The 5 Questions to Ask Yourself About Using a Managed Service

The 5 Questions to Ask Yourself About Using a Managed Service

The best businesses know what to outsource so they can focus on what they do best. Though many brands outsource their advertising, many still manage the post-click stage in-house, despite low average conversion rates. How do you know when it’s time to seek out a managed service? Today, we explore. 

Questions to answer about a managed service

Could a tech-enabled service like Postclick be right for you? Evaluate your post-click strategy by answering these five questions. 

1. What is my advertising conversion rate? 

Clicks, click-throughs, and impressions are all metrics worth improving–but none are as valuable as conversion rate. Conversions are what turn prospects to leads and leads to loyal customers. If a click doesn’t end in conversion, your ad spend has been wasted.

When the average click costs over $2 on the search network and the average conversion rate is only 4.40% on search and 0.57% on display, wasted ad budget can accumulate quickly: 

Google average cost per click

But it doesn’t have to be this way. Top advertisers can reach conversion rates of over 20%. What’s yours? Are you driving maximum conversions? Or are you settling for industry average? 

2. Does my team have the expertise to maximize ad conversions? 

Comparatively, the post-click stage is still new to advertisers. So expertise in this stage is hard to come by. 

For example, copywriting and design are both disciplines that have been a major part of advertising since the beginning. But conversion-centered design and copywriting for personalized landing page experiences are newer versions of those disciplines. These reflect an updated version of advertising, from mass messaging to focused, personalized advertising. 

So do other concepts, like 1:1 conversion ratio, scaling personalization, Post-Click Automation (PCA), and message match. These are all ideas that your team should be familiar with and able to apply to maximize conversions in the post-click stage. 

3. Can my current team personalize pages to each audience? 

Like every audience needs its own dedicated advertisement to maximize personalization, it also needs its own dedicated post-click page. Without it, personalization breaks down after the ad click. 

Can your team effectively create a personalized page for each audience member? What percentage of your ads have a dedicated post-click page (known as Postclick score)?


Sending visitors to generic landing pages doesn’t work in 2020. Neither does merely matching the message of your ad to your landing page. A page needs to do more than personalizing the headline and featured image. To maximize the conversion rate, It needs to complete the personalized narrative that began with the ad. 

4. Can my current team scale landing page production efficiently?

Even if your team is capable of personalizing your pages to each audience segment, can they do it at the speed of advertising? Do you have the content, design, and IT resources to scale personalization across all your campaigns? 

Manually, this would require a massive effort across departments and teams to launch and then maintain post-click experiences. Even for enterprises with the resources, it’s an inefficient way to use them. 

Software doesn’t help much, either. Landing page builders are template-based and too slow for creating hundreds of pages at once. Content management platforms don’t offer the scalability for the management of pages, either. 

If your team can’t keep up with landing page production to maintain personalization throughout the campaign, it may be time to turn to PCA technology. 

5. Are we using the best technology to maximize our ROAS? 

Content management platforms and landing page builders are useful for publishing content that doesn’t need to be scaled, personalized, published quickly, then carefully managed afterward. Post-click landing pages are not included in that. Are you using a platform that supports: 

  • Ad mapping for end-to-end campaign visualization and management? 
  • Automated page creation to create hundreds of post-click pages at once? 
  • Optimization & AI to consistently improve conversion rate with features like heat maps, page insights, and built-in experimentation? 
  • Personalization to match pre-click targeting with post-click parameters to create a narrative that speaks to each audience member? 

These individual solutions are hard to find, assemble, and integrate into a piecemeal stack. What’s more, they’re hard to work with as individual solutions. Is this slow and siloed way how you create post-click experiences? Or are you using a best-in-class suite like PCA? 


Get a complimentary conversion analysis 

At Postclick, we would like to offer you a complimentary analysis of your ad campaigns, including competitive insights against your top 5 competitors and the top sites in your industry. Our team will share insights on how we can increase your conversion rates, in addition to a comprehensive competitive analysis.

We will review your campaigns to analyze your post-click health, compare your site against industry and competitive benchmarks, and identify the most effective opportunities to increase your ROAS. Request your analysis here.

Ted Vrountas
by Ted Vrountas

Ted Vrountas is a content writer at Postclick who dislikes most marketing content. As a human among marketers, his goal is to write words people actually want to read.

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