The Postclick Story

The Postclick Story

Postclick might sound like a new name, but you may be more familiar with our work than you think. We built our platform, the Advertising Conversion CloudTM, from over a decade of experience, millions of ad click data points, and proven conversion expertise—but how did we arrive at those numbers?

While we’re excited to usher in a new era of post-click expertise for the future of conversion advertising, we also want to take time to look back. Postclick is actively expanding our community as we continue to push industry standards forward. We want to share the story of how Postclick came to lead the charge for a better digital advertising industry.

So join us today, as we explore the origins of Postclick, the world’s first Advertising Conversion CloudTM, and where we plan to go next.

A need for a new solution

The concept that would eventually evolve into Postclick started with a different venture entirely. Founder and eventual Chief Growth Officer Tyson Quick began innovating around this need for conversion-focused advertising when he was struggling to see returns with his own startup company.

Meet the founder

Tyson Quick founder

Tyson Quick has always been a dedicated marketer and entrepreneur. Soon after graduating college, he decided to combine those two passions by launching his first startup business. The business was a referral marketing search engine called Jounce, focused on connecting affiliate marketers to trusted products and brands they could promote. While the goal was to create a network that made it easier for affiliate marketers to connect with brands, he struggled to promote the platform to his audience. 

To Tyson, it felt like he was throwing away money on his advertising efforts, since his conversion rates were so low. And yet, according to industry averages, his results were well within the standard rate of success for digital marketers. One thing was beyond clear to Tyson—​​marketers in digital advertising are losing 96%+ of their ad budget because of low conversion rates.

So he changed his strategies.

His team started focusing on building unique landing pages for each of their campaigns and noticed an immediate improvement. The issue was that this strategy was time-consuming, and there weren’t many tools available to help with the process. And this is where the pivot began.

In 2012, Tyson began exploring the market for an answer to his low conversion rate problem, astounded by the fact that most available technologies were only focused on driving clicks. It was a huge gap in the industry, and Tyson saw an opportunity to solve a problem for marketers and entrepreneurs like himself—and so Instapage was born. 

Tyson threw everything he had into solving this problem. After a year of living out of his car and renting out his apartment to fund his new global team, Instapage officially launched in 2014. 


By now you might’ve heard about Instapage. Instapage was designed as a landing page solution to help marketers focus on the conversion side of their advertising campaigns. 

Instapage Romania team

Many advertising platforms rely on the landing page to evaluate things like relevancy, Quality Score, and even bid costs. Instapage enabled businesses to build landing pages at the scale and granularity with which they built their ad campaigns. The platform ramped up quickly—hitting $1,000/day in sales after only two years of service. Instapage proved to be a significant benefit to marketers and SMBs alike. 

Throughout the years, Instapage has evolved, adding cutting-edge technology such as Instablocks, Global Blocks, the Thor Render Engine, AdMap, and more to help marketers scale landing page creation and their personalization efforts. With a decade under its belt, Instapage has helped thousands of businesses achieve an average conversion rate of 16%—4x higher than the average PPC conversion rate.

As one of the first such solutions of its kind, Instapage proved the merit of personalization at scale and began chipping away at the issues all marketers experience. But Tyson’s goal wasn’t merely to ease the problem. He wanted a complete solution—an all-in-one resource for providing the tools and tech marketers needed.

Introducing the Postclick Era

In 2018, rumblings of the idea that would become “Postclick” began to spread around the company. Tyson and his team had begun experimenting with machine learning technology to enhance the landing page optimization process and were finding incredible results.

The years of conversion data gleaned from Instapage revealed what marketers needed to regain control of their advertising budgets. Instapage had laid out a solid foundation for scalable landing page creation and personalization, but Instapage needed to expand to new heights to help marketers manage every end of their conversion funnels.

Tyson began turning his team’s proven expertise into a working formula. It started with growing Instapage’s team of experts, hiring industry-leading CRO practitioners, and adding their abilities to our services. With approved funding, product and sales teams expanded to begin developing industry-first technology that brought together an ideal combination of AI and automation.

Things began to ramp up in January 2020, when Postclick acquired its first customer. This new platform was in beta, but its ability to deliver promised results was already evident. Still, the team continued developing and refining the technology to build the all-in-one platform Tyson envisioned.

As the platform evolved, so did the company. 

Postclick logo

We reinvented the Postclick brand in 2021 and began expanding our leadership teams. Tyson appointed Mark McKenna to the position of CEO to close the year and welcomed our first chief marketing officer on board. With both leaders ready to embrace the company’s innovation and growth, Postclick’s mission was fully in motion.

After two full years of testing, the platform was finally ready for release to the public, and the Advertising Conversion CloudTM launched.

The Advertising Conversion CloudTM

The world’s first Advertising Conversion CloudTM is a culmination of years of development, expertise, and focus on solving an issue that’s been plaguing the industry for as long as it has existed.

The platform comprises all the technology marketers need to enhance their personalization capabilities and scale their efforts as they grow. It’s a sustainable solution to achieving higher conversion rates—and staying there.

Automated processes and seamless layout adjustments simplify landing page creation. Machine learning directs ad traffic to winning variations during testing—speeding up insights and preventing lost conversions. Smart and dynamic testing removes the costly downfalls of A/B tests and provides straightforward optimization strategies. And, of course, our CRO expertise touches every point of the process to provide marketers and business leaders with the best strategies and up-to-date practices. 

Postclick Advertising Conversion Cloud

A full dive into the Postclick formula is available in our Postclick buyer’s guide that you can feel free to check out here.

The platform’s intelligence rests upon the decade’s worth of insights we collected from our sister software, Instapage, and years of development and testing with a variety of businesses. Both platforms will remain an integral part of Postclick’s business for years to come, and continue to innovate and drive the way marketers enhance their conversion success.

The journey has been long, and nothing short of an odyssey, but already, Postclick’s accomplishments have represented a tremendous company-wide achievement. The journey isn’t over yet, though—in truth, we’re just getting started.

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