See the Difference: Message-Matched vs. Non-Matched Examples

See the Difference: Message-Matched vs. Non-Matched Examples

We’ve all been misled online before: You click an ad, expect the resulting page to deliver on the ad’s promise, but don’t get what you anticipated. Frustrated and disappointed with such experiences, 61% of online users wish more companies would prioritize personalization. 

To maximize your digital advertising return, you must provide value to the user, personalize their experience, and ensure your ad’s promise is delivered on the post-click landing page. After all, that’s where the conversions happen.

Let’s look at how brands from a few industries continue their ad’s narrative (or fail to), beginning with examples that don’t match their ad’s message.

Non-message-matched examples

Industry: DTC/ecommerce

Example: Paid search ad to homepage

Honest non message matched ecommerce
Honest homepage
  • One ad headline vs. multiple homepage headlines (none that match the ad headline)
  • Header and footer navigations demonstrate a browsing experience
  • Links to other Honest web pages increase the chance the visitor bounces

Industry: Higher education 

Example: Facebook in-feed ad to web page 

Facebook sponsored content
Florida state university landing page
  • The ad image isn’t on the corresponding page
  • Colors/aesthetics don’t match
  • Although the headlines are similar, the COVID-19 update distracts visitors from the page headline
  • Header, footer, and other navigation links increase the bounce rate

Industry: FinTech

Example: LinkedIn promoted ad to product page

Three insurance promoted content
Three insurance homepage
  • Different headlines on the ad and page
  • The post-click page doesn’t have the ad image
  • A full header and footer provide a non-personalized experience
  • External links throughout the page distract the user from conversion
  • Competing CTA buttons confuse visitors and decrease conversions

Message-matched examples

Industry: DTC/ecommerce

Example: LinkedIn promoted ad to post-click experience

Equinox linkedIn promoted content
Equinox landing page
  • Similar images (same building and equipment shown)
  • “Exclusive” rates/offer story told in both assets
  • The ad and page both mention personal training, unlimited classes, ultra-luxe amenities

Industry: Higher education

Example: Paid search ad to post-click experience

Boise state university paid search
Boise state university landing page
  • The “online MBA” of the ad headline matches the page headline
  • “12-month completion” is mentioned in the “why” section of the page
  • “Design your future” is highlighted in both places
  • Only one offer and conversion goal across the ad and post-click page

Example: Facebook in-feed image ad to post-click experience

UMD Facebook in-feed sponsored content
UMD landing page
  • Matching images from ad to page
  • Same color scheme and headlines
  • “MS in Business Analytics,” “100% online,” and “AACSB accredited” are highlighted in the ad and page copy

Industry: Fintech

Example: Display ad to post-click experience

Merrill display example
Merrill landing page
  • Matching colors and type font in both locations
  • Same CTA button and conversion goal throughout the entire campaign
  • “Merrill Guided Investing” highlighted on the ad and page
  • Similar mobile app images

Example: Facebook in-feed image ad to post-click experience

Chime facebook sponsored content
Chime post-click experience
  • The ‘no overdraft fee’ narrative is told on the ad and post-click page
  • Similar images of the Chime card and mobile app are found in both locations
  • The ad checklist matches the page sections
  • One conversion goal across the ad and page

Industry: Legal

Example: Facebook in-feed video ad to post-click experience with squeeze page

Legal facebook sponsored content
Legal landing page example
Legal post-click experience
  • Video copy matches squeeze page copy
  • Ad description copy is identical to page headline and subhead
  • Images from ad video found throughout the post-click page
  • Matching color scheme across both locations
  • “Over 500,000 clients” highlighted on the ad and page

Message-match and personalize all your campaigns

Message-match consistency between your ads and post-click experiences is only the beginning of providing a relevant experience that boosts advertising conversions. Personalized post-click experiences are just as important for providing prospects what they deserve and getting the most ROAS from your campaigns.

We would like to offer you a complimentary analysis of your ad campaigns. We will review your campaigns to analyze your post-click health, compare your site against industry and competitive benchmarks, and identify the most effective opportunities to increase your ROAS. Our team will share insights on how we can increase your conversion rates, in addition to a comprehensive competitive analysis. Request your analysis here.

Stephanie Mialki
by Stephanie Mialki

Stephanie Mialki is a Content Writer for Postclick. She is a graduate of St. Bonaventure University with a Bachelor’s degree in Journalism and Mass Communication.

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