Enterprise Landing Pages: What to Look for in a Provider

Enterprise Landing Pages: What to Look for in a Provider

Enterprise brands deserve the highest-quality landing page designs–pixel-perfect, fast loading, advanced security, and more because the audience they target expects a flawless experience.

Traditional landing page providers include a drag and drop builder or WYSIWYG editor, pre-designed templates, martech integrations, and A/B testing functionality. Yet, these features don’t meet enterprise requirements. Enterprise businesses demand more from their partners. They require a complete solution that eliminates their pain points while delivering maximum results.

Let’s review some common pain points for enterprise brands in the DTC industry related to digital advertising campaigns.

Common digital advertising pain points for enterprise brands

1. Difficulty segmenting and personalizing post-click experiences

A digital advertising campaign is only effective if it’s relevant to its target audience. Ideally, that is 1:1 because with truly personalized experiences, every prospect receives a hyper-relevant campaign experience.

Most landing page providers don’t offer this sophisticated functionality. Many offer dynamic text replacement in the semblance of personalization, but this only works for simple word changes or geography match. It’s near impossible to match the context of a visitor’s intentions with dynamic text replacement.

Robust context matching requires an entirely new experience. That means different page layouts, image backgrounds, and story narrative based on who’s looking at the page.

2. Inability to scale landing page production

Manually creating individual post-click experiences for each audience is overwhelming. Hiring hundreds of copywriters, designers, developers, etc. to scale your enterprise landing page production isn’t financially feasible.

Page duplication and pre-built templates can save time in the short term, but templates are only a starting point and have limitations. Both methods are not scalable because they require significant manual work to personalize each experience to each audience.

So while these methods may suffice for startups or SMB with fewer page requirements, enterprise teams require more.

3. Trouble meeting security standards

Enterprise companies have high security standards with approved vendors. Protecting user data is paramount, and failing to abide by security standards negatively affects both conversions and prospects’ trust. With GDPR enacted and user data privacy being more of global concern, ensuring the platform you’re using doesn’t misuse lead information is a top priority.

4. Always providing a great user experience

Creating an enjoyable post-click experience for every visitor is essential since the post-click experience is where conversions happen. Yet, personalization alone isn’t enough.

You also need a platform with AMP page creation since faster mobile load speeds provide a better user experience. Not to mention, responsive pages across all browsers and devices because a disjointed experience makes visitors more likely to bounce.

Enterprise brands demand more from their partners. Fortunately, each pain point can be remedied with the right enterprise landing page provider. 

What to look for in an enterprise landing page provider

Automated creation capabilities

Brands and agencies need automated page creation to keep pace with the demand for personalized experiences. But the necessary level of scalability is impossible for any company to accomplish manually.

Postclick automates thousands of experiences with unique scaling and personalization technology. Users can create and save custom page blocks to reuse later, which allows them to quickly create a high volume of post-click experiences by eliminating duplicate creative work. These blocks can be inserted into any page–a completely new page for a different audience, or an optimized version of a former page. Better yet, our team can update all necessary pages with a single click.

Our technology includes an advanced analytics dashboard to reveal any deficiencies in a campaign, complete with built-in experimentation functionality, heatmaps, and traffic allocation. The system then automatically updates your page layouts over time, and recommends content based on machine learning conversion insights.


1:1 ad-to-page personalization based on key audience identifiers is necessary for every enterprise advertising campaign. You wouldn’t run the same ad to different hyper-targeted audiences, so why send multiple unique groups to a catch-all page? Since you target audiences at the pre-click stage, you must continue the relevancy through the post-click experience to give audiences a narrative tailored to them.

With Postclick’s server-side personalization, page experiences automatically adjust to the visitor, allowing for significant design changes and optimizations. Among others, with our personalization functionality, we can:

  • Dynamically pair visitor intent to a relevant post-click experience
  • Match copy to visitor-level data (keywords, firmographics, demographics, etc.)
  • Identify high-performing audiences by tracking metrics at the audience level
  • Attach experiences to specific audiences based on UTM parameters

The Postclick team uses proprietary ad mapping technology to contextually visualize a list of campaigns, ad groups, and ads to determine where personalized pages are needed. With an intuitive interface, this allows us better alignment between ads and page experiences. We then update customers with their current Postclick ScoreTM. This metric is the percentage of unique experiences compared to the total number of ad groups and ads: 


SOC Type I & 2 certification

A well-designed enterprise landing page includes security features, indicating to consumers that the personal information they’re sharing is secure. Landing pages that lack security features may make visitors reluctant to complete forms, resulting in fewer conversions.

Certification of SOC 2 compliance for Type I and Type II reassures customers their valuable data is always safe and protected in a controlled and audited environment.

SSL security certificates also help reduce a user’s anxiety over submitting their personal information. Adding these certificates eliminates friction when completing forms because they:

  • Verify a website is valid and authentic
  • Confirm the connection is from a legitimate website
  • Ensure all interactions between the browser and the website are secure and encrypted
  • Support your EV or DV SSL certificates

Both of these features make it more likely that prospects will convert because they know their information is secure and private.

AMP & responsive page experiences

Since a primary way to optimize a user’s mobile browsing experience is faster load speeds, you need a platform with AMP page creation. AMP landing pages also help increase the Quality Score because Google favors these pages.

The Postclick team can design and publish AMP landing pages directly from the platform. The AMP validator helps correct any errors so pages are AMP-compliant, appear in the Google AMP Cache, and optimize the user experience.

Combined with Postclick’s Thor Render Engine™, these provide a better user experience for mobile browsing and lowers the risk of visitors bouncing. As a full rewrite of landing page code (changing the HTML structure, JavaScript and CSS Refactoring, and CSS Responsiveness), this ensures everything in the backend allows pages to load instantly.

Responsive page experiences

Regardless of device, browser, or screen size, landing pages should look great everywhere. With fully responsive page experiences, page content and elements are automatically scaled to match any screen size. This way, visitors always have consistent experiences optimized for their device and screen size without having to pan, zoom, or scroll.

Companies that invest heavily in digital advertising know the value of the capabilities listed above, but many lack the knowledge and resources required to plan and execute a successful strategy. They need a complete solution with a team focused on advertising conversion.

Postclick provides every customer with an expert conversion team whose sole mission is to develop a growth plan for existing ad campaigns to produce higher conversion rates and lower CPC. With a deep understanding of human psychology and narrative storytelling–and insights from more than 500 enterprise brands across 2 million pages–Postclick’s advertising partnership has provided brands:

conversion intelligence statistics

Postclick is purpose-built for DTC enterprise brands

Enterprise brands deserve a full suite of automation, optimization, and personalization capabilities with conversion intelligence. Direct to consumer brands, in particular, require personalized experiences at a scale unparalleled to most industries due to sophisticated targeting and increasing global demand for products and services.

Postclick defined the Post-Click Automation industry with a dedicated conversion team, automated creation capabilities, ad-to-page personalization, AMP functionality, advanced security, and more.

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