4 Landing Page Examples to Inspire You in 2022

4 Landing Page Examples to Inspire You in 2022

Every landing page you create needs to capture visitor attention, engage them, and persuade them to click the CTA button—this makes coming up with fresh ideas for landing page designs challenging.

We’re here to help.

Featured in the post are landing page examples designed to get you conversions. We’ll also cover use cases and tips for landing pages to give you a new perspective on this essential marketing tool.  

Why you need landing pages

The primary reason to launch a landing page is to convert leads into customers.

Typically, landing pages have a specific, short-term goal. You might use yours to sell a product or service, get more subscribers for your newsletter, or convince people to sign up for a free trial.

When you set up your landing page correctly, you’ll get plenty of data-driven insights about what makes your campaigns successful—more importantly, what makes your customers tick.

Landing pages also play nicely with virtually every digital marketing channel. You can use them in paid search, email marketing, social media ads, and more. 

10 use cases for landing pages

Landing pages can be used throughout your customer journey.

Utilize the pages to get visitors to fulfill conversion actions  such as: signing up for marketing emails, downloading a whitepaper, and requesting a product demo.

Here are a few use cases for landing pages in your overall marketing strategy:

  1. Product or service pitch
  2. Deal or discount
  3. Newsletter/email sign-up
  4. App download
  5. Free trial sign-up
  6. Demo request
  7. Conference, event, or webinar registration
  8. Ebook, whitepaper, or resource download
  9. Product notification sign-up
  10. Customer feedback survey

This list is not exhaustive. You can create landing pages to help you meet nearly any goal throughout your marketing and sales campaigns. 

4 outstanding landing page examples

Let’s take a look at some real-life landing page examples to showcase what makes landing pages effective.

1. Quetext

Quetext is an online plagiarism checker.

Quetext landing page example

The clear, keyword-optimized headline, instantly tells visitors what the page is about. 

When visitors land on your page after a Google search, they want reassurance that they’ve arrived where they’ve expected. Your headline is their first clue that they’re in the right place.

If your headline is too vague, you can expect to see a higher bounce rate on your landing page.

A well-optimized headline also helps you tell search engines like Google what your page is about.

The body copy adds more context for visitors and search engines to understand what to expect.

Here’s a quick view of what we love about this landing page:

  • Straightforward, SEO-optimized headline
  • Concise subheader copy
  • Clean, simple layout and design
  • Eye-catching brand color

2. The Home Loan Expert

The Home Loan Expert is a mortgage site that helps users find the best deals for buying their dream home.

 The landing page uses CTAs and images to make the offer stand out. 

home loan expert landing page example
Home loan expert benefits

From here, it’s easy to navigate to look for information about securing a loan in different states.

The Home Loan Expert landing page provides visitors enough context, background, and information to make the platform a credible choice thanks to articles and reviews like this post about how to get a home loan in Missouri. By providing free resources for their visitors, they are positioning themselves as the go-to resource for finding the best home loans.

Here’s a quick list of what we like about this landing page:

  • Green and blue buttons make the calls to action stand out
  • Visitors can quickly navigate to reviews for similar products
  • Charts and images make information easier to digest
  • Landing page copy is highly tailored to the niche audience

3. Ultimate Meal Plans

Like our other examples, this landing page from Ultimate Meal Plans starts with a headline that immediately grabs your attention: “Keto Meal Plans & meal planning app.”

Ultimiate meat plans landing page example

This headline not only captures some crucial SEO terms, but it also gets visitors to engage with the page from the get-go.

From here, UMP’s landing page serves as a central hub on the topic of keto meal planning. Visitors can scroll down to learn more about how keto meal planning works, different recipes, and the various meal plans they offer. There’s also a portion dedicated to other meal plans.

Because the landing page features distinct sections for different types of information it’s presenting, visitors can readily skim the page to find what they’re looking for.

The landing page design is paramount here — you’ll need to use color, white space, and images effectively to guide users through your page.

When gathering conversion data, this landing page style will only work if you have a single conversion goal. In this example, it’s trying their meal planner app.

But if there was one CTA for a free trial and one for downloading a resource, you couldn’t tell what parts of your landing page are impacting which goal.

Here’s what we like about this landing page example: 

  • Specific headline and optimized copy
  • One type of CTA throughout the page
  • Layout of the top menu makes it easy to skim

4. Affinda

The Affinda page is the perfect example of how to show, not tell, your potential customers what you can do.

 Above the fold, the page features a simple black-and-white design.  The headline and subheadline explain why you should “learn more” about Affinda.  

affinda landing page example

Below the fold the page has customer logos to establish credibility and convince visitors to click the CTA button. 


While the landing page copy hints at the services Affinda offers, the plethora of icons and social proofs are the most convincing aspect. 

affinda benefits

The takeaway? Find the best way to highlight what makes your company’s products and services stand out. If you offer creative work, show it! If you offer software, make sure all your tech runs smoothly.

2 key tips for the most effective landing pages

Track specific KPIs

Because landing pages aim to help your business reach one short-term goal, it’s essential to track the most relevant KPIs for that target.

Think about it this way: If your entire business only tracks the number of sales and total profit, how will you know what’s working and what’s not?

The more specific you can get, the better you can optimize your strategy. And a well-optimized strategy leads to improved outcomes across the board. Of course, high-level KPIs are valuable too, but they won’t help you drill down into what’s going on with each landing page.

To choose the right KPIs, first identify your landing page’s primary goal. Do you want visitors to fill out a form, make a purchase, or take some other kind of action? You can typically set these actions as conversions or goals in Google Analytics or other analytic tools.

You can also consider metrics like bounce rate or time on page to measure the effectiveness of your landing page. 

Test your landing pages

With great data comes great opportunities for split testing.

Split testing, or A/B testing, is an optimization approach in which you compare the performance of two versions of a landing page. Typically, you’ll change one factor for each split test and see how that changes your conversion rate and other KPIs.

Here are a few landing page elements you can test:

  • Button color
  • CTA text
  • Headline copy
  • Form length
  • Personalization

By testing one variable at a time, you can determine its precise impact on your landing page performance. If you change two or more aspects at once, you likely won’t be able to accurately identify the source of your data changes. 

You can also use the MAB (multi-armed bandit) testing methodology to dynamically scale traffic to winning variations, with low-conversion-rate variations being replaced by new variations throughout the process. 

Winning variations continue to be updated based on real-time data and ongoing experimentation.

Many marketing automation platforms include tools to help you split test your landing pages. They’ll help you identify your landing page goals, choose the right KPIs, and set the parameters for your test. Then, you can view and analyze the data and make further changes to your landing page strategy on the same platform.

Get started on your next landing page

Landing pages help you convert more customers at every stage of the sales funnel. Offer ebook downloads and other free resources to brand-new prospects, or entice those close to the buying stage with a free trial.

By developing a landing page that meets your visitors’ specific intents, you can convert more customers. And when you carefully track those conversions and other data, you’ll find more insights than you ever knew you needed to help you optimize your landing pages even further.

Jeremy Moser
by Jeremy Moser

Jeremy is Chief Marketing Officer at Wordable, a tool that helps you instantly export content from Google Docs to your CMS, formatting and all. He’s also a growth consultant at Codeless, a premium content marketing agency that works with the biggest brands on the internet. Just recently, he co-founded a new venture, uSERP, where he helps brands grow through digital PR and custom outreach. His expertise is consistently featured in Search Engine Journal, Entrepreneur, Foundr Magazine, and many more.

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