How Postclick Can Help Performance Agencies Achieve Success

How Postclick Can Help Performance Agencies Achieve Success

Achieving better digital advertising results is a group effort. Many companies have rockstar marketing teams who work hard to attract customers and drive revenue for their business. But even the most successful marketers need a helping hand—after all, most companies are built around their services or products, not their internal marketing. 

That’s why marketers turn to external experts to help them improve their marketing campaigns. Most often, this expertise comes from performance  agencies with dedicated teams that specialize in a specific vertical or objective—like brand development or video production. 

Unfortunately, many marketers struggle to see consistent efficiency gains from performance agencies, despite the high cost of pre-click campaigns. This doesn’t mean that performance agencies are wasteful or unnecessary—on the contrary, partnerships can be essential for achieving a better return on ad spend (ROAS). 

The key is to maximize the value of performance agency partnerships by extending your brand’s creativity beyond the click. Combining performance efforts with dedicated, relevant landing pages can even lower campaign costs like cost-per-click (CPC) and cost-per-thousand (CPM). This approach has been proven to improve ROAS—meaning that performance agencies achieve results—with happier clients.

Let’s get into it.

Why performance agencies aren’t an all-in-one solution

Performance agencies typically have a limited, but critical, set of responsibilities: 

  • Create and deliver ads across search, display, and social media platforms, such as Facebook and Google
  • Develop or promote brand identity through engaging copy and visual design
  • Drive increased click-through rates (CTRs)

But performance agencies fall short in a few areas. Agencies have multiple clients, which means they often require more lead time to deliver than an internal team. Agencies tend to hyperfocus on their specific areas of expertise, leaving the overall strategy up to their clients to decide and implement. This disconnect leads to a dramatic imbalance in the customer journey. The pre-click side of the funnel is highly targeted, with polished and well-designed ads. However, focusing exclusively on CTRs doesn’t necessarily translate to improved revenue. Why? The post-click side of the funnel—such as the landing pages that these ads lead to—falls flat. The thoughtful, expensive ad directs visitors to pages that fail to close the deal.

This issue can leave marketers scratching their heads. If CTRs are high, and you’re paying for all this ad traffic, why aren’t you seeing more conversions, more purchases, more revenue? Some marketers turn the blame on their agency partners, claiming that they’ve failed to attract the right customers. But the problem is often a lack of follow-through in the post-click stage rather than inaccurate ad targeting.

Conversion-focused landing pages tend to fall outside an agency’s area of expertise, which is why targeted ads point to irrelevant landing pages, damaging conversion rates. For marketers who are running multiple campaigns with specific audience segments, the lift to create audience-specific landing pages is too much to ask. Without an easy answer, marketers are stuck paying out the nose for traffic that doesn’t convert.

But there’s a solution. Marketers need to to create multiple landing pages that tie directly to the highly engaging, targeted ad campaigns created by their performance agency partners. That’s where Postclick comes in.

How do agencies benefit when their clients partner with Postclick?

We created Postclick to bridge the conversion gap in the post-click stage of the digital advertising funnel. Postclick isn’t an agency—it’s a combination of technology and human insight dedicated to perpetual optimization, not short-term deliverables.

Like an agency, Postclick brings specialized talent and expertise to marketers’ campaigns to improve results and bring in more business. Unlike agencies, Postclick is equipped with state-of-the-art AI and machine learning technology that enables marketers to automate the landing page creation process and continually optimize a near-infinite number of pages over time. 

Postclick’s Advertising Conversion CloudTM platform makes it possible to increase the ad-to-page relevancy of marketers’ digital advertising campaigns. Google and Facebook reward higher ad-to-page relevancy with higher Quality Scores and Conversion Rate Rankings, which lower CPC and CPM. Not only are you paying less per campaign, but you’re also getting improved ad placement. In other words, increased relevancy makes the work of performance agencies much more effective.  

That’s not all. Postclick allows marketers to achieve an improved economies of scale, leading to better results. Highly efficient campaigns result in a lower cost-per-ad (CPA) for your campaigns. With more budget to spend, clients have the ability to grow and scale their advertising spend. This scaling power allows marketing teams to run a greater number of campaigns targeting specific audiences—meaning more commissions for performance agency partners. 

Performance agencies see many benefits when their clients partner with Postclick. Agency campaigns are more effective for their clients, earn more conversions (and usually revenue), and earn more money through commissions. It’s a win-win for everyone involved. Postclick also reduces effort for agency partners, since they can now rest easy knowing that the post-click side of their campaigns are in good hands. 

But how can our platform reach this level of increased relevance? 

Postclick improves the customer journey in two primary ways:

Automated page creation. Postclick’s Advertising Conversion CloudTM platform creates landing pages at scale using modular content blocks and predictive analytics. With this system, marketers can easily connect targeted ads to landing pages that continue the ad’s narrative and visuals.

Continuous global optimization. Postclick landing pages undergo continuous experimentation via a Multi-Armed Bandit algorithm that continually tests landing page variants so pages are constantly improving. The system keeps learning from test results across every page, and every client, so your pages benefit from platform-wide insights.

Ultimately, personalizing your entire customer journey is the only sustainable path to better ad results.

Receive a free conversion analysis

Partnering with Postclick doesn’t make performance agencies obsolete. On the contrary, it allows paid media specialists to focus on what they do best, confident that sterling post-click personalization is backing up their efforts. 

Want to learn how Postclick can make your partnerships more valuable?  Connect with us for a free conversion analysis on your landing pages,  including a live page review, an audit of your ad campaigns, page performance and speed insights, and a competitive benchmarking report. Request your free conversion analysis here.

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