How Wayfair Uses Pre-Cart Pages to Get Sales

How Wayfair Uses Pre-Cart Pages to Get Sales

Research shows that product pages aren’t effective at growing revenue. They convert visitors at nearly half the rate of all other landing page types, and they generate about half as much revenue per session.

As a leader in the direct-to-consumer industry, Wayfair doesn’t rely only on product pages to generate growth. Instead, they use pre-cart landing pages to connect their pre-click and post-click experiences. 

How Wayfair uses pre-cart landing pages

A pre-cart landing page joins the pre- and post-click experiences by creating a contextual destination for the user that comes after the ad click and before the cart. This type of page applies the targeting parameters and messaging in the pre-click stage to the post-click stage, where the landing page can deliver content personalized to the user. 

Instead of consistently driving users to their homepage or product pages, Wayfair drives visitors to pre-cart landing pages like the ones below. 

Facebook ad for closeout deals 

Here’s a Facebook ad Wayfair uses to get visitors to peruse deals on sale items. 

Wayfair facebook sponsored content

Clicking this ad takes visitors to this pre-cart landing page

Closeout deals page

With a gallery of sale items, this experience delivers what the ad promises. It allows the user to evaluate several different products on sale. 

An ad that drove visitors to the homepage or a specific product page instead would have forced users to navigate to their desired destination through the menu. This would be a poor UX that would likely result in the visitor abandoning the page. 

Search ad for Wayfair Professional 

Here’s a search ad Wayfair uses to get visitors to evaluate their Wayfair Professional program: 

Wayfair on google search

Clicking this ad takes visitors to this pre-cart landing page: 

wayfair professional program page

This pre-cart landing page comes complete with everything someone would need to know about Wayfair Professional before joining free. It compares Wayfair and Wayfair Professional, features positive testimonials, showcases products from top brands in the professional line, and lists the biggest reasons for going pro. And, unlike a typical product page, this page features a 1:1 conversion ratio, which is crucial for keeping visitors focused on evaluating the offer. 

Why you should use pre-cart landing pages

Product pages can be effective for people browsing a website. By navigating between product listings, they allow visitors to compare and contrast products before making a purchase.

But audiences clicking through ads are not browsers. They’re visitors with intention: They’ve clicked the ad to evaluate the offer within that ad. For an optimal user experience, they should thus be sent to a page where they can assess that offer.  

For ecommerce and DTC brands, pre-cart landing pages are among the best options for this purpose. There are two reasons why: 

  1. Pre-cart landing pages deliver the user a contextual experience that matches the message of the ad. 
  2. Pre-cart landing pages are designed specifically to elicit a conversion, not for easy browsing.

With persuasive elements like magnetic headlines, benefit-oriented copy, social proof, and engaging media, it’s no surprise that research shows these types of landing pages convert better than product pages. Pre-cart landing pages thus add more to your bottom line. 

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