How the 4 Pillars of Post-Click Automation Help Perfect Your Landing Page Strategy

How the 4 Pillars of Post-Click Automation Help Perfect Your Landing Page Strategy

Even though delivering hyper-personalized ads is a common marketing tactic, most marketers can’t follow through with providing a relevant post-click landing page due to a lack of resources, time, and expertise. This issue creates a gap in personalization that plagues most brands’ ad campaigns and ultimately degrades the user experience. It’s a primary reason Post-Click Automation (PCA) technology exists.

Advertisers must be thoughtful in executing their post-click personalization strategy, but without a method to scale landing page creation, perfecting the post-click stage is not feasible.

PCA makes it possible for marketers to quickly create and provide relevant experiences that resonate with consumers. Our proprietary software enables advertisers to scale landing page production and provide customers with personalized campaigns from the pre- to the post-click stage.

post-click technology pillars

How brands benefit most from PCA technology

Postclick technology has helped digital advertisers boost conversion rates for the better part of a decade. Now, enterprises can reap the benefits of optimized landing pages by partnering with our new technology-enabled service to deliver tailored experiences. Brands that leverage PCA effortlessly improve advertising conversions without straining their teams.

Our experienced group of conversion experts brings your polished landing pages to life through the first and only PCA software, which enables a rapid production of optimized post-click experiences. Through the four pillars, our team can bump up your landing page production from the hundreds to thousands, ensuring each page matches its audience segment. Here’s how.



PCA brings hyper-relevance to all your ad campaigns by enabling our team to create unique “experiences,” or variations, for each landing page. 

These experiences align with each audience segment based on information collected during the pre-click stage. Geolocation, traffic source, and search terms all influence what the visitor sees when they reach your page.

For example, you can create multiple experiences for the same landing page based on things like whether visitors came from clicking a dynamic ad, downloading an ebook, or attending events.

Ad Mapping

To provide cohesive ad experiences, you must sync each ad to its respective landing page. Ad mapping makes this process simple by allowing us to import your Google Ads account and quickly match each ad to the correct experience. Having linked the two, the system automatically ensures that whenever we edit one, its corresponding asset will adjust to match. 

Postclick technology measures the ratio of ads to experiences to evaluate the relevance of your customers’ ad journeys. This “Postclick Score” provides our team and technology the necessary insights to boost relevant experiences by scaling unique variations of your landing pages. 

Automated Creation

Automated creation

Even with a template-based landing page builder, there’s a limit to how much marketers can manually scale the production of high-quality, personalized landing pages. Small businesses can see remarkable improvements with such builders, but to accommodate thousands of audience segments, enterprises require a robust automated platform. 

Our team automates the creation of conversion-centric landing pages by first capturing personalized content into content blocks. From these blocks, our proprietary platform can create, edit, and import content to groups of pages with a few clicks. Automating this process means teams can spend less time on manual tasks and focus more on developing strategy. 

Optimization & AI

Analytics dashboard and heatmap

Publishing a landing page is only the beginning. Once it’s live, our team uses our proprietary PCA technology to optimize the experience and increase the likelihood that the customer successfully converts. 

Analytics dashboards, heatmaps, and built-in experimentation help inform and enable testing. As people click through, the system automatically updates page layouts and recommends content based on machine learning insights, so we can continuously deliver the best results. 

Receive a free conversion analysis

Want to see how much the PCA pillars, such as personalization and automated creation, could impact your landing page strategy? Let Postclick perform a free conversion analysis on your landing pages, including a live page review, an audit of your ad campaigns, page performance and speed insights, and a competitive benchmarking report. Request your free conversion analysis here.

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