Why Message Match Is Not Enough for Personalized Advertising

Why Message Match Is Not Enough for Personalized Advertising

Message match is a valuable tactic for advertisers. When a post-click page matches its referring ad, it enhances brand trust and campaign relevance. 

But for customers, it’s not enough. For a campaign to reach maximum relevance, it must be tailored to an audience of one. Your pages have to be segmented to provide 1:1 personalization. 

The problem is, many advertisers think they’re personalizing effectively, but they’re only using applying message match. When advertising budget is on the line and campaigns are scaled, it can be a costly misunderstanding. 

Why advertising message match is not sufficient personalization 

The concept of message match can be confusing. Brands know they must use the same copy, design, message, on their landing page that they do in their ad. But some consider this to provide sufficient relevance. It’s not. Online users expect at least that much.

message match example offer to page

For example, imagine you’re hosting a marketing conference in southern California, and one of your segments is CMOs from San Francisco. Your ad specifically references CMOs, and it contains an image of the Golden Gate Bridge. The landing page matches it. Is this personalization? 

No. In this case, you’re providing message match. You’re designing your ad and landing page with your audience in mind, but you’re not personalizing. 

Go beyond message match and create a narrative

Real personalization goes deeper than a headline addressing California CMOs across a photo of the Golden Gate Bridge. Real personalization is about taking behavior, intent, and niche interest into account, along with other motivators that move the needle. Doing this, you create a narrative for each user.

Someone marketing a conference to CMOs in San Francisco might highlight challenges specific to CMOs in the region and events at the conference that might help them overcome those challenges. 

Also, since this segment would need to travel to the event, travel packages would be relevant to the audience too. So would discounts on group tickets, since CMOs are decision-makers that could bring an entire team. 

Anything that can be quickly substituted on a page through a feature like dynamic keyword insertion (DKI) is no more than vanity personalization. It’s like inserting a subscriber’s first name in an email subject line. There’s a better way to personalize. 

How Postclick applies more meaningful personalization

Postclick enables advertisers to personalize elements that their audiences find valuable. 

With automated content management, the Postclick team can create and edit hundreds of content blocks in moments. This extends far beyond the simple substitutions made by DKI, and it ensures that the actual substance of each page’s content is relevant to the viewer. 

To take full advantage of content scaling, Postclick also allows for the development of personalized profiles for each visitor. These profiles take shape across interactions between your brand and the visitor, and they enable the Postclick team to create a cohesive campaign experience by matching post-click personalization and pre-click targeting parameters:


As these profiles develop through machine learning, Postclick technology will leverage them to go a step further than personalization. It will dynamically optimize your pages to show visitors the content and layout that is most likely to result in a conversion. What’s more, this personalization is all enabled on the server-side. For the visitor, that translates to quick-loading, relevant content. For you, it translates to better advertising conversion.

Go beyond message match

To get maximum results, you need maximum relevance. And you can’t get that with message match alone. You need deeper personalization that’s meaningful to the visitor. Find out what Postclick could do for your personalization efforts.

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