How Your Brand Can Stay Ahead of Advertising Conversion Industry Benchmarks

How Your Brand Can Stay Ahead of Advertising Conversion Industry Benchmarks

It’s challenging to optimize and personalize your pre-click and post-click campaigns. As a result, marketers have focused more on getting clicks on digital ads than advertising conversions—neglecting the post-click experience.

However, it is essential to put equal focus on both parts of the conversion journey to get the results you need. If you prioritize ad traffic over your landing page experience, your ad clicks won’t translate into conversions. And if you hyperfocus on landing page optimization without personalizing your ad experiences, you won’t get the traffic you need to be successful.

Figuring out how to do both helps you stay ahead of industry benchmarks.

Industry benchmarks allow marketers to understand where their campaigns stand in terms of conversion rates and growth. It also helps you measure success against competitors while allowing you to see the bigger picture, so you can identify areas of improvement and growth opportunities.

These are the industry benchmarks for landing page conversion rates across 11 industries.

How can you stay ahead of industry benchmarks?

Marketers looking to stay on top of industry benchmarks need to invest in the Postclick solution. 


The Postclick solution combines proprietary AI-powered technology—the Advertising Conversion Cloud™—with human conversion expertise from our team of CRO, design, copywriting, and development experts. 

Postclick’s Advertising Conversion Cloud is an AI-driven platform that enables marketers to automatically build and optimize their post-click experiences so they can focus on more mission-critical work. 

The platform relies on a foundation of data from millions of landing pages and billions of ad clicks across industries and use cases. It provides an all-in-one solution for customer engagement and behavioral analysis. So no matter your goals, audience, or strategies, the network has the insights to get you started and the processes to enhance your results.

How does the Conversion Cloud achieve this? 

The platform works in four phases to optimize your customer journey and help you reach your long-term goals.

Phase 1: Strategic Expertise

In this phase, Postclick CRO experts dive into your brand to align with your messaging, voice, iconography, and imagery. This effort helps us build experiences parallel to your customer journey that are true to your brand. 

Phase 2: Core Experience Delivery 

After integrating your ads and audiences into the Advertising Conversion Cloud platform, our conversion experts create your first post-click landing page—we call this a core experience. 

Then, the team builds out precise narratives and page designs to resonate with your audiences and their unique conversion influences, pulling from a library of conversion-optimized page elements.

Using industry-leading best practices and insights from our network-wide learnings, conversion experts set up design blocks for your page based on your ad groups, audience segments, and conversion goals. After launching the pages, the Postclick AI tool creates additional landing page variations—starting the experimentation phase. 

Phase 3: Automation and Testing

The Advertising Conversion Cloud’s experimentation process allows for near-infinite optimization opportunities. Using machine learning and automated optimization, the platform can gather focused results and make informed decisions based on collected data. This process helps marketers avoid unfocused testing that wastes time and dilutes outcomes.

Unique page experiences mapped to each audience segment ensure a completely personalized experience for every conversion journey. Combining your audience targeting with the Advertising Conversion Cloud’s machine learning results in dynamic and evolving experiences throughout your entire marketing funnel. 

Real-time, automated experimentation and optimization improve pages as the system gathers data on what works best for your audience. And the reporting dashboard makes it easy for you to monitor each post-click experience and get accurate results whenever you need them. 

At the end of every testing cycle, the Advertising Conversion Cloud provides precise data, defining which variation had the best results. There’s never any doubt about what optimization was most fruitful at driving conversions. 

Phase 4: Network-Wide Learnings

The Postclick platform has a decade of insights behind it, including billions of data points, millions of conversions, and industry-specific information—this helps the platform intuitively power a near-infinite amount of optimization opportunities.

However, it’s still crucial to monitor your industry’s growth and audiences. That’s why the Postclick system tracks every variation, test, and result and adds it to the Advertising Conversion Cloud’s database. This technology creates an unprecedented opportunity to benefit from the network-wide learnings and be at the forefront of advancing trends.

The Cloud’s machine learning features tests and insights across the platform, spanning many industries, consumer bases, and conversion goals. These network-wide learnings optimize conversion insights and allow other marketers to keep in touch with what’s driving purchase decisions. 

How does the Advertising Conversion Cloud get you better results? 

The Postclick solution allows you to sit back while our cutting-edge technology creates, tests, optimizes, and personalizes your post-click experiences for you.

The Conversion Cloud’s machine learning algorithm recommends page blocks and layouts for every experience based on use case and industry. The recommendations are informed by insights from all the data points we’ve captured throughout the years across different industries, use cases, conversion rates, company sizes, and traffic volumes.

The variation recommendations continue to get more robust over time because of Global Optimization—as we process more of your data and the Machine Learning homes in closer to the optimum experiences for every use case/industry combination.

So, instead of constantly trying to fix an underperforming campaign, you can focus your time and energy on other things.

What have brands achieved with the Advertising Conversion Cloud? 

Here’s a snapshot of what the Cloud has helped B2C and D2C marketers achieve:

With the Conversion Cloud in your marketing arsenal, you get: 

  • CRO strategies that deliver continuously high results, driving conversion increases, maximizing ROAS, and increasing your growth
  • Comprehensive reporting and analysis based on your specific performance goals
  • Seamless post-click experiences at scale with the help of automated design, testing, and optimization features
  • Relevant, optimized, and personalized post-click experiences via machine learning, so your experiences respond positively to changing customer behavior and industry trends

If you’re aiming to stay ahead of industry benchmarks, you need to start with segmenting audiences—every page, every journey, and every conversion connects to a micro-audience. Then, move into creating optimized ads that get clicks and post-click experiences that result in advertising conversions while continuously testing and experimenting with your experiences to achieve the optimum results. 

You get all of the above with the Postclick solution. 

Want to see if your brand is the right fit for Postclick? Schedule a consultation now to put our expertise to the test. 

We will conduct a complimentary conversion health analysis to find out what results the Advertising Conversion Cloud can achieve for your digital campaigns. Request your free conversion analysis here

Fahad Muhammad
by Fahad Muhammad

Fahad is a Content Writer at Postclick, specializing in post-click experiences, advertising trends, and personalization. His expertise spans from advertising platforms to industry trends, optimization best practices to marketing psychology. In his spare time, Fahad loves playing “engineer” with his 6 year old—breaking apart and then fixing gadgets.

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