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What’s Your Post-click Score? See Where You Stand

What’s Your Post-click Score? See Where You Stand

When evaluating your ad campaigns’ success, it’s essential to focus on the factors that matter. Too many companies rely on simple landing page analysis to diagnose their conversion issues without considering ad-to-page relevancy in their assessment. 

Relevancy isn’t just valuable for your conversion goals. When your ads don’t link to relevant pages, your Google Quality Scores suffer, which drives up your cost per click. You end up paying more for a lower quality ad experience and lose out on potential conversions. 

Advertisers need a way to assess their campaigns’ post-click health in a single metric that accounts for all the factors that drive conversion. That’s why we’ve developed the Post-click Score.

What is the Post-click Score?

The Post-click Score represents the culmination of a decade of conversion analysis conducted across millions of customer experiences. In other words, the Post-click Score is a unified metric that assesses your campaigns’ ad-to-page relevance across multiple factors. 

Your Post-click Score is a window into the effectiveness of your post-click experiences and can help you get better returns from your direct response digital ad spend. By tracking your Post-click Score, you can bridge the gap between pre-click segmentation and post-click personalization. 

What are the factors?

Your Post-click Score comes from a detailed analysis of your ad-to-page relevancy, including industry benchmarking, data science, and a decade of conversion expertise.

Our analysis aggregates the impact of the following factors:

  • Page speed 
  • Conversion UX
  • Google Quality Score
  • Message fit
  • Device centricity
  • Page security

By assessing these factors, the Post-click Score gives you an easy way to understand the health of the post-click stage in your digital ads funnel. 

Know where you stand

The Post-click Score is a significant advantage for advertisers who want to reduce waste in their advertising spend. When your post-click health is poor, you’re more likely to spend more on CPC while earning fewer conversions. Knowing your score at a glance can help you stop wasting valuable time and start optimizing your ad funnel. 

Post click self assessment tool

Insights that matter

It can be challenging to run a holistic post-click health analysis—if you don’t have the right data, there’s no way of knowing if your strategies will be useful across campaigns, ad groups, and individual ads. 

Most agencies and advertisers don’t have the conversion expertise or data resources to effectively calculate their post-click health, so they rely on basic landing page analysis that neglects the bigger picture. If all you’re doing is updating your landing page design, you’re missing out on opportunities to optimize your funnel. 

But personalization doesn’t just mean more landing pages. It’s not enough to match every ad to a unique landing page. To maximize your ROAS, you need a system that can automatically create multiple landing page experiences for a particular ad and select the best experience based on when, where, to whom, and how that ad gets served. Doing so requires an intelligent automation platform built around conversion data, which is out of reach for most companies and agencies. 

Given the expertise, experience, and data needed to effectively analyze post-click performance, advertisers have been stuck without a way to know what’s holding them back from better conversion rates. 

Unlike others, Postclick has the knowledge, data insights, and conversion expertise to offer a single source of truth, enabled by a next-generation platform powered by machine learning and automation. As you work to improve your Post-click Score, you’ll see a corresponding improvement in your return on ad spend as your post-click experiences become more relevant and personalized.

Get your Post-click Score in under five minutes

We’ve made it easy to assess the overall health of your post-click stage with our complimentary Post-click Self Assessment tool. Just enter some basic campaign information and run the analysis to quickly get your report. This tool evaluates your campaign information to provide a detailed report to help you assess your post-click performance, as well as a Post-click Score. You can also use this report to identify opportunities to improve your ROAS in the post-click stage. I want my score.

Vinod Choudhary
by Vinod Choudhary

Vinod Choudhary is the Head of Product Marketing at Postclick, the world’s only Post-Click Automation platform. Vinod's mission is to help marketing leaders maximize and automate their advertising conversions.

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