6 Factors That Impact Your Post-Click Health

6 Factors That Impact Your Post-Click Health

As advertisers, we try to optimize our campaigns’ advertising funnels to ensure we’re wisely spending every ad dollar and nothing goes to waste. Typically, you start your personalization efforts with low-hanging fruit, like your pre-click ad targeting and personalization. Pre-click optimization is essential for a healthy ad campaign. 

But optimizing the pre-click stage can only get you so far. Once you have your audience’s attention, you need to continue the customer journey through the post-click stage, where the conversion happens. To achieve optimal conversion rates, you need to improve how well your landing pages align with your ad narrative for each of your segments, ad groups, and ads. If your post-click experience doesn’t continue the story contained in your ads, you risk losing conversions at the crucial moment and could waste a significant amount of your ad spend. 

There are distinct benefits to personalizing the post-click stage. Relevant post-click experiences boost conversion rates and improve ad placement and CPC through higher Quality Scores. Over time, you’re paying less for traffic that is converting at a higher percentage.

Of course, the opposite is true as well. If your ads generate many clicks, but your post-click stage isn’t personalized and relevant, you’ll lose potential conversions.

Post-click success (and the higher conversion rates that come with it) depend on several interdependent factors. That makes it challenging for advertisers to successfully evaluate their post-click performance beyond clicks and conversions. 

Today, we’re going to discuss the six factors that influence the success of your post-click experiences. Viewed together, these factors are effective indicators of your post-click health relative to your industry. 

Page speed

Page speed measures how soon your landing pages load after someone clicks on your ads, across both desktop and mobile displays. 

If your pages don’t load quickly, your visitors will lose interest. If you want to keep their attention throughout the funnel, your landing pages need to be lightning-fast. Slow page speed can also impact your Quality Scores and increase your advertising costs.

Conversion UX

The user experience your landing page offers is crucial to driving conversions. Your customers need to be able to act on their interest quickly, in as few clicks as possible.

A disorganized landing page that doesn’t feature conversion-centric design can act as a stop sign for your visitors. Make sure that visitors can identify how to take action on your page in a single glance. 

Quality Score

Advertising platforms like Google measure ad relevance using a Quality Score, which determines the placement and cost per click for your ads. When your ad-to-page experiences are consistent and relevant, the Google Quality Scores for your ads will improve, your ads will receive better placement, and your cost per click will decrease by as much as 50%.

A poor Quality Score can drive up ad costs, with price penalties reaching up to 400%. They can also reduce your search ads’ effectiveness. It’s essential to make sure your ad-to-page experiences are as relevant as possible to drive up your Quality Scores.


Mobile devices are a major platform for digital advertising. These days, most ad views and buying decisions happen via mobile devices. If you don’t optimize your landing page experiences for desktop and mobile displays, you’re likely to see reduced conversions on mobile devices.

Don’t waste this valuable advertising space. Make sure every post-click experience is responsive and optimized for every mobile device. 

Message fit

When a visitor clicks on an ad that matches their unique interests, they expect that personalization to continue in the post-click experience. That means user intent, behavior, interests, demographics, and everything else you account for in your ad personalization and targeting carries over to your landing page in a single, unified narrative. 

If your ads direct to a catch-all landing page that doesn’t match each ad’s narrative, it can derail your customers’ interest and damage your conversion rates. But a consistent ad-to-page narrative works wonders for your Quality Scores, improving your cost per click and overall return on ad spend. 

Security and content

Visitors to your landing pages need to feel confident that your data security practices are impeccable. If your pages lack standard security measures or look like an unsafe spam page, customers are less likely to trust you with their transactions. As a result, you’ll win fewer conversions. 

Analyze your post-click health in minutes

While you can evaluate each of these factors individually, most advertisers lack the extensive conversion expertise and sophisticated data models needed to get a holistic view of their post-click health. If you don’t know where you stand, you won’t grasp what’s keeping you from achieving better conversion rates.

Postclick has developed an easy way to assess your post-click performance with our free Post-click Self-Assessment. This self-serve tool leverages your campaign data to evaluate your post-click performance and provides you with a report and an overall Post-click Score. You can use this report, along with insights on each of the six crucial factors we discussed, to identify opportunities to improve your ROAS. 

Complete the assessment in less than five minutes and get recommendations on how to dramatically reduce wasted ad spend. Just enter some basic campaign information and run the analysis to get your report quickly. Take control of your post-click stage, starting now. 

Vinod Choudhary
by Vinod Choudhary

Vinod Choudhary is the Head of Product Marketing at Postclick, the world’s only Post-Click Automation platform. Vinod's mission is to help marketing leaders maximize and automate their advertising conversions.

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