How a Postclick Partnership Unfolds: Everything You Need to Know

How a Postclick Partnership Unfolds: Everything You Need to Know

Stronger personalization leads to higher conversions, but marketers tend to lack the resources and bandwidth to address low relevance in their post-click landing pages. With a Postclick partnership, you get all the benefits of a Post-Click Automation platform, including machine learning insights and automated optimization, without any of the workload. 

Your dedicated team of conversion strategists, copywriters, and designers start by developing a unique personalization profile for your advertising campaigns. Then, by leveraging our proprietary technology and data from millions of landing pages, we execute on the production, optimization, and continuous testing of all your landing pages.

We take care of all the work, while you collect your lift in conversions. 

Step 1. The conversion health analysis

To assess whether a Postclick partnership would drive a significant improvement in ROAS for your business, we first provide you with a complimentary conversion health analysis

The first step is an introductory call where we elaborate on what’s included and gather the necessary materials to run the analysis. Our conversion strategists then run an audit of your ad campaigns and evaluate your post-click conversion health.

When we meet again to present our findings, we recommend having as many stakeholders on the call as possible, because the insights we provide are relevant across departments.

The analysis includes the following parts:

  • Live page review
  • Competitive benchmarking report
  • Page speed and bounce rate insights
  • Paid media traffic, broken down by ad channel
  • Ad rank and impression share insights
  • Post-click audience analysis

Marketers usually find great value in the live page review because our conversion strategists walk through the areas of opportunity for improving conversions that they’ve identified on your page.

The competitive benchmarking report analyzes group market share, engagement, and ad-level insights, so you know where you stand compared to the competition.

Additionally, your page speed and bounce rate insights may be more interesting than they sound—marketers are often surprised by the percentage of their paid traffic that is going to waste!

Regardless of whether you choose to partner with us, the findings and actionable recommendations from this analysis are yours to keep. The insights include any gaps we have identified in your ad-to-page relevancy, as well as suggestions on how to address them, and pre- and post-click strategy proposals that are likely to increase your revenue.

If a Postclick partnership feels like a good fit, we use these findings as the framework for the work we do for you. 

Step 2. Onboarding

Kickoff call

After agreeing to a partnership, we host a kickoff call within a few days, so we can introduce our teams and get to work delivering your improved conversion rates.

On this call, it’s best to have all stakeholders and any representatives from your agency participating, as we present our deck on our proven process and custom strategy for your tailored post-click landing pages. We also start gathering information about your current ad campaigns, including any upcoming plans and goals, so our team can deliver the most impactful results.

This call is an excellent opportunity for our team to learn more about your brand guidelines. After all, every page we create should reflect your brand’s look and feel.

If you want more clarity on anything—whether it’s our strategy, process, team, or technology—this is a great time to ask! Our team is here to help make the process as frictionless as possible.

At the end of this meeting, you walk away with a firm understanding of how your path to higher conversions will unfold.

Scoping document

Next, we begin working on your unique personalization profile.

To help us develop this profile, your team will fill out a shared scoping document with in-depth questions about your brand and ad campaigns.

We will already have filled out the information gathered from your team up to this point, so there is no need to repeat what you have already provided. However, as you complete the rest of the document, please consider that clients who provide the most detailed answers equip us with extensive clarity into their ad campaigns—enabling us to deliver the best possible results.

Finally, we review this document together before creating a prioritization plan.

Prioritization plan

After we’ve finalized the scoping document, we create a prioritization plan for your post-click landing page strategy. It is a step-by-step action plan for the pages we plan to create and optimize to achieve the highest ROAS. 

You should think of the initial prioritization plan as a starting-off point, since we will revise it as needed (at minimum, every quarter). Your role is to review, provide feedback, and give final approval.

Ideally, we would love to get buy-in from your agency as well. We hope to form a symbiotic relationship that will collectively empower us to maximize your ROAS. 

Prioritization planning is an incredibly exciting stage because you get to see the blueprint for how we plan to scale highly tailored landing pages and maximize your conversion rates. 

Personas and narrative

Once we have our plan of action together, your dedicated team gets to work creating your brand’s personas. A persona is a profile that we create based on audience targets, which includes details on their interests and preferences.

The next step involves developing each persona’s respective narratives. A narrative can be thought of as the language or story we use to communicate with each persona. 

By creating these brand personas and shaping narratives, we establish guidelines for understanding your audience segments. Your team will need to provide feedback on what we recommend and approve before we get to producing the landing pages.

This step plays a crucial role in allowing us to scale the highest quality and volume of pages for you. 


Finally, we initiate the production of your landing pages.

We start by creating your first theme. A theme is a layout or basic outline of a page type (such as a “Holiday Sale” page).

Once your first theme launches, we create unique experiences, which are essentially a variant of the layout (like a “Black Friday special” or “July 4 sale” page).

Your dedicated team of conversion rate optimization experts, copywriters, and designers then work together to deliver your first personalized, conversion-centered Postclick landing page.

After we’ve collected your feedback, we publish the page.

Keep in mind that our proprietary technology will automatically and constantly optimize your landing page. Plus, our team will track how your Postclick pages perform against control pages. So, your initial pages will adjust to remain fresh and produce effective results.

This process ensures we provide the highest-quality pages and deliver as many conversions as possible. 

Step 3. Ongoing partnership

Weekly meeting

With a Postclick partnership, you’ll connect with our team weekly.

Initially, the weekly meetings will have set agendas, such as the initial kickoff call. However, as we dive deeper into your campaigns, your meetings’ process and structure will depend upon the unique, customized strategies we develop for you. 

Each week, your team reviews your “action points tracker,” which lists prioritized action items. These tasks include sharing what we are doing, as well as keeping you updated on anything we potentially need from your team (usually feedback or approval).

We may also provide updates on production progress, share how pages are performing, and collect live feedback on pages.

These meetings keep you updated on the status of your post-click strategy and help facilitate a strong partnership between our teams. 


Once we have sufficient data for live experiences, we’ll begin sharing biweekly, customized reports.

We present metrics that paint a picture of your ROAS. For example, we typically report on CPC with retail clients, while companies with lead generation campaigns will receive summaries on CPL.

If there are metrics you would like included, or you’d like the reports more often, let us know! More open communication typically yields the best results for Postclick partnerships. 

Maximize your conversions with minimal effort

Marketers who want to leverage the most sophisticated Post-Click Automation technology available partner with us and quickly see their conversions grow.

And the best part? The only commitment they add to their plates is a weekly meeting. We handle everything related to your post-click landing page strategy, from planning and creating to optimizing and testing.

When you have an expert team leveraging advanced machine learning insights from over 400 million conversions, you can feel confident that your brand’s landing pages will not only look flawless but also generate the highest conversions. 

Are you curious if a more robust post-click strategy makes sense for you? Request your complimentary analysis here.

Michelle Chang
by Michelle Chang

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