How Advertising Personalization Is Revolutionizing Digital Marketing

How Advertising Personalization Is Revolutionizing Digital Marketing

As much as the landscape of digital advertising continues to change, we can depend on one thing to stay true: Customers not only want to purchase products and services, they also seek to feel connected to brands. That’s where personalization becomes a vital implement in your marketing toolbox.

But what is personalization, and how can you make it work to expand your customer reach and drive conversions? Let’s take a look at the crucial ways personalization is revolutionizing digital marketing and how it can help you reach your business goals.

What is advertising personalization?

Advertising personalization is the process of using data-driven tools and insights to develop ad campaigns and direct them to your target audience. It’s the opposite of a “shotgun” approach in which users see unfocused ads for products and services they don’t value.

The secret to advertising personalization is relevancy. It means targeting focused messaging at the right time and through the appropriate  channels. Ads should be relevant to each and every customer who views them so that they feel “seen” by brands.

The graphic below illustrates that customers are more likely to buy from a brand that adopts personalization techniques.

Customer personalization stats

Why make personalization part of your marketing strategy?

Success in digital marketing is measured by customer engagement. Advertisers who adopt personalized approaches see dramatic increases in customer engagement, conversions, and, ultimately, a greater return on ad spend.

Customer personalization

For example, Amazon has achieved its mind-blowing retention rate by creating a personailzed buyer’s journey, growing from 93% to 98% in only two years. As of September 2020, the company had an estimated 126 million Prime members. One study shows that 93% of firms surveyed experienced a rise in their conversion rate after adopting personalization techniques.

So how to get started? Here are three key steps to take to begin launching effective, personalized campaigns.

1. Leverage data insights 

To start with personalization, the foremost step is knowing what your customers want, and the best way to do that is to rely on your data insights. The most effective strategies don’t only use demographic data (which measures basic insights such as location, age, and gender) but also psychographic data. Psychographics present a holistic picture of your audience, including their values and attitudes. 

2. Create customer personas

Once you have gathered ample data about your target audience, the next step is to create a persona. Personas are detailed descriptions of a fictional person who embodies the kind of person who needs and wants your product or service. In addition to giving basic attributes, such as age and locale, each persona would also dive into this person’s shopping habits, what social media channels they love, and what kind of purchasing experience they prefer. About 90% of the companies following this concept have found success.

3. Offer personalized content

There are a host of ways to personalize your content. Here are a few tips:

Create a relevant, connected buyer experience. Build landing pages that match their corresponding ads. That is, have the copy, image, and messaging be consistent from ad to page. A failure to do this can be confusing to customers who may bounce if they feel “lost.”

Tell a great story. Everyone loves a compelling story, and nowhere does it have more impact on a business’ ROI than in the world of digital marketing. The way to do this is to create “micro-stories” that begin in the ad phase and continue through to landing pages. Each story should present both a need and resolution.

Here’s how KOS builds a story around its plant-based protein products. To set tension, the ad introduces a pain point for consumers who want the health benefits of eating greens each day: an awful-tasting experience. The ad assures them that, yes, they’ll get their greens (a graphic banner reads “Show Me The Greens”) while the introductory text states that the product won’t “taste like grass!” The landing page fully presents the solution with photo elements of yummy-looking food and a headline that tells customers that KOS products won’t be one of their “99 problems.”

Personalization ad example

Design to convert. Letting your metrics be your guide, develop the right copy and imagery that will resonate with your target audience. It’s often best to turn to professionals for this process. And be sure to A/B test where appropriate, to make sure you’re presenting content that has shown to work with your customers.

Making it easy for customers to love your offers

The benefits of launching personalized digital advertising campaigns are clear: From improved customer engagement to brand loyalty to higher conversion rates, all marketers should learn how to add personalization tools to their strategies.

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