Post-click Personalization Is a New Way of Thinking

Post-click Personalization Is a New Way of Thinking

Gone are the days of sending targeted ads to homepages and product pages. Now, post-click personalization is necessary to generate more conversions.

While more and more of today’s advertisers understand personalizing the post-click stage is just as important as personalizing the pre-click stage, many don’t have the resources and technology to achieve both.

Below is an explanation of post-click personalization, why it makes all the difference to your bottom line, and how you can achieve both pre- and post-click personalization with every campaign.

What is post-click personalization?

Personalization in advertising isn’t a new phenomenon. From dynamically inserting names into an email to programmatic advertising, personalization in the pre-click stage has been around for years.

Providing fully personalized experiences to every audience segment, though, is a new way of thinking about the advertising funnel.

Since every campaign has a unique audience, it must not only have personalized adverts. Ad campaigns must also include a unique destination that continues the narrative presented in the ad.


Translation: Every campaign must be fully personalized to its unique audience, from the ad to your post-click experience.

Post-click personalization changes everything

A unique destination isn’t the only aspect to consider when personalizing the post-click experience. You’ll need to take the destination, layout, content, and process into account.



Before post-click personalization became the new way of thinking, most ads sent traffic to a homepage or website targeted towards everyone. These pages are designed as comprehensive browsing experiences with multiple navigation links and calls to action, rather than as personalized experiences with a 1:1 conversion ratio.


In addition to the change in intent between a website and dedicated post-click landing page is a change in layout. While homepages and traditional websites tend to be design-centric, landing pages are conversion-centric with all elements strategically placed and optimized to push visitors toward converting.


The content on the page differs with post-click personalization: Websites are typically designed as broad browsing experiences, whereas landing pages are specific to the ad campaign that generated the click.


Previously, campaign creation and optimization were primarily done manually. Now, the process has evolved to be more semi-autonomous—part human, part technology. This allows for maximum creation, scalability, and personalization.

How Postclick empowers brands to achieve more

With advanced personalization features, like serverside dynamic audience targeting, UTM-parameter tagging, and personalization profiling, Postclick empowers brands to achieve more.

Customer parameters can be set to dynamically pair visitor intent to a relevant post-click experience for every ad:


And with personalization profiling, copy is matched to visitor-level data (such as keywords, firmographics, and demographics), so you can create any number of post-click experiences, target a specific audience, and dynamically serve that audience with a perfectly personalized experience:


Invest in post-click personalization

Businesses previously personalized only the first half of their campaigns due to a lack of technology and resources. Today, Postclick conversion experts can help produce scalable landing pages with ease, so your entire campaign is personalized from ad to post-click experience.

We would like to offer you a complimentary analysis of your ad campaigns. We will review your campaigns to analyze your post-click health, compare your site against industry and competitive benchmarks, and identify the most effective opportunities to increase your ROAS. Our team will share insights on how we can increase your conversion rates in addition to a comprehensive competitive analysis. Request your analysis here.

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