3 Best-in-Class Examples of Conversion Storytelling

3 Best-in-Class Examples of Conversion Storytelling

Everyone loves a great story, and the same holds true in advertising. Crafting a story for your customers is a great way to attract their attention and keep them engaged. Conversion storytelling helps accomplish those things and guides customers toward converting.

Conversion storytelling consists of developing and delivering to visitors persuasive micro-stories that make use of narrative flow, which refers to how copy, images, and page structure work together to create a natural and logical progression from one section to the next. It also involves establishing an emotional connection with customers. Employing conversion storytelling techniques creates high quality experiences with a cohesive narrative tailored for its intended target audience. 

Here are three best-in-class examples of conversion storytelling with a brief look at what makes each so impactful. 

1. Canopy

Canopy post click example

Canopy’s post-click page presents a persuasive narrative describing the humidifier’s beauty and wellness benefits. Through images, copy, and page flow, the experience shows visitors how they can achieve skincare goals while enjoying this product.

Canopy tells a persuasive story about the appliance’s beauty and wellness benefits. The headline and the subhead establish a narrative centered on the humidifier’s perfect use-case for skincare. Below the fold, the section breaking down benefits contains a subheading that reads “Beauty and wellness start with the air you breathe,” further aligning product benefits with beauty and wellness. Sections are titled “Wake Up to Hydrated Skin” and “Breathe in Wellness,” centering the experience around wellness benefits, rather than product features. 

Images reflecting emotional reactions support this persuasive story about skincare benefits. A close-up image of a woman smiling while touching her face illustrates the skincare advantages. Product close-ups include the hands of people using the humidifiers, aligning the narrative to the customer’s point of view. Rather than emphasize the humidifier’s parts or technology, the images focus on how the appliance will fit into customer lifestyles. 

A logical narrative flow is presented through images, copy, and page structure. Individual benefits are spaced out so visitors can focus on one thing at a time. Next, there’s a section contrasting Canopy to traditional humidifiers. After providing product benefits, it makes sense for Canopy to offer points of differentiation. The page ends with social proof, establishing credibility while aligning the message to how this humidifier is the best for achieving skincare goals. Providing a dermatologist recommendation establishes authority and bolsters the wellness narrative.

2. Molekule

Molekule post click example

Molekule’s post-click experience promotes air purifying devices. This page is geared toward business audiences, rather than customers who need air purifiers for personal usage. 

Molekule presents a business customer story with a different goal. While Canopy’s narrative emphasized beauty benefits, Molekule’s experience addresses business owners who want to protect their employees. The page establishes the viewpoint of a business customer through the headline and hero image. With the current climate and mask usage, the image of a woman wearing a mask in the office is highly relevant and resonates with the narrative of protecting businesses.

Emotionally-appealing headers reflect the business customer narrative. For example, the product selection header reads “Destroy viruses & bacteria for customers, clients, workers, and students,” pointing the message toward what visitors can achieve with Molekule’s help. Over the customer logos, the header says “Helping businesses breathe a sigh of relief.” Instead of focusing on the trust that these companies place in Molekule, the message emphasizes how businesses can purify air and protect employees. 

Molekule presents problems, solutions, and emotional resolutions through video testimonials. Videos are more personal, allowing visitors to hear directly from customers about their positive experiences in order to envision a future state where they have solved the problem as well. 

Finally, Molekule’s use of narrative flow supports its business customer narrative. Below the fold, air purifier size options are provided so visitors can determine the size that will best suit their needs. Next, there’s a section on social proof with three awards badges, establishing credibility. The header states “Backed by science, ready for business,” aligning the social proof to the message that this product is tested and equipped for business use. Finally, the experience ends with a CTA to download their guide for returning to the office. Providing a guide on this topic positions Molekule as a helpful brand and supports its business customer narrative. 

3. Evolve Vacation Rental

Evolve vacation rental example

Postclick created this landing page for Evolve Vacation Rental to provide an aspirational viewpoint for customers looking to get more from their vacation rental management services. The post-click page demonstrates what vacation rental owners can achieve through a combination of images, copy, and page structure. 

This experience presents an aspirational story of what is possible. The headline calls out Evolve’s industry-low 10% fee, presenting both a benefit and point of differentiation. The underlying copy states “don’t settle for restrictive full-service vacation rental management companies,” suggesting that customers can do better and get more out of their vacation rentals. The text “get the results you want and up to a 27% YoY increase” speaks directly to visitors, establishing a hopeful view of what they can achieve.

Emotionally appealing copy supports this ambitious narrative. For example, the header “Stress Less With Evolve” points to how their services improve customers’ lives, establishing an emotional connection with readers. Near the CTA, the supporting text “Ready to Make More Money from Your Vacation Rental?” contributes to the determined tone, implying that visitors are likely to earn more by using Evolve’s services. 

Evolve makes use of narrative flow so that visitors can progress logically from one section to the next. Individual sections reduce unnecessary text and use lots of white space to keep readers focused. Next, in the main CTA section, there’s a large image of a smiling, happy couple. Showing the emotional reaction helps visitors envision themselves enjoying the same benefits in a future state. It’s best to have this section after the in-depth breakdown of benefits, when viewers have learned more about the brand and are willing to move forward. 

Experiences with seamless narratives convert higher

These are three best-in-class examples of conversion storytelling. Each experience delivers a unique story crafted for a specific audience. They use images, copy, and page structure to create a logical flow from one section to the next, presenting a seamless and engaging narrative. 

A lot of brands plug in demographic information or group their audiences and call it a day, but this approach isn’t as effective as providing a well-crafted experience with a persuasive, cohesive story. Higher-quality storytelling results in stronger conversions and improved brand loyalty. 

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