Postclick and Marpipe Partnership Announcement

Postclick and Marpipe Partnership Announcement

Postclick is excited to announce our strategic partnership with Marpipe. With our shared focus on helping marketers maximize their digital spend, our collaboration will provide valuable ideas and innovative solutions for teams seeking to make their budgets stretch further. Our focus during this content partnership will be how to leverage conversion storytelling and continuous testing, and those who tune in will receive:

→ A thorough understanding of the fundamentals of conversion storytelling

→ How to better connect with customers through 1:1 testing and personalization

→ A framework for establishing A/B tests, multivariate testing, and AI-powered experimentation to get the most relevant stories in front of the right micro-audiences.

For companies in time-pressured, budget-strapped industries, finding new inspiration and ways to implement tracking for optimization is not always a simple task. The content collaboration between Postclick and Marpipe allows the exchange of expert knowledge that can help marketers everywhere.

Hunter Sunrise, SVP of Marketing, notes,

This partnership will no doubt fuel our growth and inspire other marketers to revamp their efforts based on limitless testing.

Hunter Sunrise, SVP of Marketing

Marketers can look forward to high-value content through the Postclick x Marpipe Partnership, such as:

Webinar: Join us as we explore how strategic ad creative and storytelling can help you connect with customers and grow your business. Register now.

Interview with our Founder: Postclick Founder & Chief Growth Officer Tyson Quick speaks with Jess Cook and Susan Wenograd on Resting Ad Face Podcast about AI’s role in the future of marketing.

Articles including: Strategic tips and insights from MarTech industry thought leaders and recommendations for optimizing your pre- and post-click efforts. Stay tuned to the Postclick and Marpipe blogs.

And more!

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