What to Expect During a Postclick Conversion Analysis

What to Expect During a Postclick Conversion Analysis

Teaming up with Postclick allows brands and agencies to enjoy personalized advertising at scale, decreasing cost per click, and maximizing ROAS. It’s all made possible via our team and proprietary technology. Before your campaigns see better results, we need to review your targeting and overall campaign health.

During the analysis, our team will evaluate your Postclick Score™, Google Ads Quality Scores, and provide actionable tips on how your campaigns can become best in class.

The Postclick conversion analysis

The analysis results highlight areas where our team can generate a lift in conversions and lower ad spend. Whether you complete the form or contact us by phone, the following breakdown details everything you can expect.

Step 1: Our conversion team initiates contact

Soon after the team receives your request, our conversion team will contact you to schedule a consultation call. From the brand’s side, it’s best if your team’s VP of Marketing, PPC manager, and anyone else involved in new vendor relationships be on the call since our team will analyze your ad campaigns. 

Step 2: The consultation call

During the consultation call, the Postclick team requests access to your advertising campaigns, such as Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Microsoft, Twitter, etc. You can provide us with read-only view access to Google, Facebook, and Microsoft accounts. For LinkedIn, you can grant read-only access. After we have access, the analysis begins:

Postclick conversion analysis Quality Score example

We understand you may be hesitant in allowing access to these ad platforms. Rest assured, this step is only for exploratory purposes as we perform the analysis, and the data won’t be shared outside of our conversion team.

Step 3: The analysis

The Postclick conversion team performs a deep dive into your advertising channel data to understand your company’s campaigns, ad groups, and channel performance. 

We’ll carefully examine your essential metrics across pre-click and post-click stages and identify opportunities to improve relevance and drive higher ROAS 

During this analysis, we’ll provide you with:

  • Ad-to-page relevancy scoring to measure the strength of your post-click experiences
  • Optimal ad-to-page mapping wireframes based on your specific use cases
  • Page speed and bounce rate insights so you can see the ROAS benefits of faster page-speed performance
  • Quality Score and Facebook Conversion Rate Ranking analysis
  • CRO/Conversion Narrative analysis of your existing post-click landing pages
  • Projections of potential conversion rate and ROAS lift from post-click automation

These insights allow our team to begin crafting post-click experiences that are tailor-made for your specific audiences and use cases. 

Step 4: The call summary

A typical conversion analysis takes approximately 2-3 weeks to complete. Our conversion team will contact you to present their findings: 

  1. The pre-click side: The team suggests ad changes that could maximize ROAS, such as increased audience segmentation. 
  2. The post-click side: Analysis of current post-click health and level of ad-to-page relevancy. We also identify the most significant gaps in post-click health and the largest opportunities to drive more revenue through Post-Click Automation. Finally, our conversion team gives suggestions on unique post-click destinations and the revenue opportunities being missed on current landing pages. 

In summation, the team emphasizes opportunities for Postclick to optimize your advertising funnel while demonstrating the ROAS you can achieve. Prioritizing use cases, campaigns, and ad groups is only the beginning. When you see how our team and tech creates personalized narratives for each campaign, better conversion rates will follow.

Your Postclick conversion analysis starts here

Find out where you’re losing money on campaigns as well as opportunities to increase advertising conversions and lower cost per click. We will review your post-click health and identify how to increase your ROAS. Request a complimentary analysis of your ad campaigns today.

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