Optimizing Audience Segments With Ease

Optimizing Audience Segments With Ease

At the center of the Advertising Conversion Cloud™ platform is audience segmentation. Every page, every journey, and every conversion connects to a precisely categorized micro-audience.

It may not seem like a significant benefit at first. But when you’re deep into personalized testing and refining your expanded audience segments, you begin to understand the need for a seamless audience management system.

The Advertising Conversion Cloud enhances personalization efficiencies through three vital features.

  • Seamlessly tracking and organizing audience segments
  • Providing an end-to-end visualization of every ad campaign and conversion journey
  • Dynamically defining and presenting the right story to the right customer

Whether you are regularly optimizing your audience segments or looking to start, this blog is here to show you the value of a machine-run system.

Content management 

The challenge with personalization is that when you’re doing it right, things can get overwhelming.

It takes a lot of investment to define unique audiences, segment them out based on personalized data, and build an experience for each. You don’t want to let all that research and manual effort go to waste with poor organization.

There are several pitfalls of poorly planned audience segmentation—and you might not realize them until it’s too late.

Optimizing Audience Segments
  • Losing sight of performance. Without a precise visualization of each audience’s performances, you can’t optimize your campaigns in future efforts.
  • Blocked growth. You need to track evolving behaviors with your audience. If you lose sight of which audience is responsible for which data, you’ll limit your ability to grow and progress with your audience.
  • Tunnel vision mistakes. Marketers can often develop tunnel vision when only optimizing for audiences performing well. This phenomenon happens during testing when you focus on pages that perform high but begin to forget the audiences you haven’t performed well with. Doing so creates “ghost segments” of audiences that might be valuable to a brand but have withered away due to neglect.

The Advertising Conversion Cloud solves for this through a dynamic management hub. This platform offers the following benefits:

  • Defines and categorizes each audience segment before your first page is even live
  • Attaches each connected campaign to its corresponding audience
  • Funnels all reporting data back through that audience segment, leaving no confusion about insights or performance

Ad mapping 

Page relevancy is a valuable measurement if you want to increase ROAS, Google Quality Scores, and improve conversions. To do that, you need to be able to visualize your audience’s ad-to-landing page journey.

Ad mapping is an essential ability to pull this off. If you can’t map out every customer journey from beginning to end, your limited strategies will restrict growth.

  • Limited ad-to-page alignment. Losing track of how your unique audiences arrive at your landing page limits your ability to craft fully aligned experiences.
  • Less impact on the ability to improve ROAS. Without optimizing the full experience, you lose control over how much you can impact factors like ad ranking, bidding strategy, and the aforementioned Quality Score.

The Advertising Conversion Cloud prepares marketers for this by offering complete control over every journey.

  • The platform uses an industry-first campaign-to-landing page technology to thoroughly optimize each audience’s unique conversion journey
  • The content management hub allows marketers to visualize campaigns, map each campaign to a precise micro-audience, connect ads to landing pages, and adjust each unique buyer’s journey with ease 

AI-enabled personalization

Once your personalization efforts begin hitting their stride, you should be actively expanding your audiences and refining your targeting. This is the goal, but unfortunately, this is also where unprepared marketing teams begin running into struggles.

If you don’t have the tools or resources to handle this at scale, you risk bottlenecking your team, preventing them from focusing on bigger-picture goals.

  • Too much manual effort. Managing your personalized strategies and audience at more comprehensive levels can leave your team juggling a lot of manual effort if you haven’t invested in a technical solution. 
  • Increased task management. Not only do the risks of the above-mentioned pitfalls increase, but now you have to increase your management capabilities to handle additional scale. 
  • Optimization at an increased scale. More audiences bring more optimization responsibilities. You have to increase landing page output, manage each journey to ensure the appropriate audience receives a fitting narrative, and focus your reporting efforts to ensure you can maintain optimization goals.

Our platform takes the manual strain out of the process by using advanced AI features to pair visitor intent to relevant post-click experiences at every level.

  • Machine learning intelligently identifies, builds, and recommends the right content structure for every audience’s conversion needs
  • The Block Recommendation system intelligently recommends layout variations for each audience based on the achieved experiment data
  • The platform tracks every insight and discovery to individually optimize every conversion journey
  • There’s no limit to page creation or experimentation, so you can maintain results as you grow without stressing from increased workloads
  • Our technology focuses on the essentials of good page experience, guaranteeing a fast and reliable post-click experience across all segments

Benefit from automated processes 

Within the Advertising Conversion Cloud, AI and automation provide a seamless experience that removes the traditional limits of manually run personalization strategies. Nothing is mismanaged and everything is where you need it when you need it. It puts complete control in the marketer’s hand, allowing them to focus on each segment as in-depth as every customer deserves without stressing additional management. 

Get a closer look at Postclick’s Advertising Conversion Cloud and see the advantages of:

  • A dynamic audience management system
  • Scalable page creation
  • Ad-to-landing-page visualization
  • Continuous experimentation and segment tracking
  • Automated audience optimization

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