The Value of Dynamic Testing

The Value of Dynamic Testing

Keeping up with the rise of e-commerce is essential for digital marketers. These days, expectations are the only thing matching the rise in e-commerce shoppers. Marketers have spent years predicting where e-commerce was headed, but the time for educated guesswork is over—the future has arrived.

Marketers these days require greater efficiencies in their processes, more precise capabilities in their marketing tech, and a need for scale unlike ever before. So how can you keep up and sustain success in this fast-paced industry?

It starts with advancement in optimization—making customer journeys as effective as possible, with minimum manual strain.

Traditional optimization methods have merits, but they also come with cautions. The time required to gather and confirm customer insights is often a significant obstacle for campaigns in need of expedited results. Testing periods often come at the cost of lost conversion opportunities marketers could have achieved by prioritizing performance.

Postclick’s Advertising Conversion Cloud™ overcomes this challenge with cutting-edge experimentation technology that advances marketers’ testing efficiencies alongside their optimization effectiveness. In this blog, we’ll explore how the Conversion Cloud can achieve continuous optimization without sacrificing conversions.

Dynamic traffic allocation

The Advertising Conversion Cloud directs traffic based on a conversion-first emphasis. Think of it as a personal strategist built into the experimentation features. The system can automatically build variations of your landing pages and drive increased traffic to the ones that are more successful at securing conversions.

Traditional testing only allows for a static division of traffic, generally with a 50/50 split. Postclick’s algorithm automatically updates the flow of traffic based on what actually works. You can set your strategies to focus on increasing performance or driving new insights for further optimization.

Compared to traditional A/B testing, this system allows for maintained conversion results, allowing you to explore page performance without wasting conversion opportunities.

Explore continual optimization

The Advertising Conversion Cloud balances conversions against insight discovery, dynamically driving traffic toward variations that earn a higher conversion rate. The goal is to continue to discover optimization opportunities while pushing the highest-performing experience possible for each audience. Let’s take a look at how the cycle fuels results.


During the exploration phase, the Conversion Cloud continuously queues up and deploys new page experiences to challenge your top-performing variations.

The exploration cycle shifts traffic to these new “challengers” to explore potential conversion influences and improve your optimization efforts. During this cycle, the system performs multivariate testing to define different conversion elements and adapt your top-performing pages based on these results.

The Conversion Cloud repeatedly introduces up to four variations at a time into the cycle while removing low-performing versions, so you never miss an optimization opportunity.


During the testing phase, the Conversion Cloud measures page performance to identify high achievers.

The winning performance cycle focuses on shifting traffic to the most successful variations to maintain results during experimentation and pinpoints lackluster pages to remove from testing.

Based on your chosen strategy, the system will adapt to your specific goals. 

Dynamic optimization

While most traditional testing methods run primarily in the exploration stage of this cycle, the Advertising Conversion Cloud runs these cycles simultaneously. Multitasking allows marketers to identify efficiencies much more readily than testing only focused on one area.

The dilemma in typical testing is that the performance phase cannot begin until the exploration cycle has achieved statistical significance. Running them simultaneously allows the performance cycle to ramp up faster, while the exploration cycle is determining results. In tandem with the dynamic traffic allocation, this means as performances increase and widen, the system can more accurately dedicate a portion of traffic based on the gap in performance.

Postclick takes this method one step further with the inclusion of AI.

AI-driven results

This dynamic system uses AI and machine learning to fuel infinite optimization opportunities.

The Conversion Cloud doesn’t waste time on underachieving pages. Having measured page performance, the queuing system will remove variations that don’t achieve meaningful results. Whether you’re exploring insights or focusing on quality, these low performers won’t interfere with testing to guarantee the best return possible. 

As the platform removes underwhelming variations, it automatically queues up new ones. This efficiency reduces manual efforts and removes the worry of wasted testing phases. Constantly challenging page variations automatically re-triggers the experimentation cycle, so you never have to worry about testing for the highest possible outcome—everything is already in motion behind the scenes. 

The advantages speak for themselves.

  • Increased ROAS on digital spend by optimizing high-converting experiences at scale  
  • Identify the “winning” variation in a fraction of the time 
  • Adjust variables anytime without affecting overall performance
  • Multiple tested variations per segment
  • The experimentation process requires minimal oversight, runs on its own, and never stops looking for new ways to improve

Plenty of our case studies speak to these results, so be sure to explore a few and learn more.

Advance your testing capabilities

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