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Post-Click Automation Interview with CEO, Tyson Quick

Post-Click Automation Interview with CEO, Tyson Quick

As a digital advertiser, you know sophisticated targeting exists. These pre-click strategies–Lookalike Audiences, negative keywords, geolocation, user interests–are necessary for segmenting your audience and generating clicks. But, they only serve one-half of the conversion equation.

Clicks don’t equal conversions. The post-click stage is lacking and has been for a while. Fortunately, Post-Click Automation exists to connect the pre- and post-click stages of the advertising conversion sequence. 

In today’s Post-Click Automation interview with Tyson Quick, he gives more detail about this new technology category.

What is Post-Click Automation (PCA)?

TQ: Post-Click Automation™ is a new technology category to help digital advertisers automatically increase conversion by bringing together these four pillars into a single unified system:

post-click technology pillars

Historically these technologies existed in separate silos. Together they form a “conversion assembly line” for the post-click stage in the customer acquisition funnel:

Postclick acquisition funnel

How is it different than post-click optimization?

TQ: Post-click optimization (PCO) is a manual process by leveraging various technologies like traditional landing page builders and A/B testing tools. It does not automate the delivery of personalized experiences based on the ad click. 

Why is PCA a new category?

TQ: Before PCA, technology solutions could reach unique personas for ad clicks, collect leads, process ecommerce purchases, and manage customer relationships. Yet, no software is purpose-built to deliver personalized conversion experiences to these unique ad-click visitors at scale.

Without this technology, there is usually a failure in convincing ad-click visitors to transition into a lead or purchase:


Why is post-ad-click such a big problem?

TQ: This year, digital advertisers will spend almost $400 billion to generate ad clicks and online attention. Google Ads alone converts less than 5% of that investment, on average:


Most of the money is funding negative customer experiences that put the entire advertising industry at risk for irrelevancy. And without advertising, the global economy would struggle to function.

Delivering relevant experiences to potential customers when they choose to engage with advertising is of utmost importance.

Personalization is vital, but isn’t that dynamic keyword replacement?

TQ: Not at all. Dynamic keyword replacement was an oversimplified and outdated solution for a complex problem. Personalization is about matching the narrative and context of a potential customer after they click your ad.


You could match a keyword from an ad to part of your main headline. But what if a mobile device using millennial clicked your ad, and they’re provided with an experience built for desktop? And for your primary baby-boomer persona? That visitor is going to exit faster then they clicked on the ad.

Worse yet, you’ve wasted your money and likely turned that potential customer away for good.

What makes Postclick unique to answer this problem?

TQ: Postclick is a tech-enabled service that delivers more advertising conversions for consumer brands.

Our experienced team and technology enable brands to scale post-click experiences as quickly as ads. By capturing personalized content into commonly used content blocks, we can automate the creation of hundreds of landing pages optimized for maximum conversions. To achieve that, we automatically update your page layouts as our system gets smarter and recommends content based on machine learning conversion insights.

See how Postclick generates more conversions

For too long, the digital advertising industry has focused on the pre-click stage but neglected what happens after the click. The post-click stage deserves more attention. We hope this Post-Click Automation interview clarified some of the most common questions and encourage you to contact us to learn more.

We would like to offer you a complimentary analysis of your ad campaigns including competitive insights against your top 5 competitors and the top sites in your industry. Our team will share insights on how we can increase your conversion rates, in addition to a comprehensive competitive analysis.

We will review your campaigns to analyze your post-click health, compare your site against industry and competitive benchmarks, and identify the most effective opportunities to increase your ROAS. Request your analysis here.

Brandon Weaver
by Brandon Weaver

Brandon Weaver is the Head of Content at Postclick, the world's only tech-enabled service for delivering advertising conversions. He writes about digital advertising, post-click automation, and has a healthy obsession with the Golden State Warriors.

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