The 4 Customer Pain Points That Postclick Alleviates

The 4 Customer Pain Points That Postclick Alleviates

Today, the only way to efficiently scale personalization throughout the ad campaign is with the help of Post-Click Automation. But for some advertisers, PCA alone isn’t enough. When audiences grow too vast for a single business to manage, there’s Postclick: a team of conversion experts powered by the industry’s only PCA solution.

Here’s how our tech-enabled service alleviates customer pain points. 

What customer pain points does Postclick alleviate? 

1. Speed to launch

Conversion optimization takes too long done the old-fashioned way of wireframing, designing, writing, personalizing, testing, and optimizing. And while PCA cuts down on the time it takes to launch a campaign; it can still be too time-intensive if you’re spending more than $100k per month on advertising. That’s a lot of experiences to create for a team that won’t be ready to maximize the software’s potential. 

On top of the time it takes to run a campaign, Postclick reduces the time it takes to see results. As the team that created the industry’s most powerful software for scaling post-click experiences, we know how to deploy hundreds of personalized landing pages immediately. Plus, optimize them soon after with machine learning conversion insights. 

2. Increase the ability of your existing team to scale 

A team of experts is hard to come by, and you might have internal experts on staff already. The key here is partnering with a team specializing in advertising conversion to scale your post-click personalization efforts.

To increase your team’s scalability, you’ll allocate major resources no matter what. You either identify, hire, and train these people yourself, and allow them the years of experience needed to become proficient in Post-Click Automation. Or, you hunt for the rare expert that already has years of experience and pay for that expertise.

In both cases, the problem is there’s no promise these people stick around for the long haul. If they get promoted, take a job elsewhere, or are simply unavailable, you’re stuck expending these resources for a second or third time, to replace your previous experts. 

Think of our conversion team as an extension of your existing team. When you partner with us, you save yourself the difficulty that comes with hiring and training an expert team. That includes bypassing the years of experience it takes to become an expert in advertising conversion. You also guarantee that an organization is with you for the long haul. Postclick’s training, industry expertise, and proprietary software are yours for as long as you are a partner. 

3. Technology and integration challenges 

For advertisers with big budgets, improving the post-click experience isn’t something that can be done the traditional way. There’s no scalable way to build personalized landing pages from scratch. It requires a Post-Click Automation platform

The problem is, the number of people who can use this sophisticated technology to maximize ROAS is very small. That means, if you’re trying to implement PCA yourself, you can expect training for the entire business since PCA crosses so many departments: design, copywriting, development, account management, sales, etc. 

Attempting to integrate the software into your business can cost more time and resources than a business is willing to commit. After all, every minute spent training is a minute not spent boosting conversions throughout campaigns. Instead of risking the resources needed to integrate the system into your own business–training, learning, developing processes and strategies, fixing technological mistakes down the line–you can see immediate results by hiring a team. 

Many brands we partner with already employ an agency. We increase collaboration with both the brand and agency to help them scale post-click strategy and advertising personalization.

4. Manual scalability doesn’t make sense 

If you can’t automate your landing page creation process, it doesn’t make sense. With the number of experts required–designers, copywriters, conversion strategists, etc. scaling your production process becomes impossible to scale manually. 

As we speak to brands every week, we know that companies only create a handful of pages for their diverse ad campaigns. It’s a common scenario and customer pain point because brands can’t afford to match their ads and pages 1:1. There is only so much budget available.

When you invest in scaling personalized post-click experiences, you have a few options outside Postclick, but they’re both quite costly.

Hire your own team to do it the old-fashioned way.

Hiring a team to create a post-click experience from scratch, for every ad, is very resource-intensive and not realistic to achieve. Wireframing, designing, personalizing, testing, optimizing–doing these without PCA technology requires a dedicated team working overtime. And it would require much more significant investment of not just money, but time and resources than most would be willing to make. 

Get PCA for your own team.

If you’re spending a lot on ads, running a lot of campaigns, and your team isn’t large or well-trained, then the learning curve combined with the time it takes to create a personalized experience for every ad is too overwhelming. While this can be an effective tactic for the right team, it can be overwhelming for one that is spending more than $100k a month on advertising. Ultimately, you lose time spent training, gaining experience, and creating post-click experiences with the software. And you also lose the ad revenue associated with sub-optimal performance (making costly technical mistakes, not knowing the best strategies to use, etc.). 

Ultimately, you can’t only evaluate the cost. There needs to be a benefits analysis. If you’re going to invest in PCA, what is the most you’ll get from your budget? 

When you invest in Postclick, you get the team responsible for creating the only solution capable of scaling personalized post-click experiences. Historically, customers have seen:

conversion intelligence statistics

As a tech-enabled managed service, Postclick is faster than the traditional way of creating post-click experiences, and our team is full of experts who can get results immediately. There’s no training, no strategic guesswork. Among your options, it returns the best benefit for the investment. You get the power of the industry’s only PCA platform in the hands of the team who know it best. 

Get your complimentary analysis 

To see how much Postclick can increase your advertising conversions, get a complimentary conversion analysis today.

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