Why Marketers Need to Shift Away From Prioritizing the Pre-Click Experience

Why Marketers Need to Shift Away From Prioritizing the Pre-Click Experience

Given how much money ads cost, it’s no wonder marketers spend so much time and energy perfecting their advertising strategies. Capturing customer attention using digital ads is a crucial first step in the funnel, but to retain people’s attention, you need to engage them through landing pages that nudge them toward a sale. The best way to improve return on investment is by targeting the post-click stage, where clicks turn into conversions. 

First, let’s dive into the pre-click stage to understand the relationship between ads and landing pages.  

What’s the goal of the pre-click stage?

The pre-click stage is where visitors encounter digital ads while using search engines and apps, browsing websites and social media, or watching videos. This stage is the first step in engaging a potential customer. The goal here is to capture their attention enough that they click the ad to learn more. 

Why marketers tend to prioritize the pre-click stage

Marketers have traditionally adopted a “get-more-clicks” mentality because filling the top of the funnel seems like the most efficient way to increase return on ad spend. The idea is that more clicks mean more opportunities for sales or leads.

To maximize the pre-click stage’s potential, advertisers implement micro-targeting and personalization to deliver tailored ads to specific audience segments. These strategies yield increased ad clicks, saving revenue, time, and resources. 

Ad platforms like Google, Bing, and Facebook are beginning to account for the quality of post-click landing pages in determining ad placement. Google even weighs landing page experience higher than ad relevance in determining your Quality Score

However, the post-click stage is still uncharted territory for most marketers. Resources are limited and Post-Click Automation (PCA) is a new category, so personalizing the post-click stage at scale can be daunting. 

Polish both stages for success

The pre- and post-click stages are crucial to the advertising journey, and both deserve your attention. If you’re serious about driving sales and leads, you need to optimize ads and landing pages. 

Perfecting pre-click ads only addresses half the equation. It’s like finally getting fish to take the bait, and not bothering to reel them in. To maximize ROAS, marketers need to shift their mindset about optimizing the advertising funnel and pay more attention to the post-click experience. 

Why optimizing the post-click stage helps

The post-click stage is where brands have an opportunity to engage and connect with customers. While ads play a crucial role, a click represents only an initial interest. Upon arriving on a landing page, customers often bounce for various reasons. To successfully convince customers to take the next step, provide a persuasive experience that holds their attention with a seamless transition from the ad to the landing page. 

Optimize the post-click stage with: 

Achieving all this manually is challenging and resource-intensive, but with the arrival of PCA, marketers can now rely on automated processes to sustainably improve customer ad experiences and significantly increase conversion rates.   

As personalized ad experiences continue to become even more valuable in 2021—and beyond—marketers must speed up landing page production and stay on top of conversion rate optimization strategies and tactics.

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Michelle Chang
by Michelle Chang

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