Is Personalizing the Post-Click Stage Worth Your Time and Effort?

Is Personalizing the Post-Click Stage Worth Your Time and Effort?

Today, seven in 10 digital marketers who personalize their ad campaigns carry that personalization through from the ad to their post-click landing pages. The other 30% of marketers send their paid traffic to a catch-all landing page or their company’s homepage, according to our 2021 State of Ad Personalization report. Which practice is more effective, you ask? You’re about to find out. 

Personalizing the post-click stage pays off

The seven in 10 digital marketers who carry personalization through to their post-click landing pages are rewarded with increased marketing-spend efficiency. They’re also more likely to exceed their revenue targets, earning at least a 10% lift in sales and experiencing at least a 20% return on investment. 

It’s clear that this is the superior practice, but why? 

Unlike their counterparts, these marketers understand the importance of telling a cohesive and relevant story from start to finish. 

An illustrative example: Meal delivery services 

Say you work for a meal delivery service. Knowing that personalization increases click-through rates, you create distinct ads for vegetarians and meat lovers. And it works—your click-through rates skyrocket. You’ve effectively personalized the pre-click stage. So, what’s the problem? 

By definition, catch-all landing pages and company homepages have multiple audiences. Using the same example, you might highlight vegetarian, meat, and seafood options to capture the attention of every segment you’re targeting. On your homepage, that makes sense. It’s when you send paid traffic to these pages that a problem arises. 

Put yourself in the shoes of your target audience. Say you’re a vegetarian. You click on an ad promoting plant-based protein packs and land on the company’s homepage, where the hero image shows a meat-lover’s paradise. Confused and irritated by the poor experience, you might click around for a few seconds, searching for a relevant webpage. But, in our experience, most immediately exit the page. 

You just lost a potential customer at the finish line. 

Now consider what would have happened if you had continued the narrative from the ad to the landing page. 

Your vegetarian audience clicks through to a personalized landing page, where they find images of plant-based protein packs and conversion copy to match. The page explains the benefits of plant-based protein, highlights a few variations of the product, and tells the story of where they source their ingredients from. As the visitor scrolls through the page, they become more and more convinced that this is the solution to their workday lunchtime woes. Their decision is made: To start, they purchase three meals per week.

No wonder marketers who personalize the post-click stage reap benefits like increased marketing-spend efficiency and sales: They provide a superior customer experience that delivers relevant content from start to finish. 

The lesson: Clicks don’t equal conversions

As a digital advertiser, it’s important to remember that the post-click stage is where the conversion actually happens. If you put in the work upfront to personalize your ads, but fail to continue the narrative on your landing page, you’re just wasting money on personalization efforts that end up being fruitless. To earn the rewards outlined above, it’s critical that you tell a cohesive and relevant story across your pre-click ads and post-click landing pages. 

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Jes Kirkwood
by Jes Kirkwood

Jes Kirkwood is the Head of Content at Postclick, the world’s only Post-Click Automation platform. Her mission is to help marketing leaders maximize and automate their advertising conversions.

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