Build a Better Buyer’s Journey Through Ad Testing

Build a Better Buyer’s Journey Through Ad Testing

In the complete picture of the buyer’s journey, it’s impossible to overlook the importance of the pre-click experience. It’s typically the first encounter people have with your brand—most often in the form of a digital or social ad.

However, getting someone to stop scrolling and click is more challenging than ever before. Since the introduction of iOS 14, only 4% of people now opt into user behavior tracking. Audiences are broader, and buyer intent is lower. And the power and breadth of these regulations will only continue to grow.

One performance lever will always be in the marketer’s control—ad creative. The brands that iterate, test, and deploy winning creative the fastest will win.

Moreover, a winning pre-click experience can help inform your post-click experience, leading to the ultimate goal: a boost in conversion rates.

Ad testing best practices

Testing your ad creative allows you to constantly improve its performance and maximize your advertising spend. You can learn what your target audience finds most relevant, as measured by their engagement, clicks, and purchases.

Consider the following to generate the most meaningful data from your test:

Use multivariate testing instead of A/B testing. 

The two most significant shortcomings of A/B tests are: 

  1. The low number of ad variations tested (usually one to three)
  2. The sheer number of uncontrolled variables involved, as each ad concept in the test is typically wildly different from the others 

For these reasons, A/B testing alone is no longer enough to achieve maximum ad performance.

On the other hand, multivariate testing can break down those details for you by measuring the performance of every possible combination of creative variables—images, headlines, logo variations, calls to action, and more. This approach allows you to considerably multiply the number of ad variations in your test, increase your odds of finding winning ads and creative elements, and give you the micro-level creative data needed to make fast, performance-driving decisions.

If you knew a specific color or image or CTA consistently drove more people to purchase, you could capitalize on that knowledge to optimize your ads until a new winner emerged.

Start with a solid hypothesis. 

Asking yourself, “What do I want to learn here?” is the very first step in kicking off an effective multivariate ad test. A well-thought-out hypothesis will help inform what variables to test in your ad creative.

Design your ad creative modularly. 

Modular design is a design approach that uses placeholders within a template to hold space for creative elements to live interchangeably. 

Ad template

It’s a foundational pillar of designing ads at scale for multivariate testing, and what allows all design elements to seamlessly flow with each other. This tool gives you total control over all your variables for an effective test.

Automate the entire ad testing process.

Scale via automation is the key to successful multivariate testing. Automated multivariate ad testing tools do the manual work for you—from generating every possible ad variation to structuring the audience, budget, and placements of a test campaign, including controlling the spend equally across all ad variants.

In short, automation lets you iterate and optimize ad creative at a pace never before possible.

Apply your ad testing results to your post-click experience

One of the most remarkable benefits of investing in multivariate testing is that it serves as real-time market research for your entire brand. Today’s best multivariate testing tools put your ad concepts right in front of your target audience.

Not only do the insights learned in your tests pertain to your ad creative, but you can also apply them holistically to all your

brand properties. Using them in this way effectively increases the ROI of your ad testing tool.

You can—and should—apply winning copy, images, colors, CTAs, and customer reviews or testimonials to your post-click experience to increase conversions and create a holistic journey for the buyer.

Increase the odds of a successful buyer’s journey with ad testing

Multivariate ad testing helps you test your way to winning ads and creative assets while fueling a more robust brand narrative that resonates with your customers. 

By using your top-performing creative elements from your ad test on your landing page or website, you can dramatically increase your post-click conversion rate and create a system for better customer experiences overall.

Dan Pantelo
by Dan Pantelo

Dan is the founder, CEO, and part-time janitor at Marpipe. His deepest interest is the pursuit of ascribing scientific qualities to things that don't fit into scientific categories. Other interests include general chaos (in slide deck form) and digital vandalism. The quote at the bottom of his email signature reads, "In God we trust, all others must bring data.

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