How to Evaluate the Post-Click Health of Your Ad Campaigns

How to Evaluate the Post-Click Health of Your Ad Campaigns

In today’s digital environment, a marketer’s job is to craft advertising campaigns that guide customers from awareness to conversion. An effective funnel requires precise audience targeting and highly personalized ads that show potential customers the right message at the right time. It’s no wonder why advertisers spend so much time and money fine-tuning their digital advertisements.

But there’s an issue with this approach. Marketers are leaving out a crucial part of their advertising funnel by ignoring the place where the conversion actually happens: the post-click stage. You won’t achieve higher conversion rates by pointing your ads to your website or generic catch-all landing pages that don’t carry forward the ad narrative. Campaigns with unique audiences should be directed to unique destinations that continue the narrative presented in the ads. Anything less, and you could be leaving money on the table. 

These inefficiencies have a marked impact on advertising spend and ROI. When your ad-to-page relevancy is lacking, the Google Quality Score for your ads suffers as a result. Poor Quality Scores increase your cost per click, meaning that you pay more for a sub-optimal ad experience. In contrast, relevant post-click experiences improve your conversion rates while lowering your CPC, so you can pay less for traffic while converting more customers to the next stage of your funnel. 

It’s not surprising that marketers are missing out on the ROI opportunities in the post-click stage. Until now, it has been challenging to evaluate the post-click stage. It’s a new way of thinking about the advertising funnel, and without a wealth of conversion insights and advanced data science, it’s challenging to know where post-click opportunities exist. 

But don’t fret. We share some easy ways to assess the post-click health of your digital ad campaigns below. 

Look beyond the landing page

Evaluating the post-click stage is hard to do by yourself. Whereas there are plenty of metrics to evaluate your ad performance, the post-click stage is highly contextual, and its performance hinges on a number of factors including landing page design, page speed, and relevance. 

This is where the traditional analysis doesn’t go far enough. You can’t treat your ad personalization and landing page personalization as two separate entities. The key to improving your conversion rates is to connect your personalization efforts from ad to page, so your ad narratives are consistent and relevant from start to finish.

But this kind of analysis can be hard to execute without the right combination of people, process, technology, and strategy. Assessing ad-to-page relevance requires a set of conversion insights and customer behavior data, along with expertise from conversion experts. Otherwise, there’s no way of knowing if your ad strategy will work for all combinations of your campaigns, ad groups, and ads. 

We’ve developed a few ways to help you assess your post-click health and bridge the conversion gaps in your campaigns. 

An easy way to assess your post-click health

At Postclick, our mission is to automate advertising conversions. We use billions of data points to help us achieve that goal. Our conversion experts have developed a few ways to help advertisers assess their post-click health and start earning a better ROAS from their digital ad campaigns. Consider which of these options is right for your team.

Post-click Self-Assessment. Postclick has introduced the capability for anyone to self-assess their post-click health anywhere, at any time. This self-assessment goes beyond typical landing page analysis tools by providing industry and competitive benchmarking, ROI analysis, top-line and bottom-line impact analysis, interactivity, and a personalized report. We strongly encourage anyone trying to make a business case for improving the post-click stage of their ad funnel to take advantage of this free service. 

Post-click Score. We help you understand the health of your post-click stage with a Post-click Score. The Post-click Score is a unified metric that provides an easy way for customers to evaluate their post-click health at a high level by comparing your ad-to-page relevance to industry benchmarks. 

Work with our team. We also provide a comprehensive custom analysis of our potential customers’ full advertising funnel upon request. This in-depth analysis is complimentary, and any insights provided are free of charge.  

How can I improve my post-click health?

The easiest way to improve your post-click health is to partner with Postclick. Our team of conversion experts can help you develop a robust post-click strategy that can lift your ROAS by driving higher conversion rates while lowering your cost per click with improved Quality Scores. Our goal is to help you win more conversions with the same ad spend. 

Postclick uses machine learning to automatically create custom landing pages that are further divided into personalized experiences based on the situation, event, and motivation of the person clicking the ad. Each ad has its own landing page, and each landing page is further divided into multiple unique experiences to contextualize the audience experience. 

This extremely relevant ad-to-page journey provides a better customer experience, increases conversion rates, and improves CPC by earning better Quality Scores.

Stop rolling the dice on your ad conversions. Get the facts that will help you perfect your ad funnel. 

Vinod Choudhary
by Vinod Choudhary

Vinod Choudhary is the Head of Product Marketing at Postclick, the world’s only Post-Click Automation platform. Vinod's mission is to help marketing leaders maximize and automate their advertising conversions.

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