The Advertising Conversion CloudTM in Action: Five Success Stories

The Advertising Conversion Cloud<sup>TM</sup> in Action: Five Success Stories

As a digital marketer, the demand for higher metrics can seem constant. Secure more clicks. Decrease cost per click. Gain higher conversion rates. Improve ROAS. 

Do all of these things and you’ll achieve digital advertising glory, they say. And whoever they are—they’re totally correct. You’ll likely gain recognition from your superiors because sales will go up with these metrics.  

But we know that’s challenging to practice in real life. Blockers like lack of bandwidth, lack of data, and lack of budget get in marketers’ way all the time, preventing them from achieving the level of success they deserve based on their hard work. 

These five brands have used the Advertising Conversion CloudTM to get over these hurdles and achieve their goals across the customer journey. Read on to learn how. Plus, check out this Ebook for even more detail. 


DTC medical device company Eargo dedicates their work to improving quality of life for people with hearing loss. Their team faced several challenges, but one of their top priorities was to reduce time spent on developing landing pages. 

Before partnering with Postclick, Eargo spent significant time on manual landing page creation with WordPress. We’re talking weeks spent on this one task, which wasn’t sustainable. 

By partnering with the Postclick Professional Services team, Eargo accelerated and scaled its testing with a streamlined workflow. 

The result: 4x faster time-to-market landing pages

The Advertising Conversion Cloud created a clearer workflow by: 

  • Automating advanced segmentation processes
  • Providing additional form customization for advanced lead data capturing
  • Facilitating granular audience targeting through advanced conditional logic forms that connect to multiple landing page destinations

Alongside faster landing page creation, Eargo regained greater bandwidth due to the scalability, optimization, and personalization that Postclick provides.

Boll & Branch

As a DTC bedding and home goods company, Boll & Branch has a wide range of audience segments that can enjoy their ethically sourced products. 

When we started working with Boll & Branch, their primary advertising goal was to lower customer acquisition costs without sacrificing quality. Their heavy reliance on agencies to build landing pages was eating their lunch. They also knew their website load times impacted their expenses by creating a high bounce rate and low conversion rate.

Cost reduction: 38% for pre-cart landing pages

With the Advertising Conversion Cloud, Boll & Branch began producing on-brand content that included custom fonts, page templates, and product recommendation quizzes with less effort. They also started building landing page options personalized for different marketing campaigns (like paid and influencer initiatives), since it became more efficient to do so. 

Michelle Cararra, Manager of Digital Strategy and Acquisition for Boll & Branch, also added, “Postclick’s team and technology have allowed us to scale campaigns easier than ever before.”

Their efforts paid off in the form of a 38% reduction in cost per customer acquisition for pre-cart landing pages. When those successes combined with a 56% increase in conversion rate, Boll & Branch campaigns were running more efficiently, driving an increase in revenue for the brand. 

Atlantic Relocation Systems

Atlantic Relocation Systems came to Postclick with a goal to secure higher conversion rates. 

As a moving services company that targets both B2C and B2B segments, with multiple geographic hubs, the company was originally trying to speak to a wide range of customers with the same message. But with geographic locations available as a personalization tool, opportunity abounded to steadily increase campaign performance and ROAS. 

A massive 198% conversion lift

Postclick initially helped ARS by identifying opportunities to build on their advertising successes. The brand diverted a significant portion of their ad spend to promote their residential services for each vertical, so creating relevant post-click experiences based on the geographic data from the ads was a great place to start. 

After integrating the Advertising Conversion Cloud into their campaigns, Atlantic saw an initial boost in conversions that steadily increased over time to 198%. They also decreased their cost per ad by 55%, cutting their highest ad spend in half. 


MAËLYS’ mission is to help people feel more comfortable in their skin (literally), through their DTC body sculpting products. By offering masks, creams, and oils with different benefits and targeting various body parts, the brand gives customers a customizable experience to reach their beauty goals.

While attractive, compelling creative was also a goal, MAËLYS knew they would need to optimize their entire sales funnel to solidify their success as a DTC brand. It wasn’t enough to create amazing digital ads—each conversion relies on so much more.

The MAËLYS team was confident personalization would improve the sales process for leads, but weren’t sure how to scale it with their high creative standards. The Advertising Conversion Cloud would give MAËLYS the ability to map high-performing digital ads to landing pages designed to tell a tailored story to the visitor. 

23 times the ROI

By focusing on their sales funnel at a holistic level, MAËLYS increased ROI significantly and in multiple aspects of the customer journey, including:

  • 17% increase in conversion rate
  • 51% increase in additional purchases
  • 11x increase in overall revenue

A secondary benefit was the time the Postclick partnership unlocked. “I feel like I have more time and energy to focus on other sides of the business,” said Yariv Citron, MAËLYS’ Co-Founder and Chief Marketing Officer.


As a vacation rental experience company, Evolve has two segments with different needs and motivations: homeowners and vacation renters. Homeowners need an easy-to-use platform that provides clear expectations about the business side of the equation; vacationers need to understand the benefits of each property to find a relaxing place to vacation. 

Evolve came to Postclick seeking improved ad relevancy scores on Google and Facebook and an optimized ad budget. Why? The company had fewer financial resources due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The stricter circumstances, combined with a small team, resulted in limited options and made it difficult to optimize the budget for each ad served.

How Evolve surpassed their goals

After establishing a template to streamline design, Postclick used the Advertising Conversion Cloud to provide additional personalized landing page experiences for homeowners and vacation home renters. 

Once the Advertising Conversion Cloud made personalization scalable, performance significantly improved. For Google paid search ads, Evolve experienced an 89% increase in conversion rates and a 49% reduction in acquisition costs. And Evolve managed to accomplish these successes without adding headcount. As Marketing Specialist Alysisa Fyock put it, Postclick “eats, sleeps, and breathes conversion rate optimization… so they helped us with the things we didn’t have the bandwidth for.”

Thanks to the personalization, landing page visitors enjoyed a more relevant experience, which made conversion a much more natural response.

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