Solving the 3 Pain Points of Scalable Landing Pages

Solving the 3 Pain Points of Scalable Landing Pages

In the age of personalization, scalable landing pages are a must-have. Customers won’t accept irrelevant experiences. 

If they click a personalized ad, visitors won’t tolerate a home page or even a generic landing page. They expect (and deserve) the same personalization throughout the entire campaign

Unfortunately, advertisers’ options for scaling landing pages are extremely limited. Manually creating a page for every ad is impossible, and even template-based landing page tools are too slow. Until now, there has been no viable way to scale personalization in the post-click stage. 

The 3 pain points of scalable landing pages

Postclick is a tech-enabled service powered by the industry’s only PCA platform. With four pillars, Postclick enables advertisers to visualize, organize, personalize, and optimize ad campaigns from end-to-end. Most importantly, it allows them to do it at scale. Here’s how: 

Pain point #1

It takes my team too much time to build a personalized post-click experience.


The Postclick team can create and save content blocks for any page element, like copy, media, and headlines. Then, they can import this content across new and existing post-click landing pages. This allows our conversion team to focus on creating new content for your campaigns, instead of recreating or manually updating old content. 

Pain point #2

We build hundreds of post-click landing pages from a few templates but have to rebuild these pages each time. 


Page templates are ineffective for scaling. With content blocks, the Postclick team can create a piece of content once, then use that content to assemble new pages around it. This allows us to maintain the necessary narrative for personalization while adjusting the design to suit your campaign. 

Effectively, you can scale post-click experiences as easily as ads. By capturing personalized content into commonly used content blocks, our in-house team can automate the creation of hundreds of landing pages that are optimized for the highest possible conversions.

Pain point #3

I have hundreds of post-click landing pages and often need to make some minor updates to specific sections across multiple pages. I spend lots of time making manual changes.


Content blocks aren’t just valuable for creating new post-click landing pages; they’re also valuable for making widespread changes to those pages. 

With a feature for global editing, Postclick conversion experts can edit and import content to thousands of pages all from one dashboard. So when you need to change your pages for a rebranding or product screenshot, for example, or to update a CTA to one that converts better, Postclick experts can do it all in a single click. 

Scalable landing pages are finally possible 

Not long ago, businesses had to choose between personalizing only half of their campaigns or not personalizing at all. Today, they can rely on Postclick conversion experts to produce scalable landing pages with ease. 

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Ted Vrountas
by Ted Vrountas

Ted Vrountas is a content writer at Postclick who dislikes most marketing content. As a human among marketers, his goal is to write words people actually want to read.

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