3 Hard Truths Digital Advertisers Must Accept in 2021

3 Hard Truths Digital Advertisers Must Accept in 2021

Audience attention is in short supply in 2021. After a year of social distancing, people have been exposed to so many online ads that it’s harder than ever to stand out from the crowd. In the constant competition for audience attention, you have to be willing to adapt to new methods and technologies to capture an ever-narrowing window of opportunity. 

There’s no room for complacency if you want to compete in this arena. Advertisers need to accept three core truths if they want to succeed in digital advertising in 2021. 

Advertisers need to invest in the post-click stage

Advertisers spend a huge chunk of their advertising budgets on carefully targeted and personalized ads. They recognize that personalization tells a story that helps audiences feel seen, heard, and understood, which is the bare minimum necessary to hold audience attention in a saturated channel like online advertising. Unfortunately, many advertisers apply personalization exclusively to the pre-click stage, neglecting what comes next. 

If you want to achieve higher conversion rates, you need to apply personalization efforts to the place where conversion actually happens: the post-click stage. Post-click personalization does more than just provide a better customer experience; It can significantly impact your bottom line, increasing revenue while lowering costs through improved Quality Scores. That’s important because the typical approach to personalization doesn’t make economic sense.

Unit economics in advertising don’t add up

Most advertisers would agree that digital advertising campaigns get more expensive every year. Despite this, many advertisers pour money into Facebook and Google hoping to attract and hold new customers, seeing it as their only option for growth. 

But this approach doesn’t work for everyone. Companies with a customer lifetime value under $5,000 typically can’t justify the rising costs of online advertising, particularly if they’re seeing average results. To make their online advertising profitable, they need best-in-class execution.

To achieve an optimal return on ad spend, advertisers need to focus on two things: increasing conversion rates and decreasing advertising costs. 

Improved relevance is the only path to increased ROAS

If you want a better return on ad spend, you need to improve your ad-to-page relevance. Relevance impacts both sides of the ROAS equation. It helps you reduce costs while increasing conversion rates. 

When your ad-to-page experiences provide consistent, personalized narratives, you’re more likely to convert your customers and increase revenue. Improved relevance also helps you maximize the efficiency of your ad spend by improving your Quality Scores on Google and Facebook. A better Quality Score has a positive impact on cost-per-click and ad placement.

How do you achieve improved relevance? Typically, it’s too expensive and time-consuming to manually build personalized post-click landing pages for each of your target audiences. On top of that, you need detailed insights into customer behavior and preferences to build pages for every audience. So, how do you unlock the benefits of improved ad-to-page relevance?

A business case for Post-Click Automation

That question is the subject of our new ebook, The Digital Advertiser’s Guide to Better Results. Inside, you’ll find our recommendations for getting higher returns from your ad campaigns as well as a complete business case for why you need Post-Click Automation to succeed in 2021. 

If you want to achieve higher conversion rates in a crowded marketplace, you can’t leave anything to chance. Let Postclick show you how to make more money while spending less on advertising. 

Michael Egan
by Michael Egan

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