How Brand Impacts Conversions

How Brand Impacts Conversions

Conversions begin with connections. There’s a reason personalizing your marketing funnel is a proven strategy for improving conversion rates, and it has a lot to do with the growing nature of e-commerce. 

In 2020, over 2.05 billion customers shopped online, totaling just over a quarter of the world’s 7.8 billion population. With this rise in e-commerce shoppers, the impact of brands’ relationships with customers is greater than ever. A 2020 study found that consumer receptivity to personalized ads is at an all-time high with 32% of consumers stating they appreciate personalized ads and even claiming they’re more loyal to brands that provide personalized content.

Personalization plays a major role in your marketing funnel. But some marketers fail to apply a personalized approach to their branding. People want to find offers that benefit their lives, solve their problems, and align with their intrinsic interests, but ineffective branding can cause a crack in customer trust, interest, and dissuade a potential purchase decision. Removing your brand from the funnel can be a fatal mistake in your personalization effort, leading to consumer distrust, higher cost per acquisition, and lower conversion rates. 

What is branding? 

Brand serves a fundamental role in your business. Without branding, it would be impossible to differentiate your business, your mission, and your offerings from the competition. How you go about presenting these differentiators does a lot of legwork in the conversion journey for your customers.

To demonstrate that value, let’s consider what your typical conversion journey might look like and where brand comes into play.

  • Top-of-funnel customers are just getting to know your offer and your business. This stage is typically where they see your first ad, begin exploring your social media, or arrive at your website.
    • Brand impact: Your customers need to know who you are, what type of solution you’re offering for their needs, and what makes your brand stand out as a choice for consideration in making their purchase decisions.
  • Middle-of-funnel customers are familiar with your offer and brand, but are still trying to decide if your business is the best choice for them. At this point, they’re determining your credibility and assessing how well your value propositions align with their intrinsic desires or needs. 
    • Brand impact: When customers identify with your brand’s unique identity, they’ll move more easily along the conversion funnel. Your voice, tone, and positioning are all crucial to demonstrate that you care about what matters to your audience. 
  • Bottom-of-funnel customers should have all they need to make a decision. All you have to do is capitalize on that opportunity. At this point, they should feel familiar with your brand on a personal level. Every stage of the journey has been personalized and aligned to their goals so far. 
    • Brand impact: Did you know 48% of shoppers check a brand’s social media presence before finalizing a purchase? If your branding doesn’t align with the narratives and designs your customers have experienced throughout your funnel, you could break their trust.

Benefits of branding

Branding has significant implications on many customers’ key conversion influences. Here are the major benefits effective branding can have on your conversion factors:

  • Authenticity. Investing in your brand identity shows you’re an established business. It can also prove you’re unique and help cautious customers see that you’re providing something distinctive from alternative options instead of trying to mimic competitors’ success.
  • Credibility. Through branding, you can demonstrate your brand’s journey and authority in your space. Things like social proof, case studies, and reviews all help prove you’ve been providing a genuine product or service.
  • Consumer trust. As appealing as your ads or landing pages might be, if a consumer doesn’t trust your brand, they won’t make a purchase. Consider including a privacy policy or security icon near your CTAs, so customers can shop with confidence knowing the transaction is secure. 
  • Lower bounce rates. An engaging brand can increase time spent on a page. Customers will continue to browse your site and even consider additional offerings if you can provide them with a cohesive brand experience. 
  • Higher engagement. Consistent brand practices will entice customers to engage with your business at multiple touchpoints. If they enjoy your products and brand, they may consider following your social presence, subscribing to your newsletter, and even leaving a review. 
  • Demonstrate values. Ultimately, investing in branding demonstrates that you care. How you establish your brand does a lot to communicate your investment in your customers’ needs. A mission statement or “About Us” section can help customers see that your business isn’t only focused on making dollars, but also on building something meaningful. 

Including all these factors will leave your brand in a position to push a conversion, no matter where your customers are in the funnel. 

How to improve branding for conversions 

The way your branding facilitates conversions is comparable to your personalization strategies. Just as you don’t want customers to click an ad only to come across a generic landing page, your branding needs to be personalized and unique to convert. But how do you make sure your brand consistently resonates with customers? The answer is optimization.

Invest in understanding your audience and testing to see what resonates best with them. Now, this isn’t to say you should completely revamp your brand style to see what works. We’ve discussed the conversion influences your branding impacts. All you need to do is establish which elements of your brand play a role in those influences and optimize accordingly. 

First, you need to establish your brand identity.

Building a conversion-ready brand

It should always be easy for your customers to identify your brand. From your ads to your website to your products, your brand should be consistent and clear. Your design, narrative, layout and even content hierarchy should create a unique voice and tone, so that no matter where your audience first makes contact with your business, they know who you are, what you’re about, and how you’re unique. 

These are the brand elements to test and tweak. If you’re finding it challenging to establish credibility with customers, consider moving your social proof to your homepage. If you find customers questioning your authenticity or unsure of what makes you different from alternative options, consider testing out your design elements. Your visuals may be too similar to your competitors’ and aren’t standing out enough within your industry.

Branding after the conversion

With every conversion, you gain a new opportunity that’s vital to your business growth and long-term goals: higher lifetime customer value.

Proper branding builds loyalty and repeat business. You’ve crafted a quality offer that people are interested in—now, you have the opportunity to show them that your brand has a larger selection of quality offers. Your satisfied customers may consider repeat business with your brand, but only if you can continue the connection they formed with your product to your business.

Consider a follow-up email after every purchase, even if it’s just to recognize them as a valued customer or thank them for their purchase. If nothing else, it’s another opportunity to present your brand’s sincerity and provide a consistent experience even beyond the funnel.

Excellent branding does more for your bottom line than improve conversions—it’s also proven to improve these key growth factors:


Investing in a brand is a must-have in any conversion-focused strategy.

With effective branding, you can:

  • Stand out from your competitors and their offerings
  • Establish credibility and instill consumer trust
  • Build personalized connections with your audience that match the experience of your marketing funnel
  • Increase customer loyalty and drive growth

Don’t waste your marketing funnel efforts with an unfocused brand that doesn’t improve on the connections you’ve built with potential customers. Postclick offers a complimentary conversion health analysis that can identify opportunities for improvement throughout your brand and conversion experiences. Our technology helps businesses create consistent and profoundly personalized experiences throughout the entire customer journey, including brand experience.

If you’re looking for help resonating with your customers, reach out to our team. Schedule a complimentary consultation with our experts, and we’ll work with you to define a brand strategy that drives conversions and capitalizes on your marketing investments.

Steven Tindle
by Steven Tindle

Steven is a marketing copywriter at Postclick on a mission to empower brands to build connections through authentic stories. When he isn’t using his craft to impact the future of conversion marketing, Steven enjoys following the stories in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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