What Makes Postclick One of Austin’s Top Workplaces?

What Makes Postclick One of Austin’s Top Workplaces?

The news is out—Postclick has been named one of Austin’s “Best Places to Work” as well as a “Best Paying Company” and “Best Midsize Place to Work” by Built In, the online community for startups and tech companies.

In light of the Great Resignation, it’s clear that the work world has irreversibly changed in the last 18 months. The pandemic prompted career reevaluations and soul-searching, and those ripple effects are still being felt. A record 4.4 million workers voluntarily left their jobs in September 2021. In tech specifically, resignations increased by 4.5% in 2021, with many workers citing increased workloads and burnout as reasons for leaving.

In the face of these downward trends, Postclick has been fortunate to experience the opposite—growth. We added almost 115 employees to our team last year. This year, especially, we’re proud and grateful that our employees trust us to support the next chapters of their careers. 

How we’ve adapted to remote work

As a people-first company, we knew we had to change the way we did business in order to prioritize employee health and safety in 2020. We are also a global company with respect for diverse cultures at our core. As our industry—and many others—evolved throughout 2020 and 2021, we took this opportunity to evaluate our approach and we continually assess how we can support our team’s ability to be successful at work while balancing life outside the workplace.

Many of the shifts that we implemented at the beginning of the pandemic proved to be positive for employees and for the company as a whole. Some of the key changes that are here to stay include:

  • Hybrid work-from-home model: We have many team members who work completely remotely, and all of our meetings (except occasional team offsites) are held over video conference. Our employees also have the option to use a coworking space for a couple of days a week if they feel comfortable. This gives people the opportunity for a change of scenery—and in-person collaboration—if they prefer to work outside of their homes. 
  • Monthly mental health days: The entire company takes an extra day off each month to rest, spend time with family, go for a hike, or do whatever they need to recharge. These long weekends are offered in addition to employees’ regular PTO. 
  • Flexible working hours: We have teams around the world, so we’ve built flexibility and communication into our processes. We trust our employees to complete work on time and support each other if anything urgent comes up.
  • Top-of-the-line technology: Each new employee is set up with a monitor, Apple computer, headset, and other essential equipment for working remotely. We also have remote IT support to make sure everyone is set up for success and can respond quickly to any issues that arise.
  • Investments in professional development: One of our core pillars is to “Create Value.” Employee career growth is a priority for us because it empowers individuals while creating long-term value for the entire organization and helping us better serve our clients.

Why we’re growing

We are changing the way digital marketers and advertisers reach customers. Blending personalization, optimization, machine learning, and human insight, we guarantee higher conversions for marketers. 

Our company was founded on a decade of conversion-centered data with the expertise and diverse perspectives of a global team of marketing, product development, data analytics, and sales leaders. And we’re always looking for top talent to help us accomplish our goals and continue to grow.

Join us as we build the future of digital advertising.

Check out open roles at Postclick here. 

Sarah Flores
by Sarah Flores

Sarah is a copywriter at Postclick, where she specializes in creating customer-focused advertising in the digital age. She prides herself on developing content that unearths valuable insight while being simple to comprehend. When she’s not typing away on the keyboard, you’ll likely find her running on one of Austin’s many scenic trails.

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