Creating a Brand Where Relevance Resonates with Jonathan Pantani

Creating a Brand Where Relevance Resonates with Jonathan Pantani

Many components went into developing our Postclick brand–the mission and vision, logo, messaging, imagery–the list goes on. Connecting each one into a professional entity that conveys an accurate representation of who we are and the goal we set out to master, has been a challenging and rewarding process. What you see today is the culmination of a dedicated team in unveiling the Postclick story.

Today’s interview highlights Postclick’s Director of Brand, Jonathan Pantani, as we learn about that process.

What is the purpose behind the Postclick brand?

JP: With the Postclick brand we wanted a name that would be representative of an entire stage of the marketing and advertising funnel. 

Pre-click advertising is well established and companies have built very successful business models serving the right ads to the right audiences. Our work over the last eight years led us to believe that personalization and relevance don’t stop at the pre-click stage, and should be continued through to the post-click experience. Addressing this pain point is still too difficult to achieve without the help of our team’s expertise and proprietary software. 

Postclick’s technology delivers more advertising conversions by personalizing campaigns at scale–managing greater efficiency by creating 1:1 ad-to-page relevancy in the post-click stage. 

Who is the brand’s target audience?

JP: For any brand or agency operating in the DTC and ecommerce industries where advertising is a primary/top acquisition channel. Postclick speaks to the marketing leaders in those organizations who understand the pain point of not being able to deliver a 1:1 ad-to-page experience but are unable to devote the necessary resources required to solve this issue. 

What is the Postclick brand mission statement?

JP: The ultimate goal is to automate advertising conversions and we have collected billions of data points to help us set upon that mission. 

Right now, we use the learnings to determine what message and page experience makes a prospective customer convert and, therefore, reduce the brand’s advertising costs. We plan to further our mission applying machine learning and artificial intelligence so that every company partnering with us has an effective post-click strategy.

What are the key qualities and benefits of Postclick?

JP: Postclick employs a proven method of creating better efficiencies to make post-click personalization at scale a reality. The biggest benefit of Postclick is that the team can implement and deliver on a fully-realized post-click strategy faster and more cost-effectively than doing it yourself.

What is the brand voice and how is it conveyed?

JP: We take the time to listen to our customers’ needs and work with them and their agencies to achieve maximum success. By showing teams additional ways to improve one of their biggest marketing expenses, the work we do speaks for itself but we appreciate it when our customers tell our story, too.

It’s important that we remain true to our DNA; brands and agencies will see we are dedicated to this mission, work to empower others, and are confident we can deliver higher ROAS. Our brand will remain human and personable as we fully automate advertising conversions going forward.

How did your team develop the company logo?

JP: At the heart of our brand we wanted to build off the pillars, so our visual style reflects a simple, very futuristic look. We spent six months brainstorming over the direction to proceed and our top designers took part in a very rigorous workshop. After weeks of iteration, our team landed on the final logo design, which we feel represents the upward trajectory that our company will take for ourselves and our clients.

Postclick logo

What are the themes for Postclick’s brand?

JP: Bold, simple, futuristic, relevant, unique, and strong. Check out our anthem video here:

How does the brand coincide with the mission?

JP: It’s a bold vision, yet very simple mission, one that is created by connecting with people because everyone wants an online experience that matches them. Technology and the human ingenuity that powers it will help us get there and we believe that bold journey is best taken together so that this is one day possible for everyone. 

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Brandon Weaver is the Head of Content at Postclick, the world's only tech-enabled service for delivering advertising conversions. He writes about digital advertising, post-click automation, and has a healthy obsession with the Golden State Warriors.

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