How Personalized Conversion Journeys Helped Audien Achieve a 206.93% Lift in ROAS

How Personalized Conversion Journeys Helped Audien Achieve a 206.93% Lift in ROAS

Achieving successful digital marketing results is challenging—it becomes increasingly difficult to attain the outcomes you want when you don’t know where to start or have the right team to do it for you.

Postclick believes in supercharging digital advertising results without the need for increased headcounts or training. Our equation focuses on results that impact your bottom line and takes the focus away from meaningless clicks.

Because clicks don’t equal conversions. 

By focusing on conversions, brands can take back their share of the $870 billion wasted on direct response digital ad clicks that didn’t achieve meaningful consumer engagement and conversions.

Our cutting-edge technology creates, tests, optimizes, and personalizes your post-click experiences for you.

Our first-of-its-kind solution—the Advertising Conversion Cloud™—combines proprietary AI-powered technology with human expertise from our team of CRO, design, copywriting, and development experts to help brands achieve higher advertising conversions and ROAS.

How does our solution achieve this? Let’s find out by recounting how Postclick helped Audien achieve a considerable lift in ROAS by personalizing their conversion journeys and optimizing their post-click strategies. 

Let’s set the stage—who is Audien? 

Audien is a DTC healthcare technology brand that aims to make affordable and effective hearing aids available to anyone who needs them; they believe in “Hearing for everyone.”

Audien offers customers the hearing aids they need, delivered straight to their door—bypassing expensive audiologist appointments.

Audien offer

Audien’s digital advertising needs 

As a health care startup, Audien understood the need to increase brand awareness and establish credibility. The typical way to accomplish this in their industry was to get doctors to review and recommend the product.

Unfortunately, this wasn’t a viable option for Audien, as most doctors were already singing their competitors’ praises. Plus, being the scrappy newbie, they wanted to try something different.

Direct-to-patient advertising became a core part of their marketing strategies. Because they were a small team, they could practice a flexible and agile approach. However, the method came with a set of challenges. 

They faced several obstacles in optimizing, experimenting, and scaling landing page creation. They sought to improve the quality of their landing pages to build credibility, but because they didn’t have access to a team of designers to lead this task, they had to drive all ad campaign traffic to their homepage.

Audien knew they needed to seek external tools to overcome their lack of staffing. They saw Postclick as an opportunity to scale their personalization abilities and inject much-needed CRO expertise into their post-click strategies. 

How Postclick empowered Audien to surpass conversion goals 

When Audien first reached out to Postclick, our conversion experts conducted a complimentary analysis of Audien’s current campaigns to assess opportunities for improvement.

Audien saw the value in Postclick’s plan to diversify the post-click experiences of their paid traffic and were excited about Postclick’s ability to help them craft more personalized conversion journeys.

And Postclick did precisely that.

Our first initiative involved deploying a revamped landing page to run as a part of the company’s current campaigns. 

Their ad traffic no longer led visitors to a cluttered generic homepage but to a new general-purpose landing page meant to improve their product’s conversion-focused value propositions. 

This optimized strategy alone resulted in an immediate jump in conversion rates. In only two weeks, this revamped landing page outperformed their homepage with a 14.94% lift in conversion.

After initial wins in experimentation, Audien trusted Postclick with expanded efforts in personalization and segmentation. 

Working with Audien to understand their consumer base, Postclick crafted unique landing pages focused on the needs of Audien’s different audience segments. 

  • The Expert team personalized the first landing page to highlight their products’ affordability value proposition. When tested against their original homepage, the more personalized page produced a 15.04% difference in conversion rate. 
Audien personalized experience
  • The next personalized variation is aimed at their products’ emotional value to customers. The landing page copy featured heart-touching messaging urging visitors to try Audien “to never miss a life moment with perfect hearing.” The new variation outperformed the original landing page, with a 175% difference in conversion success.

Each new segmented, personalized, and optimized post-click experience Postclick created took Audien’s customer journeys to the next level. 

Moreover, Postclick’s platform enabled the company to run split testing among all their new variations to dynamically target the highest-performing pages for each customer. 

The results: In only 56 days, Postclick exceeded Audien’s expectations of a 10% lift and achieved a 19.47% lift in landing page conversion rate. 

Within two months, Postclick’s relationship with Audien yielded the following results. 

Results with postclick

With the outcomes of initial testing, Audien now plans to invest deeper into their personalization goals. They see opportunities to use their learnings and insights from personalized testing to revamp their existing post-click experiences. 

Audien CMO Zach Hubbard understands Postclick has provided them with the tools to take a more granular approach to increase advertising conversions and ROAS. 

“Now that we have the different [landing pages], we can get intense with our strategies and be thinking about ‘what audience should we be using here?’ Let’s tie the messaging of the creative asset, the copy, the headline—all of that into the landing page.”

Deploying these new pages at scale will allow them to be more responsive to user behavior in the future. Audien continues to test the Postclick platform’s capabilities as they move forward with new product rollouts. 

What can Postclick do for you? 

At the core of the Postclick solution is the Advertising Conversion Cloud™. Our platform enables marketers to surpass their conversion goals, regardless of industry, objective, or audience. The platform’s technology and team enables brands to keep up with industry benchmarks, rising trends, and consumer experiences. 

Is your brand getting meaningless clicks? Let us help.

We will conduct a complimentary conversion health analysis to determine the results the Advertising Conversion Cloud can achieve for your digital campaigns. Our team is ready to hit the ground running—let’s work together to put your business at the forefront of digital advertising innovation. Request your free conversion analysis here.

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by Fahad Muhammad

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