Applying Personalization Profiling to Create Unique Experiences

Applying Personalization Profiling to Create Unique Experiences

For years, brands have been using personalization profiling to reach specific audiences with ads on their favorite platforms. But the same isn’t true of the pages they drive users to after the ad is clicked. Though it hasn’t been possible until recently, personalization profiling for the post-click stage has the potential to maximize ad spend and deliver more revenue. 

What is personalization profiling?

Personalization profiling refers to the process of gathering information about an audience for the explicit purpose of serving personalized content. A personalization profile can include information like demographics, firmographics, behavior, geolocation, and more. Each additional data point creates a clearer picture of the audience, which can then be used to further personalize content for them. 


How personalization profiling can boost ROAS

To advertisers, it’s no secret. Personalization often translates into more revenue. As a marketing tactic, it’s been shown to increase marketing spend efficiency by up to 30% and reduce customer acquisition costs by 50%.

The reason is simple: Personalization boosts relevance. When content is more relevant, it’s more likely to speak to users’ unique behavior, motivations, etc. This kind of deep, narrative-based personalization is what’s needed to boost conversion rates. 

High conversion rates mean less wasted ad spend in more than one way. Not only do they translate into more conversions, but since landing page experience is a factor used to evaluate Quality Score in Google, improving it can mean cheaper costs per click. 

Why you should go past simple demographic data to personalize 

Though personalization profiling has been accepted and applied by advertisers in the pre-click stage, that’s still not the case in the post-click stage. Brands will fully leverage audience data to create highly targeted ad segments. But, when it comes to page segmentation, too often brands are satisfied with personalization that isn’t actually personal. 

Take dynamic text replacement as an example. Using automation to simply replace keywords does nothing to boost the actual relevance of your content. In order for content to be truly relevant and helpful, it has to speak to users’ unique needs, problems, and contexts. A narrative has to be created that is not sufficiently formed by the substitution of words in key locations. It’s necessary to go beyond simple demographics to geographics, behavior, traffic source, and more to create a page as tailored as its referring ad. 

How Postclick enables personalization profiling

Today, like a single ad would not be sufficient for every audience, a single catch-all post-click experience won’t be sufficient for every audience either. Each segment needs its own post-click landing page to achieve maximum personalization and peak ROAS. 


However, most marketing software doesn’t enable advertisers to personalize deeply in a way that meets audience expectations. Landing page builders don’t provide the scalability needed to achieve this task. Neither do content management systems. And, while tools like dynamic text replacement can scale, they don’t provide a high degree of personalization. 

Postclick, on the other hand, is the first platform to use Post-Click Automation to provide a high degree of personalization that can meet the challenge of scalability. It enables advertisers to pass along key data points from pre-click ads to post-click pages, then create narratives to suit those specific parameters. Content can be created and edited for hundreds of pages at once. 

Not only that, but once it’s in place, Postclick will gather information about visitors as they consume the content. As more people visit the page, Postclick will learn more about the content your audiences prefer, then dynamically adjust the layout to serve visitors the content that is most likely to result in advertising conversions. 

Personalization profiling can boost advertising conversions

Personalization profiling has long been a way for advertisers to get the most from their pre-click ads. To get the most from their entire campaign, it’s time for advertisers to apply personalization profiling to the post-click stage. Creating unique and personalized landing page experiences is the only way to match the relevance of the pre-click stage. 

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