How to Determine Whether You Need a CRO Tool or a Team

How to Determine Whether You Need a CRO Tool or a Team

It happens to the best of us. Nothing seems to be moving that conversion needle, you’re not meeting campaign goals, and your ROAS is suffering. These are all signs that you need serious conversion rate optimization help. 

So, what’s your next step—do you start using a CRO tool or hire a CRO team to come to your brand’s rescue? 

Using a CRO tool vs. a CRO team 

Hiring a CRO team isn’t suitable for every brand. The same holds true for tools. 

It comes down to two questions. 

  • Do you want to leverage a conversion rate optimization team’s expertise? 
  • Do you want to pay for a CRO tool that your internal team has to manage? 

To answer those questions, you’ll need to evaluate the scope of your ad campaigns and available internal resources. 

This post will help you choose which of these CRO solutions is right for your team by outlining when to use tools and when to hire professionals to do the job for you. 

When to use CRO tools 

Your CRO tools need several features to maximize conversion optimization efforts. These fall into three main categories:

  1. Web analytics
  2. User behavior tools
  3. A/B testing platforms

All three features are integral for creating a robust CRO strategy and implementing it across the marketing funnel. The problem is, not many CRO tools possess all these features. Sure, you can use Heap for analytics and Crazyegg for heatmaps—however, a tool that has it all is challenging to find. 

CRO tools come in handy when you want to: 

  1. Assess your funnel performance 
  2. Identify conversion bottlenecks on your pages across the funnel 
  3. Identify possible changes to increase advertising conversions
  4. Test changes you make to your funnel for the highest conversion rates  

Most CRO tools have limited scope—in other words, they can help you with the tactical optimization tasks, but not strategic ones, or vice versa. And without strategy, you can’t expect to develop a scalable and impactful CRO experimentation framework. A complete strategy is necessary for an effective CRO structure. Without a strategy, you create a higher risk of running the wrong tests, in the wrong order, on the wrong goals, ultimately wasting your resources and conversion opportunities.

Using a CRO tool doesn’t magically solve your conversion problems. These tools offer structured guidance and organization, but the real impact comes down to how well your team implements long-term strategies to maximize the tool’s capabilities.

When to use a CRO team

Some things are better left in the hands of experts, and this includes your CRO efforts. Here’s when you should consider hiring a CRO team.

When you have steady traffic

Low traffic can be a challenge for CRO. If you’re not getting a steady stream of visitors on your landing pages, you won’t reach statistical significance as fast as you’d like. This limitation will hinder your ability to A/B test and experiment. 

For example, if your hypothesis is to test a single form vs. multi-step forms on your demo landing page, you must have enough traffic on your page to determine which page variation is the best. If traffic is scarce, it can take you months to find the best variation. Plus, with low traffic, there’s also no way for you to launch multivariate tests.

When you want to save time and money

Contrary to popular belief, having an in-house CRO team doesn’t cost less than outsourcing to an external team. A typical optimization team consists of multiple people—UX designers, front-end developers, customer research specialists, copywriters, analytics specialists, data analysts, and product managers. 

Imagine the added payroll of an internal CRO team—you still need to factor in the subscription costs of optimization tools. Now, add the weeks it’ll take to properly onboard and train a team to familiarize themselves with your brand values and understand your internal goals. 

So instead of breaking the bank, it’s better to skip the trial-and-error period and outsource your services to a team of specialists who are ready to execute a CRO strategy and accelerate your business growth. 

When you’re impatient for results 

Instead of relying on hunches and best practices, CRO teams know what it takes to run tests faster and without compromising result quality. Most internal teams endure a period of trial and error before they achieve this level of assured processes. A dedicated CRO practitioner has the experience to strategize for your unique business goals. They understand how to test for the unknowns, how to build on attained results, and how to establish a framework that fuels constant growth and experimentation.

Conversion optimization is a vast process—it encompasses your entire funnel, and to see accurate results faster, you need professional help.  

When you want more growth

Growth happens when your conversion goals and business goals align. A professional team understands this, and doesn’t take up CRO tasks to increase vanity metrics. Every task they execute follows a calculated growth strategy.  

Moreover, their expertise across a broad spectrum of industries makes it more likely for your brand to get more frequent winners in tests. 

There you have it—a breakdown of when to use CRO tools and when to use CRO teams. While both approaches have their benefits, the ideal option would be combining the two—a service run by seasoned CRO practitioners. 

That is where Postclick comes in. 

How Postclick helps with CRO

Postclick is a tech-enabled service created to improve advertising conversion. It is the industry’s only Post-Click Automation solution run by an expert team. Together, we offer brands a way to boost campaign relevance better than any tool or service alone. Our proprietary software enables personalization at scale, and conversion experts optimize every message for advertising conversions.

Want to see how our team can help yours? 

We would like to offer you a complimentary analysis of your ad campaigns. Our analysis reviews your campaigns to evaluate your post-click health, compare your site against industry and competitive benchmarks, and identify the most effective opportunities in your CRO strategy to increase your ROAS. Request your free conversion analysis here.

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by Fahad Muhammad

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