3 Advertising Pain Points & How Personalization Solves Them

3 Advertising Pain Points & How Personalization Solves Them

Personalization in advertising is nearly impossible to accomplish without the right support. Though most businesses have capable teams, they don’t have the bandwidth to come close to offering 1:1 relevance to their audience segments.  

In speaking with advertisers, we’ve noticed three common pain points emerge about advertising personalization.

Personalization pain point #1

“We need to create personalized experiences for our target audience. With so many segments, it’s too much of a drain on time and resources. 

How Postclick solves it

Postclick enables businesses to offer every segment a unique post-click experience. With automated scalability, our conversion team can create hundreds of pages at once, and make edits to copy, media, and design. Combined with ad mapping technology, automated creation ensures every segment has its own post-click destination that matches its referring ad:


Personalization pain point #2

“We want to dynamically offer a different landing page experiences for our different audiences.”

How Postclick solves it

Postclick technology allows brands to have a page for each audience and multiple experiences for the same page. Personalization can’t just stop at one page per audience. To be most effective, it needs to reach 1:1 relevance. Assigning multiple experiences per page allows advertisers to do more than match the message of the referring ad; it enables them to create a narrative that speaks directly to each visitor: 


Personalization pain point #3

“We run a large scale advertising program and constantly optimize our ads but send the traffic to generic pages. We want to pair the ads with matching post-click experiences and tweak them as we tweak our ads.”

How Postclick solves it 

Postclick technology comes built-in with machine learning capabilities for optimization. There’s no need for manual tweaking. The platform keeps a personalization profile for each audience member, and as visitors interact with your post-click pages, the platform learns their preferences. Then, it dynamically adjusts page layout and content to serve the experience most likely to result in a conversion. They get a better experience; you get more advertising conversions.

Why Postclick personalization is unique 

The reason advertisers struggle to implement personalization is because it’s highly challenging to get right. For personalization to work, it must be meaningful. It needs to form a narrative that’s relevant to the audience, speaking to pain points and overcoming objections. 

When you personalize pages with basic parameters like name, gender, or job title, you’re doing vanity personalization. It’s not meaningful to visitors. But for most businesses, it’s the only method that doesn’t severely drain time and resources.  

Postclick allows advertisers to offer these experiences without added organizational cost. Our team of conversion experts can create and edit pages as easily as they create ads with leading demand-side platforms. What’s more, these experiences are all server-side, so they’re delivered at instantaneous speeds. 

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