Maximize ROAS with the Postclick Advertising Conversion CloudTM

Maximize ROAS with the Postclick Advertising Conversion Cloud<sup>TM</sup>

Historically, marketers have focused on getting clicks on digital ads, but either neglected the post-click experience or turned to external resources to manage optimizations for this part of the conversion journey. It’s challenging to match the scale of digital campaigns (pre-click personalization) when optimizing your landing page strategy—and traditional landing page solutions haven’t proven to be an effective method for conquering this challenge. But not anymore.

Enter the Postclick Advertising Conversion CloudTM—a new advancement in marketing technology. The Advertising Conversion Cloud combines machine learning and CRO expertise to automatically create and continually optimize highly relevant landing page experiences for all your high-value ad campaigns. Now, marketers can manage the post-click journey at a scale once considered impossible.

It’s a big promise to make, so let’s walk through exactly how the Advertising Conversion Cloud delivers on such bold claims.

What is the Advertising Conversion Cloud TM?

Where traditional tools meet their threshold, the Advertising Conversion Cloud excels. Using a cutting-edge AI-enabled framework, network-wide learnings, and insights from conversion experts, the platform powers a near-infinite amount of optimization opportunities.

The Advertising Conversion Cloud relies on data pulled from millions of custom landing page experiences and billions of ad clicks—and our data models continue to learn and improve with every new experience. That means your post-click experiences benefit from industry best practices and platform-wide insights—every day.

Experimentation tools automate testing from the moment your first post-click landing page is live. The platform uses an initial set of design variations, tracks and assesses the results, and intelligently adjusts your experimentation pages to drive meaningful results.

We designed the Advertising Conversion Cloud to adapt and enhance its knowledge with every test conducted and conversion earned. The machine is constantly learning, and your results are continually improving. The goal isn’t merely to reduce manual strain in experimentation. The tools that comprise the Advertising Conversion Cloud rely on data to fuel informed optimization strategies, negating the pitfalls of human bias.

Reporting dashboards illustrate how increased ad-to-page relevancy translates into higher return on ad spend and increased conversions for each post-click experience.

To learn more about the technology that allows the Advertising Conversion Cloud to break down the barriers of traditional solutions, check out our Buyer’s Guide. You can see how other options stack up to our technology and assess whether your current tools can deliver on your long-term goals.

How it works

From onboarding to deployment, learn about the streamlined processes that enable these optimization efficiencies.

Phase 1: Strategic Expertise

Our CRO experts’ first priority is completing a deep dive on your brand so they can become an extension of your team. During onboarding, we rapidly seek to align on your brand tone, voice, iconography, and imagery, so when we build experiences, we can parallel your customer journey. After, we’ll take time to invest in defining the strategies that most align with your brand needs and prioritize your post-click experiences accordingly. 

Phase 2: Core Experience Delivery 

Having integrated your ads and audiences into the Advertising Conversion Cloud platform, our conversion experts craft your first post-click landing page—what we call a core experience.

The team builds out precise narratives and page designs to resonate with your audiences and their unique conversion influences. Using industry-leading best practices and insights from our network-wide learnings, our experts set up design blocks for your page based on your ad groups, audience segments, and conversion goals.

Once these pages deploy, our AI tool creates additional landing page variations, and the experimentation phase begins.

Phase 3: Automation and Testing

The Advertising Conversion Clouds’ experimentation process enables a near-infinite amount of optimization opportunities. Using machine learning and automated optimization, the platform can gather focused results and make informed decisions based on the data collected. This process helps marketers avoid unfocused testing that tends to waste time and dilute outcomes.

Here’s how it works:

Unique page experiences mapped to each of your audience segments ensure a profoundly personalized experience for every conversion journey. Combining your audience targeting with the Advertising Conversion Cloud’s machine learning means dynamic and evolving experiences throughout your entire funnel. 

Our proprietary layout recommendation engine crafts hyper-relevant experiences for each segment, which adjusts your design and content. These variations encompass everything from segment-specific conversion narratives to UX design.

Automated experimentation and optimization happen in real time. Our proprietary machine learning algorithm assesses which of the variations has the best results for each unique audience and automatically shifts paid search traffic to the highest-performing experiences, providing the maximum return on your ad spend. The winning landing pages are carried forward and new variations are continuously added and tested. The Advertising Conversion Cloud’s comprehensive content management hub monitors all campaign activity, carrying forward winning landing pages and continuously adding and testing new variations.

The reporting dashboard makes it easy to monitor each post-click experience and get accurate results whenever you need them. At the end of each testing cycle, the Advertising Conversion Cloud presents clear data, defining which variation had the best results, so there’s no question about what optimizations to make moving forward.

Phase 4: Network-Wide Learnings

While the platform has a decade of insights behind it—including billions of data points, millions of conversions, and industry-specific information—it’s crucial to monitor the growth of your industry and audiences. That’s why our system tracks every variation, test, and result and adds it to the Advertising Conversion Cloud’s database. It creates an unprecedented opportunity to benefit from the network-wide learnings and be at the forefront of advancing trends.

The Advertising Conversion Cloud’s machine learning features mean your pages benefit from the tests and insights across the platform, spanning many industries, consumer bases, and conversion goals. These network-wide learnings power the platformization of conversion insights, enabling an entire community of marketers to keep their fingers on the pulse of what fuels purchase decisions.  

How the Advertising Conversion Cloud Maximizes ROI

We developed the Advertising Conversion Cloud to help marketers get back to doing what you do best. Instead of chasing clicks or retroactively trying to fix an underperforming campaign, your team can focus on being creative and strategic, elevating the brand, creating lasting customer relationships, or ideating on new products and services to meet customer needs.

Here’s a snapshot of what the Advertising Conversion Cloud has helped B2C and D2C marketers achieve:

Are you ready to advance your optimization capabilities?

The Advertising Conversion Cloud is reinventing the world of digital advertising by:

  • Using conversion rate optimization strategies to deliver continuously high results, drive conversion increases, maximize ROAS, and fuel growth.
  • Providing comprehensive, straightforward reporting based on your specific performance goals, so your team can stop stressing about unclear data and focus on bigger-picture strategies. 
  • Ensuring seamless experiences at a scale that was previously impossible using automated design, testing, and optimization features.
  • Keeping your post-click experiences relevant with machine learning that responds to changing customer behavior and industry trends. 

If these features sound like the right fit for you, schedule a no-obligation consultation with our conversion experts today. We will conduct a complimentary conversion health analysis to find out what results the Advertising Conversion Cloud can achieve for your digital campaigns. Our team is ready to hit the ground running—let’s work together to put your business at the forefront of digital advertising innovation. Request your free conversion analysis here.

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by Steven Tindle

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