to your timelines and ad spend. Testing on the Advertising Conversion Cloud platform provides meaningful results, faster, and without the loss of potential conversion opportunities.

The results of this advantage speak for themselves.

Advertising Conversion Cloud infographic that shows the advantages of implementation, including a lift in conversions and decreases in cost-per-click

Conversion-focused processes

Our conversion experts understand consumer behavior, conversion-centered design, and narrative storytelling. These, paired with the intelligence of the Advertising Conversion Cloud give you access to a fully equipped system that can deliver guaranteed higher conversions.

Work with experts

Our multidisciplinary team consists of industry-leading CRO practitioners with proven experience and a track record for effective strategic decision-making.

Our hands-on team of conversion experts creates your core post-click experience using marketing best practices, segment-specific narratives, data-driven recommendations, and the unique conversion influences of each audience segment. After each testing phase, our experts maximize the discovered insights and use them to revamp your core experience. Every improvement takes place with your unique insights, goals, and brand in mind.

All of the platform’s experts are easily accessible. Beyond landing page creation, they are available to consult on strategies, provide guidance on how to maximize results, or even analyze your ad campaigns to identify opportunities for improvement.

The advantage

Our hands-on team is an invaluable resource for making sure you’re getting the most out of your campaigns. They’re there to help marketers understand how to use the tools and implement them throughout their ad strategies. You never have to worry about getting off-track with your goals or having vague next steps.

Just look at some of the goals our team has already helped marketers exceed.

Infographic showing the goals the Postclick team has helped clients break including increases in conversion rates, increase in conversion rate for Google paid search ads, and increases in conversion rate for Facebook ads.

Discover the advantages for yourself

When used in tandem, all these features formulate an unstoppable and continuous framework for conversion rate success.

  • Scalable personalization
  • Network-wide learnings 
  • Infinite optimization
  • CRO consultation

Where other post-click technology hits a barrier, the Advertising Conversion Cloud excels. We’ve put our platform to the test and refined it over a decade’s worth of development to meet any marketer’s needs. Discover what the platform is already achieving for marketers and schedule a consultation with our team to see the conversion lift Postclick can achieve for your business. Request a free conversion analysis here.

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