Behind the Scenes: How Our Teams Create Marketing Solutions

Behind the Scenes: How Our Teams Create Marketing Solutions

It’s been more than 21 years since the Agile Manifesto and subsequent methodologies entered the business world. Since its inception, the concept of efficient collaboration has permeated the software landscape. Its impacts have rippled throughout departments, and the ideology has become common practice. 

Creating a robust organizational structure lays the foundation for innovation. Today, we’re taking you behind the scenes to share how our teams collaborate. This approach not only led to the foundation of Postclick—it’s also how we developed the Advertising Conversion CloudTM.

Highlights of our structure

Our customers interact primarily with our Professional Services team, which consists of Conversion Experience Managers (or CEMs, who are the primary points of contact), designers, copywriters, and project managers. Together, these experts audit existing landing pages, onboard new brands with the Advertising Conversion Cloud, and recommend solutions to improve campaign performance. 

Another team that significantly impacts the customer experience is the Product team. These technical professionals build the programs that make the Advertising Conversion Cloud work, learn, and continuously optimize. They also work directly with client-facing roles on the Professional Services team to obtain and implement valuable user feedback. And, when we roll out new products and features, you can be sure the Product team has a significant role. 

So, while you may regularly interact with a CEM to align on strategic focus and build campaign plans, there are many experts collaborating behind the scenes to bring those plans to fruition. We caught up with three Postclick team members to share how they work together to deliver unmatched value to our customers.

Professional Services team

Whether it’s guiding your campaign strategy or showing you how to make the message clearer on the landing page, this team of conversion rate optimization experts can help. In the Advertising Conversion Cloud, we’ve built an incredible tool that continuously optimizes landing pages. But all AI-powered platforms still require human intelligence and intervention to create something truly actionable. 

“Our experts know how to drive marketing results, and they also know how to get the most out of the platform,” said Associate Client Director Allison Lee. Allison’s goal is to give you an edge without having to learn the intricacies of the platform yourself. “The part of my job that I love is when a client comes in self-aware of their high expectations, thinking they might not meet them, and we surpass the goals significantly,” she added. “That’s where we add serious value.” 

As Martín Lasarga, Group Product Manager at Postclick, explained:

We rely on our expertise to make data-driven recommendations to our customer base. That’s why our platform delivers results—we use the data from a robust, proprietary platform and interpret it to deliver insightful, powerful solutions.

Martín Lasarga, Group Product Manager at Postclick

Product team

The spirit of collaboration and cooperation animates everything we do at Postclick, which is why there is a direct connection between the Professional Services and Product teams. The onboarding process for new customers requires technical expertise and a deep understanding of the way the software works. Martín explained, “We have to have a collaborative relationship with Professional Services to set up brand guidelines, and provide ongoing support to make adjustments as needed.” 

The Advertising Conversion Cloud’s design is powered by artificial intelligence that never stops learning, which required significant behind-the-scenes work to develop. Mike Perla, Director of Product Insight, began his time at Postclick focused on directing conversion strategy, listening to customer feedback and mapping out features to address it. His experience stuck with him as he led the solution that would become what we know it as today. 

“One element that sets the Advertising Conversion Cloud apart is that it applies continuous Multi-Armed Bandit testing in a new way,” explained Mike:

The platform constantly and automatically optimizes their landing pages. Our clients benefit from that because they can test more high-quality layouts at a massive scale that they don’t even have to think about.

Mike Perla, Director of Product Insight at Postclick

Martín, Mike, and their teams constantly listen to customer feedback to make sure the Advertising Conversion Cloud remains a best-in-class solution, including developing new features. We will share those stories on our blog, so check back for more updates. 

The Advertising Conversion Cloud is a team effort

While these three Postclickers and their teams make significant impacts, there are so many others who contribute to our success. The Advertising Conversion Cloud is a reflection of all their hard work. But our proudest achievement is when we hear that the collective effort has paid off.

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Sarah Flores
by Sarah Flores

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