How Your Internal Team Can Partner with the Postclick Team

How Your Internal Team Can Partner with the Postclick Team

Postclick conversion experts collaborate with brands and agencies to execute personalized advertising campaigns. We achieve this by complementing your internal team’s efforts to increase ROAS. Partnering with Postclick helps you:

The goal of our conversion team is not about replacing your team or agency. Instead, we establish a productive relationship with your collective team’s efforts to maximize ad campaign results in a true partnership–starting with collaboration.  

Automating advertising conversions should be collaborative

The partnership begins during the onboarding process. We work with you to determine the best strategy for your business. This includes our team reviewing all copy and creative, analytics, integrations, brand positioning, prioritization, page approvals, and optimal collaboration flow. This close relationship allows us to sync with your team’s promotional calendar to deliver the high-converting pages you need.

Postclick’s built-in collaboration allows us to provide design feedback in real-time to assist in those efforts. This helps centralize scattered communications and speed up landing page reviews, approvals, and page deployment compared to a traditional workflow. Along with a comment feed, workspace inbox, and secure page sharing, rest assured design reviews get completed quickly and efficiently.

Consolidating feedback with design reviews


Leverage our conversion intelligence

The Postclick advertising conversion team consists of professionals spanning design, copywriting, development, and conversion science. Each member has many years of industry experience, coupled with Google Ads certification. So, we are confident in our ability to increase results for customers. Collectively, we support brands and their in-house teams, implementing our tech-enabled service to achieve:

conversion intelligence statistics

What sets the team apart is we are 100% subject matter experts in digital advertising conversion. Each member has a proven track record in their area of expertise–strategy, creative, and copywriting. Over the past eight years, our team established a proven process to collaborate with external teams to optimize for the highest possible conversions.

Our team’s specialties include ad campaign prioritization, personalization profiling, conversion strategy, landing page experience narrative, and experimentation. Furthermore, each team member understands conversion-centric design principles to know what ad copy, creative, and narrative persuade online users to convert.

The pre- and post-click teams should sync up

Leading ad networks offer sophisticated targeting capabilities, but each segmented ad (and its audience) deserves a unique experience. This 1:1 ad-to-page personalization is where most brands struggle. 

Since hiring hundreds of designers and copywriters is not feasible, your team can likely relate to lacking the necessary manpower to create 1:1 landing page experiences. Postclick’s proprietary technology solves this problem because we leverage our extensive data sets and personalized experiences to inform ongoing content optimization analysis. 

Next, AI determines which images and layouts are the most compelling and persuasive to generate conversions. The system automatically updates your page layout as it gets smarter and recommends content based on machine learning conversion insights. 

Performing this work manually at scale doesn’t make sense for most brands. So, the advertiser’s natural reaction is to avoid focusing on personalized experiences, which adversely impacts campaign performance.

Your team can achieve 1:1 ad-to-page personalization

As you scale, it gets overwhelming quickly trying to match ads and pages. Ad mapping is critical because by allowing us to import your Google Ads account into Postclick, we can immediately see which ads are not linked to a dedicated experience. We then calculate a Postclick ScoreTM percentage that demonstrates the percentage of your ad spend with personalized experiences:


Partner with Postclick

Partnering with Postclick lets our team scale your landing page experiences, convert more customers, and maximize your ROAS without straining resources. Our proprietary technology makes advertising budgets more efficient and allows you to achieve the scalability you always wanted with 1:1 ad-to-page personalization.

At Postclick, we would like to offer you a complimentary analysis of your ad campaigns. We will review your campaigns to analyze your post-click health, compare your site against industry and competitive benchmarks, and identify the most effective opportunities to increase your ROAS. Request your analysis here.

Fahad Muhammad
by Fahad Muhammad

Fahad is a Content Writer at Postclick, specializing in post-click experiences, advertising trends, and personalization. His expertise spans from advertising platforms to industry trends, optimization best practices to marketing psychology. In his spare time, Fahad loves playing “engineer” with his 6 year old—breaking apart and then fixing gadgets.

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