14 Landing Page Design Tips to Boost Conversions

14 Landing Page Design Tips to Boost Conversions

Optimizing landing pages is essential for any kind of business. Even tiny design tweaks can make an enormous difference in your conversions. 

It is important to remember that you shouldn’t choose design elements solely based on their aesthetic value. Everything you add to the page needs to have a shared purpose—increasing conversions.

In this guide, we’ll uncover some of the most critical design trends and tips for landing pages.

Follow these strategies to boost your conversions with each landing page you publish.

Why you need a landing page

Landing pages are unlike any other page on your wbeiste. They are created for one speciifc purpose—to get conversions. They don’t have navigation or feature more than one offer.

Typical Landing pages are typically used to generate leads, promote a specific product or service, book demos, or gain attendees for a virtual event.

Whatever, the offer may be—all businesses need landing pages.

14 landing page design hacks to increase conversions

Building a high-performing landing page requires a few critical strategies and design elements. Here are 15 essential considerations to help you increase conversions. 

1. Have a clear goal

Before you start designing your landing page, define its purpose. Every landing page should only focus on a single goal.

If there are too many options and distractions, it will be challenging to get your visitors to perform the action you want them to take.

So, start by defining one coherent purpose goal and design the entire landing page around this.

The NYSC landing page focuses on one goal— to get visitors to enter the contest. No other distractions, no exit routes.

Landing page clear goal example

2. Remove external links

To encourage visitors to take the desired action, remove any distractions that might cause them to navigate away from the landing page. Your page shouldn’t have a  navigation menu, footer links, or any other internal or external links. The only path they should be able to navigate from the landing page is through your call to action.

With fewer distractions and opportunities for your visitors to bounce, your landing page can increase conversions.

The Sully Innovations page is dedicated to getting visitors to enter the giveaway—this is where clicking the CTA button takes them.

Outbound link example

3. Include a compelling CTA

To convince users to take the desired action, build your landing page around an unmistakable CTA. Your CTA determines the outcome of your landing page’s goal, so keep it straightforward and actionable. Try to include specific benefits in this text wherever possible. For example, a CTA like “Get my free guide” is personalized and a better option than “Download now.”

4. Make sure it’s mobile-friendly

More than half of all web traffic comes from mobile devices, with 61% of consumers being more likely to purchase from mobile-friendly sites. This means most of your landing page traffic will probably come from mobile devices, so you need to optimize for mobile.

 Make your landing page fully responsive on any type of screen. You should also have the option to preview what the page would look like on different screens. 

Along with being responsive, your pages should also be mobile optimized—all page elements should be relevant to the mobile experience.

5. Focus on writing a powerful headline

Your landing page’s headline does a lot of heavy lifting in attracting visitors’ attention and convincing them to keep reading.

Keep your headline short, snappy, and to the point. Make your purpose unmistakable, and try to include user benefits in the headline.

The user shouldn’t have to spend ages reading through your landing page to understand why it exists. Instead, your headline should immediately inspire them to take the action your landing page offers.

The Mailchimp headline evokes emotion while inspiring the reader—it talks about being yourself and making an impact with your business.

Powerful headline example

6. Keep your copy short and punchy

An excellent landing page should be quick and easy to digest. Never write long walls of copy. Instead, keep your copy short and to the point.

Focus on one key point, and spread that message across your landing page. If you need to include a few points, add them in a simple bulleted list.

The more you can simplify your landing page, the better. 

7. Focus on benefits

When writing landing page copy it’s best to highlight benefits over features. 

For example, instead of saying “We offer email marketing software,” you could say “Save time with our email marketing software.” Highlighting your offer’s primary benefit gives the user more incentive to click the CTA. 

8. Use the right colors

The colors you choose for your landing page can significantly impact your conversion rate. Instead of picking colors at random, understand the meaning and psychological effect they convey.

For example, blue is an indicator of trust, while green often creates a sense of freshness.

Understand your brand and what kind of emotions and feelings you want to portray, then choose colors to match.

Of course, also choose complementary color palettes that harmonize well. To ensure your chosen colors blend in well with branding elements such as your logo, fonts, and images, use your brand’s color palette. 

9. Add maximum value above the fold

When designing a landing page, you want to immediately add as much value as possible. A best practice is to include everything you need the visitor to know above the fold.

Without enough compelling content, there’s a good chance visitors won’t be interested enough to keep going.

10. Make your CTA stand out

We’ve already established that you need to craft a highly persuasive CTA, but you also need to make it pop.

Remember, the whole aim of your landing page is to get visitors to click on your CTA. For this reason, make your CTA bright, bold, and colorful. It should be the first thing a visitor sees when they read your page, and it should compel them to take the next step.

11. Incorporate video into your landing page

One of the best ways to improve engagement and boost conversions is to add a video to your landing page. Videos are incredibly engaging, and they can condense a lot of information into an easily digestible format.

If your product or service requires extra explanation, video is an ideal way to include this without having to overcrowd your landing page with long walls of text.

12. Consider adding social share buttons

If your page offers valuable content, your visitors may want to share it with their circles. Since this could help you compound your traffic and conversions, savvy landing page designers use this tactic.

Depending on your content, you could add buttons for people to share it on Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and more. Consider putting a social share button on your blog posts and other resources to get people talking about your brand on social platforms. 

Yes, you want to avoid using navigation links on your landing page, but strategically adding social share buttons can be a great idea in certain situations.

13. Add reviews and testimonials

One of the best ways to build trust is to include reviews and testimonials on your landing page. If a user is on the fence about clicking your CTA, a positive review often provides the encouragement they need.

Social proof is a powerful marketing tactic, and testimonials are one of the best ways to include this. Whether it’s a star rating, a trust badge, a customer testimonial, or a screenshot of a review, these signs of social proof will go a long way.

14. Keep landing page forms short

If you include a form on your landing page, the best way to increase conversions is to minimize the required fields. The fewer details a visitor has to input, the more likely they will be to fill out the form.

Only include the essential elements you need to capture. Often, a name and email address are enough. Of course, this depends on your business and the goal of the landing page. 

Master Landing Page Design

There’s a lot to think about when designing a landing page. By following these design tips, you can create optimized pages that net more conversions and sales.

Just a few strategic and simple tweaks can overhaul your landing pages’ performance and lead to an increased ROAS.

Tom Kotze
by Tom Kotze

Tom is a marketing content writer at Wishpond - the all-in-one marketing platform. Tom writes about the latest marketing trends, eCommerce, and entrepreneur stories.

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