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Building a Post-Click Budget: What Are More Conversions Worth?

Building a Post-Click Budget: What Are More Conversions Worth?

When it comes to your ad spend, efficiency is the name of the game. Advertisers have limited budgets allocated to fund their programs, and an ad campaign that doesn’t drive conversions can lead to huge amounts of waste. You have to be sure that every dollar is working towards converting customers, focusing your efforts to do more with less. 

Some marketers simply pour more money into their ad campaigns, hoping to buy their way to higher conversions. Instead of focusing time and money exclusively on their funnel’s pre-click stage, they should focus on making their entire funnel more efficient. In order to tune your ROAS engine, you’ll need to fix the part where conversions actually happen: the post-click stage.

Advertisers are leaving money on the table

Advertising budgets generally seek to drive the maximum amount of revenue with the minimum amount of campaign cost. In other words, ad budgets seek to achieve a strong return on ad spend (ROAS). 

The key is ad-to-page relevancy. Typically, when your personalization efforts are consistent and relevant, you’ll see a corresponding increase in ROAS. This is because relevance impacts ROAS on both sides of the equation: campaign cost and total revenue. 

Advertisers try to achieve relevance by using the tools at their disposal, like better targeting, improved ad copy and design, and increased ad spend. Pre-click personalization is an essential part of the ad funnel, but those carefully crafted narratives fall apart if they don’t continue past the ad click. 

That’s where the post-click stage comes in. Relevant post-click experiences are shown to drive higher conversion rates across the board. If your post-click experiences aren’t consistent with your ads’ messaging, targeting, and design, you’re much more likely to lose potential customers at the finish line.

Campaigns with high conversion rates drive more revenue towards your business from the same advertising spend. But the benefits go beyond new business. Ad-to-page relevance can also reduce costs for your campaigns. This is because of improved cost-per-click from better Quality Scores.

Advertising platforms like Google measure ad relevance using their Quality Score, which determines the cost-per-click for your ads. When your ad-to-page experiences are relevant and consistent, the Google Quality Scores for your ads improve and your cost-per-click will decrease.

By developing your funnel’s post-click stage, you can convert a higher percentage of your ad traffic while paying lower costs. The advantages are clear: Highly relevant campaigns drive revenue up and ad costs down. Advertisers who aren’t taking advantage of the ROAS benefits of improved ad-to-page relevance are leaving money on the table.

The ROAS benefits of post-click personalization

The best way to create more relevant advertising campaigns is to invest in personalization. By leveraging your ad targeting data and other personalization variables to customize both your ads and your post-click landing pages, you can craft an experience that is highly relevant to your target audience’s needs and desires.

It takes a lot of time and money to create landing pages for all combinations of campaigns, ad groups, and ads. And, without a trove of conversion insights pulled from millions of customer interactions, you won’t know which elements of your funnel are underperforming. Advertisers need a partner who can help them bridge the conversion gap in their ad campaigns.

Postclick is a tech-enabled service that is built to solve this problem. Postclick lets advertisers combine unparalleled conversion expertise with proprietary technology powered by machine learning, data science, and automation to create personalized landing page experiences for every visitor. 

Our team creates unique landing pages for each ad click that are further divided into personalized experiences based on visitor data and situation. Each ad is then matched with the right post-click experience to provide the best audience experience. With this solution, relevant post-click experiences can now keep pace with your advertising speed so you can start earning more from their ad budget.

Postclick significantly improves advertising efficiency

Companies that partner with Postclick have seen considerable improvements in their ROAS. 

For example, moving company Atlantic Relocation Systems (ARS) partnered with Postclick to help improve their ad-to-page relevance for their nationwide residential moving services. 

Postclick implemented personalized ad-to-page experiences for each region where ARS operates. ARS immediately began to see a boost in conversions that has steadily increased over time. Since partnering with Postclick, ARS has achieved a 198% increase in conversions.

“Postclick captured the look and feel of our online advertising but optimized it for higher conversions,” said Jon Schroeder, President of Atlantic Relocation Services. “In fact, they helped boost our conversion rate by more than 198%. This dramatically improved our advertising efficiency.” 

Read the whole story here.

Get your complimentary Post-click Self-Assessment

We want to help advertisers understand the ROAS benefits of post-click optimization. Our conversion experts have developed an easy way to assess your post-click performance with our Post-click Self-Assessment. 

This self-serve tool leverages your campaign data to evaluate your post-click performance across your entire Google Ads account and scores your best landing page to reveal your ad-to-page relevancy. You can use these post-click insights to achieve better conversion rates and improve your ROAS. 

You can complete the assessment in less than five minutes. Give it a try today. 

Put your budget where it counts

It’s time to optimize your ad budget. Implementing post-click personalization in your ad campaigns is the best way to drive higher conversion rates and reduce waste in your ad spend. However, it’s not the only way to improve your results. Visit our Post-click Self-Assessment tool for a free analysis to discover more opportunities to elevate your advertising performance.

Vinod Choudhary
by Vinod Choudhary

Vinod Choudhary is the Head of Product Marketing at Postclick, the world’s only Post-Click Automation platform. Vinod's mission is to help marketing leaders maximize and automate their advertising conversions.

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