Four Ways Marketers Can Avoid Burnout

Four Ways Marketers Can Avoid Burnout

The last three years have been extraordinarily challenging for many people across the world since people have had to make sacrifices and adjust to a remote-first world. It hasn’t been easy, and marketers aren’t immune to the challenges of remote work. According to Forbes, 83% of marketing professionals have reported feeling burned out at work. While we face these challenges, marketing leaders must take action and support their teammates’ ability to live balanced and healthy lives.

As a MarTech company, the teams at Postclick have firsthand experience of the pressures that come with meeting high standards for our fast-moving workflows. That’s why we’ve implemented policies and practices to support our global team’s health and well-being. In observation of Mental Health Awareness Month, we’ll share four strategies that can help marketers improve their daily mental health.

Manage your work-life balance

Marketers know there’s always another campaign deadline to meet, another strategy to ideate, another audience to analyze. It can seem like the workday doesn’t stop until you close your eyes at night. But time away from work is crucial to maintaining a healthy perspective. 

Too many companies maintain cultures that implicitly discourage their employees from taking time off work. Some businesses even offer “unlimited PTO,” which runs the risk of exploiting social pressure so employees never feel comfortable taking a day to themselves, or worse, refuse time off to demonstrate that they’re “go-getters.” 

In this kind of environment, some employees will avoid taking PTO during periods with higher-than-usual workloads. Some even feel pressured to work while feeling unwell to keep up appearances. According to Lifeworks Mental Health Index, two in five employees reported coming into work when feeling unwell, resulting in lower productivity and an unhappy team. In many cases, employees take PTO, but still spend a portion of their day working or checking emails to avoid falling behind. All these practices can result in employee burnout, and a burned-out team is bad for everyone. According to Deloitte, 91% of employees say high-stress levels adversely affect their work quality.

Postclick strives to ensure every employee has time to rest, recharge, and take care of their responsibilities outside work. That’s why we’ve implemented company-wide mental health days once per month. On these scheduled Fridays, the entire company has the shared expectation that people will use the time for themselves, without the need to keep checking Slack, logging in to Hubspot, or calling into critical meetings. 

Postclickers typically use mental health days for activities like:

  • Spend quality time with family
  • Run critical errands and catch up on outside-of-work responsibilities 
  • Get out of town for a long weekend away
  • Go for a hike or have a picnic in the park
  • Veg out with Netflix or a good book
  • Anything else that brings fulfillment and joy

No matter what specialization you’re in, marketing requires a significant amount of creativity and ingenuity. If you aren’t making time to reset and recharge, you may feel like you’re hitting a creative wall. Want to get inspired by what our team is doing? Head to our social media channels to see what folks are up to this month.

Bring your authentic self to work

As marketers, we often talk about the power of authenticity in campaigns. But are you bringing your authentic self to work? If you aren’t, it could be impacting your creativity and ability to truly thrive.

We give our teammates the opportunity to elevate their voices and share their opinions. We host anonymous review cycles and employee surveys to gauge engagement and identify the most critical opportunities for improvement. These surveys enable us to take immediate action to address and mitigate issues that employees face. In any collaborative endeavor (and especially in marketing), it’s crucial to hear all voices and consider every perspective.

For example, responding to the feedback that Postclickers were spending too much time in meetings, we implemented “no-meeting Fridays.” Meeting-heavy weeks can lead to a backlog of work, which increases stress. With this new approach, we encourage teammates not to schedule meetings at the end of the week, instead of relying on asynchronous meeting tools like Loom videos to provide feedback and direction. This change gives people the opportunity to reflect on their week, complete check-ins, and spend time doing thoughtful work that requires high levels of focus. No-meeting Fridays allow teammates to go into the weekend feeling refreshed and prepared.

Marketing requires us to enter into public discourse and make company-wide decisions and reflections on many global issues. But does your work allow you to live the values you’re writing about?

Balancing physical and mental health

Maintaining physical wellness is one of the best ways to achieve mental wellness. But packed schedules and hectic lives don’t allow much time for regular exercise. That’s why Postclick is launching initiatives in support of Postclickers’ physical and mental health.

Our team is kicking off monthly yoga sessions during the workday to help our teammates stretch their bodies as much as they exercise their minds. We will share these sessions over Zoom, so all members of our global team can participate. They are also inclusive of those with limited mobility, giving everyone a chance to take a brain break and have a moment to themselves.

Beyond company-sponsored opportunities to get their bodies moving, Postclickers support each other with clubs and activities dedicated to physical wellness. These include our #postclicksoccer, #physical-activities, and #ping-pong channels on Slack, where people share their successes and encourage each other to stay active. And, because we are a remote-first company, our teammates have opportunities to take walks, do some stretching, and find other ways to break up the workday with physical activity.

Supporting teammates’ professional development

Too often, hardworking employees find themselves with little time to plan or grow their careers. At Postclick, we want to empower every team member to strive for and achieve their professional aspirations. We’ve implemented several strategies to help Postclickers build the career they want.

Postclick offers a professional development stipend to all employees to help them grow in their careers. Team members can use this stipend to attend continuing education courses, travel to conferences, purchase books or educational materials, explore subjects outside their immediate roles, or any other activities that help them grow as individuals as well as professionals.

In May 2022, Postclick funded and invested in a week of professional development classes. We encouraged Postclickers to take time out from their day to attend these sessions and come away with actionable strategies to build healthy habits. These workshops included topics such as “Prioritizing Mental Health in the Workplace,” “Boost Psychological Safety in the Hybrid Workplace,” and “Getting Out of the Way: 5 Lessons in Leadership.” With these lessons under their belts, Postclickers could return to work with skills to take on new challenges and thrive. We hope to schedule more of these workshops in the future.

Postclick’s commitment to a happy and healthy workplace

We hope the methodologies outlined in this blog inspire marketers to combat the stigma around mental health and work to improve their employees’ well-being. 

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Michael Egan
by Michael Egan

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