How Postclick Automates Advertising Conversions

How Postclick Automates Advertising Conversions

Conversion rate optimization (CRO) is an elusive target. You can create a few perfectly polished landing pages, but it takes too much time to create, manage, and optimize a landing page for every ad and ad group. That’s where emerging technologies like automation and machine learning come to the fore. By intelligently assessing customer behavior and adjusting landing page content, you can deliver a personalized experience for every customer.

Postclick exists to help marketers reach a level of optimization that was previously impossible. Our team leverages proprietary technology to accelerate page creation, experimentation, and continuous optimization. In the hands of our CRO experts, Postclick can sustainably lift your conversion rates through exceptional user experiences that continue to optimize over time. 

What does this technology look like in practice? Let’s get into it. 

Why use PCA?

A faster landing page production process is crucial for creating engaging, personalized experiences that drive stronger conversions and a higher ROAS. But manually creating, optimizing, and testing landing pages while pursuing 1:1 personalization isn’t sustainable. Most teams lack the technology and specialized personnel to create the quantity of tailored post-click pages needed to be successful while keeping the quality of the content high. 

That’s where Postclick comes in. 

How PCA helps scale success

PCA replaces your team’s manual tasks with automated processes, speeding up the progress of perfecting your landing pages and growing your conversion rates. 

  • Automate landing page creation. Scale page building through custom blocks, layouts, or templates. Our team works closely with yours to understand your specific industries, use cases, and challenges. We’ll then optimize those blocks with AI and machine learning to adjust placement and design of critical page elements to ensure the highest-converting landing page experiences possible on an ongoing, real-time basis. 
  • Automate personalization. Postclick offers server-side dynamic audience targeting. Our team, in partnership with our software platform, can create as many ad variations for a page required to scale by personalizing content based on market segmentation. By connecting customized post-click landing pages to very specific ad groups, we dynamically serve the right experience to the correct audience when they are most likely to convert. 
  • Automate optimization. Our proprietary technology collects data from over 2 million landing pages and 400 million conversions to offer recommendations for improving experiences. For example, the system provides block suggestions with a calculated probability of success, so we can make informed decisions while honing your pages. 
  • Automate ad mapping and integrations. Postclick offers an integrated ecosystem that covers the most popular technologies in the marketing technology space. It’s the only post-click optimization platform that integrates with Google Ads and Analytics, as well as Facebook Ads Manager. Our team can easily map ads to landing pages and prioritize creating landing pages for ad groups with the greatest likelihood of converting. 
  • Automate experimentation. Our platform offers server-side A/B testing that exceeds other platforms’ capabilities. For example, while some competitors offer A/B testing, they often limit experiments to minor changes within an existing layout—more complex tests, such as multiple layout options, tend to require coding. Other platforms typically use client-side splitting, meaning it runs on users’ browsers and can affect page performance and slow loading speeds. Postclick offers server-side testing, minimizing performance impact. 

The Postclick difference

While other platforms offer personalization, they are typically drag-and-drop landing page builders that require coding in order to make all but the most minor of changes.

Other software requires coding customizations and targeting logic into a single page and hiding it from non-target audiences, which slows page speed with a lot of irrelevant content. With Postclick’s server-side dynamic audience targeting, your customers can enjoy fast-loading pages and accurate targeting.

This approach leads to significant financial gains:

Receive a free conversion analysis

Are you wondering what impact Postclick can have on your ROAS? Get a free conversion analysis on your landing pages, including a live page review, an audit of your ad campaigns, page performance and speed insights, and a competitive benchmarking report. Request your free conversion analysis here.

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