How Brands & Agencies Get Full Value from a PCA Solution

How Brands & Agencies Get Full Value from a PCA Solution

Postclick is a tech-enabled service that allows customers to offload personalized advertising campaign management. It’s run by an experienced team, powered by the industry’s only PCA solution.  

But who is the Postclick team and what is the technology? How do we make it work for you? Today, we cover common questions about the service, and why brands use it to improve their advertising conversions.

What you need for conversion excellence

Despite low average conversion rates across industries, the majority of businesses continue to neglect the post-click experience: 


It becomes increasingly clear as you click through paid ads. Too often, ads drive audiences to homepages and product pages. They don’t provide relevant offers, and they don’t match the message of their referring ad. 

We believe there are two reasons for this. First, organizations lack the knowledge and expertise to optimize the post-click experience. 

Second, there have been no technologies before Post-Click Automation that empower advertisers to scale the post-click experience, the way similar tools, like DSPs, have done for ads. With the only PCA solution and a team of conversion experts, Postclick can solve both of these problems. 

The 4 pillars to Postclick’s PCA solution

Leveraging our proprietary technology that combines A/B testing, heat maps, machine learning, AI, and human expertise into continuous experimentation, our PCA solution delivers higher conversion results. Effectively, it determines the best user experience design, narrative, and response for each audience.

Post-Click Automation is the first and only software that allows its users to create post-click experiences with the same efficiency as they create ads. Four pillars make up PCA: 

post-click technology pillars

Ad Mapping

Each audience needs its own personalized post-click landing page. But without the right technology, ads and their respective landing pages are impossible to keep consistent. Exclusive to Postclick, ad mapping enables our team to import your Google Ads account and assign a post-click landing page to each ad. When either your ad or landing page gets updated, the system will ensure the post-click landing page is, too. This functionality allows us to not only keep your messaging consistent but to visualize the entire campaign for better management: 


Furthermore, the Postclick score provides the percentage of unique experiences you have compared to the quantity of Ad Groups + Ads. The higher the percentage, the higher your Quality Score. The lower your CPC, and the more relevancy you provide in the post-click stage:



With personalization technology, our PCA solution can pass key audience identifiers to corresponding post-click landing pages. These identifiers trigger the page to show dynamic content that is most relevant to the segment clicking through. As more visitors interact with the landing page, automation will learn the best way to convert visitors, and dynamically display images, copy, layouts, etc., that are most likely to result in a conversion.

Automated Creation

PCA comes with scalable creation capabilities that allow the team to create and edit large groups of landing pages from one place. Many advertisers benefit here because it acts like a content management system (optimized content blocks that can be used repeatedly), which saves time in scaling your landing pages. By capturing personalized content into content blocks, we have the capability to automate the creation of hundreds of landing pages optimized for maximum conversions. That way, when we discover higher-performing variations, or when you need an entirely new ad group built out, we can edit and publish your pages in moments.

Optimization & AI

Postclick technology gives the team the power to harness personalized data sets with built-in heat mapping, advanced experimentation, analytics, and integrations with all the most popular martech tools. Then, we put this data to work with machine learning to automate the level of personalization required to drive more advertising conversions. Effectively, we eliminate manual design work by publishing experiences that prioritize conversion first and foremost (over aesthetic appeal). At its conclusion, the system automatically updates your page layout as our system gets smarter and recommends content based on machine learning conversion insights.

A team of conversion experts

Though some businesses have taken steps to improve the post-click experience, they are rarely steps that move the needle. That’s because, next to inadequate technology, the biggest issue with improving the post-click experience is organizational. 

In most businesses, the pre-click and post-click experiences are created in siloes. Advertisers make the ads; designers and writers make the post-click landing pages. Both get connected when the campaign runs. But this noncommunicative assembly-line process often results in an impersonalized design producing a disjointed user experience.

In addition to this inefficient workflow, the people creating them are unlikely to have experience optimizing the post-click stage. With the post-click experience as a newly recognized stage of the ad campaign, few marketers are experts in optimizing it at scale. 

At Postclick, we’ve addressed both organizational issues. First, we handpicked a select group of conversion experts from across disciplines and industries. These experts are well-versed in CRO, PPC, design, strategy, and copywriting

Second, we have evolved beyond the typical assembly-line process of creating advertising campaigns to a more collaborative approach. At Postclick there are no siloes. Each stage of the campaign design process involves input from all conversion experts in agile environments. This cross-disciplinary method not only ensures that the ad campaign is cohesive from the tone of voice to messaging, but it also produces valuable ideas for conversion optimization that are rare to find otherwise.

Get a complimentary conversion analysis

We would like to offer you a complimentary analysis of your ad campaigns including competitive insights against your top 5 competitors and the top sites in your industry. Our team will share insights on how we can increase your conversion rates, in addition to a comprehensive competitive analysis.

We will review your campaigns to analyze your post-click health, compare your site against industry and competitive benchmarks, and identify the most effective opportunities to increase your ROAS. Request your analysis here.

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